Firestarter Radio: More Phonies For Us (12-7-18)

This week Sinead talks about the GDL, Steven Greer, inclined bed therapy, Irminfolk, Jake Morphonios, Defend Evropa, and much more.

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Dear Sinead, First I will tell you as someone who is almost entirely of German heritage the Jews have stolen so many German surnames over the years it is very hard and even upsetting and frustrating for us to find out that our ancestors and extended family are occasionally assumed to be jews only because some German or Dutch Jews stole our names! I knew several German-American Schultz’s who sure as fuck weren’t Jews. But the Jews do this everywhere.The surname Miller is actually the name of many Jews though growing up I knew plenty of White Americans with the surname Miller who were often your typical mixture of German, Irish, and Scotch-Irish Whites. The disputed Historical Horse Sacrificing to Wotan for Yule in some… Read more »

To the people down voting me I’d like to know why? Is there something I am writing that is wrong or incorrect? Did I come off as a shallow or pompous asshole? Really I’d like to know. I am not right about everything and if I’m wrong or being a jerk I’d like to be told so and told why!


I suspect that some downvotes are coming from the opposition in an attempt to discourage us from posting openly and honestly here. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed on occasion and there’s really no other explanation for it. Your original comment above was informative and well thought out. Something our enemies do not want to see us doing. I wouldn’t give it any further thought.


Few many people older than age 12 would care much about being down voted; scratch that, more like kids between the ages of 7-10.

I posted a video clip taken from one of Dennis Wises’ videos, if I’m not mistaken by the following title:

“Adolf Hitler’s (or alternatively ‘German’) Economic Reform”

… I send it to an old timer living in Israel whose channel is named “Yahuda101” and it my video clip received 6 dislikes. I reuploaded a Youtube video titled “The Israel You Don’t Know: The Talmud and the Jew” onto Bitchute and it received 6 likes, until I removed my own like.

Coincidence? “Magic Number” (perhaps a ‘hex[agram]’)?

Odd isn’t it?

Nice, Maybe actually read beyond the first line? Maybe I want feedback to know if I’m off base or wrong or have made some gross error I’m blind to. IDK if you have a wife or friends or family you’re close to but quite often in arguments or even conversations people simply miss things, forget things, don’t notice what others are hinting at or trying to point out and its good to ask for feedback and try to be courteous and show you care what others think. At least when dealing with others of like hearts and minds. If this was some general forum or huge site like YouTube with thousands ups and downs and comments of course I wouldn’t bother asking for feedback. Maybe… Read more »


To answer your question, some people on Renegade do come across as pompous or shallow; however I would argue that it isn’t deliberate, also since we’re not normally able to perceive people’s intent of their message as often through text due to the lack of non-verbal communication such as facial expressions, tone of voice and body language, etc. Although this is sometimes a misunderstanding, I feel that from experience a more gentile approach can go a long way whenever there’s some kind of misunderstanding under a variety of circumstances. 7:45 to 10:07 effectively conveys something else I would like to address: Hitler on the ‘Jewish Question’: – Originally titled “Why Hitler Hated Jews” before it was taken down, however merely changing the title after… Read more »

Thank you,
I could have been mistaken but I could have sworn I was scrolling through the comments here a few days ago and I had 8 ups and then only six hours later 2. Though I know there are Renegade Haters who listen to every show, Sinead especially, I just couldn’t help wondering if I was missing something. The older I get the more I notice looking back how much I just don’t see or realize that is right in front of me.

It’s just the trolls, Konrad. Your comments are much appreciated.


There is one way to identify how person is German or Jew, Jew would never pick a surname of physical labor, like Schneider (Taylor) or Becker (Bäcker – Baker eng) or Schmied (Smith).

There are a lot of Jewish genealogy sites on internet, where one can find, what type of German sounding surnames Jews prefer.

I thoroughly love reading your comments, Konrad! It is very Interesting to know who was really behind the thirty years war – that the Jews were behind that horrible tragedy – that was my impression, too! I would love for you to be a history teacher, you are so knowledgeable! Thank you, Konrad!

Thank you!
If only . . . ?

Dear Sinead and all, The horse sacrificing One thing I forgot to bring up that is an important point is that Hitler has often wrongly been accused of being a Christian or Atheist and anti-Heathenism/anti-Wotanism or against our ancestors pre-christian religion/faith and customs because he did suppress many heathen and occult lodges/organisations/groups and shut down several of them and even send some of their leaders to concentration camps. Well that’s false and he loved Wagner and stated he viewed Wagner as part of his religious beliefs. And anyone who knows Wagner knows his operas were almost all based on ancient Germanic pre-christian and medieval myths, folklore and values. Why Hitler condemned the wotanists heathens and occultists of his time was because they all were basically… Read more »


Thanks for continuing this battle, good broadcast.


That little anecdote reminded me about when I was living in new york state, I’d hear stories about people putting used needles in vending machines where the change comes out, so that when people would go to get their change they’d get pricked. I just turned 25, but I doubt that it’s just a generational thing considering that this was only a few years ago that someone told me about that. I really hope it’s not a thing that’s been around since I was born, that would really depressing. Touching on Eric Striker, I’m pretty sure he’s openly nazbol and like you mentioned his symbol is that commie fist thing. From what I can tell, it’s a bunch of people raising their fists and joining… Read more »


erick strike being a nazbol is just a detail, he is still a mongrel pretending to be white, Jewish and promotes Jewish infiltration in the pro-white cause with (((therightstuff)))


I think it’s less important that striker is a nazbol and more important that he’s so open about it. P much everyone in TRS is jewish or promotes jews and their infiltrators, what’s unique about striker is that he’s not hiding his nazbol bs and that he’s being given a warm welcome. To me, it sort of just points to the direction that they’re trying to lead people in, like a hook nosed pied piper. Of course, that was already fairly obvious but with the appearance and acceptance of striker I think it shows just how comfortable they are with that plan and roughly where along it they are. It feels like this arc was started when Peinovich got doxed, and the people who didn’t… Read more »


Blackstone Intelligence = Black Cube Intelligence


Sorry to crush the conspiracy– when I sent the MAGA hat I put the Bush/Quayle button in there too as a joke. Originally it was attached to the hat. Guess it came loose in the mail. The purpose was not to stab y’all. That’s just how the button came.
Not sure I can explain the backyard fire or the missing skillet though.


Is Blackstone intelligence a wordplay on Black Cube Intelligence? Enter Black Cube Intelligence +Weinstein in your search engine and you will find that this is the group of “former” Mossad agents that was hired by creepy Hollywood yid Harvey Weinstein to harass and spy on his victims. Enter Black Cube Intelligence + Trump and it becomes even more interesting.

Morphoneus did a whole series romanticizing Freemasons like something out of a Dan Brown novel and somehow neglected to investigate the corruption that goes on in these circles in regard to modern day politics. Jake Morphoneus: My grandparents were Freemasons:


I remember in one of Morphonios videos, i don’t remember which one it was because i saw it a while back, were he admitted that he had family members that are jewish.

Anthony Roberts

Busted! Your sleeper-cell, camry-driving grandparents were obvious republican assets, so that makes you both fbi, Danforth-loving potato”e” pushers. Guilt by association. J.Bush/Hunt 2020. I think you’re right about Odeara intl. Seana does some good work, but is somehow overlooked by the thought police on twitter? Hmm dodgy. The jews have flogged the nazi-skinhead psy-op model to death, and seeing the rise of veganism, have switched to folki-meathead instead. Gotta move with the times peta cattle. PS Great show Sinead. Like the true nutter iam, i’ve been sleeping on the floor without a pillow, wearing an anti-snoring mask lol. I just may be “inclined” to torture myself further. PPS Don’t feed the heeb this Yule. Support instead. Feel the spray of a natural scent rather… Read more »


I’ve stopped using folk because it’s not only been polluted by the nazbol crowd, but the lgbtp vocabulary, which suggest using “you folx” over “you guys.” I’ve started using volk exclusively.

Dear Tabitha and Sinead, I certainly can understand why you feel this way. However there are plenty of skinheads who have ruined National Socialist and National Socialism as a label or name for our worldview not to mention , of course, the Jew Media but why let them have it? I would rather take our words back from these bastards. These nazbol rejects don’t deserve our Folk or our Volk. The NS and Hitler, notably in Mein Kampf used the word Volk of Folk in English because Race, Rasse, is not original to the German language so Hitler and the National Socialists used the word in German for Race or Ethnic linguistic /Nation in a larger genetic sense or for all Germans and all Aryans… Read more »


I translated a few lines from the beginning of an interview that the website did with Stanislav Vorobjev. 2015-10-26 by Robert Eklund INTERVIEW: In connection with Stanislav Vorobjevs and the Russian Imperialist Movements visit to Sweden one of Nordfronts staffmembers seized the opportunity to interview our Russian comrades. R.E. I would like to start by thanking you for your visit to Sweden. It was an honour to meet comrades from Russia. Was this your first meeting with the Resistance Movement, and if so, how was your experience? What impression did you get of the organization? S.V. This is our first meeting with the Resistance Movement, however we have been in contact with Nordfronts journalists for several years. WE HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT FOR SEVERAL… Read more »

Thank you so much for sharing that. Yes, you are right – we do not have much time – I have been feeling the awful sting of White genocide for a long time – especially of the Germanic people, but of course, all Whites are on the extermination list!! It makes me so damn angry, and sick to my stomach!! I am totally on your side, Mardoll! How about bumper stickers that read, “Stop White Genocide World-Wide”? It’s worth a try.


Thanks for your reply Lotti. It just gets so frustrating when you see all of these Alt-Right controlled ops groups that are totally owned by kikes openly taunting and laughing at us, and WN groups that have so much potential to grow into something really good are endorsing this degenerate crap. The expanding NazBol movement is cause for concern. Bumperstickers? Well, as you probably know we are going to have to battle and bleed our way out of this mess, but meanwhile, why not, it cant hurt. : )


I also want to thank you Mardöll, this is some really good evidence, and it would have been even better if Sinead had had this info from the start..

Mardöll has three articles about Alexander Dugin. Not one of those articles mentions the fact that Dugin is the founder of the National Bolshevik Party (NBP). They describe Dugin only as a Russian geopolitician, a professor of sociology and a presidential adviser. Nor do they mention the fact that Dugins politics advocate annexing much of Europe, including Finland, into the new Eurasia which will also include all the “islamistan” countries all the way to and including Mongolia. A regular multicultural Bolsjevik beige-brown totalitarian paradise. Someone should make a meme with a Mongolian. “Look at me, I am the Finn now.” But seriously, how can a National Socialist group fail to call out a Bolsjevik, the arch-enemy. They are lying to their readers by omission. Something… Read more »


I didn’t get notified about this response for some reason

Robert Heimdal

Seana Fenner was indeed sort of celebrating Trump’s victory back when, but I think she must have gotten disillusioned at this point I guess (though I have my doubts), most specially since the Hawaiian disaster happened. By the way, did Donald Trump utter any word about it? Did he say anything about the recent Californian fires? (fire-attacks with state-of-the-art technology rather). I also saw Seana on facebook showing an issue of Carolyn’s fanzine, but that was before the latter started going haywire promoting psychos like Dugin and saying stupid ass things. I don’t know if they are still “in cahoots”, I admit I haven’t bothered checking. On the other hand, I suppose the “V” for “Evropa” is the way Romans would have actually spelled it.… Read more »


Sites like Irminfolk are soiling my good name! I came across the site before when I was looking for current implementations for Irmin and Irminsul, and I didn’t spend more than 2 minutes on there cause I sense their type of bullshit from a mile away. Just a thought I had (a topic suggestion for a show), from when I was wondering if/when you were going to do your show this week: I came across the term “Color revolutions”, presented alongside all the NGO’s, think tanks and other NWO organizations (and figures like Madeleine Albright & Soros) that have been historically backing these operations. The content I saw was in German and focusing on the “Yellow vest” action going on in France.. It struck me… Read more »

Dear Irmin, I was really upset when I found out that Nordfront has been infiltrated by the Alt-Kike. When I first came across the group six years ago I found some things to be critical of but they seemed like a real true contemporary Scandinavian reincarnation of the National Socialist movement with so much promise.. They openly acknowledged their movement to be a National Socialist Movement They went into an art exhibit and tore down the disgusting child abuse perverted paintings and destroyed them. They were out in force showing strength, gtheir discipline and commitment to stand up against the evil Jewish forces invading an destroying their people and society . They openly called out the Jews, told the truth about the Holohoax, Hitler, WWII,… Read more »


This is the first time I’m hearing in a little more detail what the legal situation surrounding the Hitler salute really is in Sweden. I listened to Nordic Frontier’s “defense” against the “accusations” at the time, and they were far less clear on this. From what you say, you seem to have been following the NRM longer than I have. Unfortunately, I only really heard of them *through* that guy crashing the tennis tournament at the time, so obviously that commie fist didn’t sit right with me. Also one more point on legality: I recently heard that the supposed “forbidden” 1st verse of the German national anthem may be sung, it’s just never done in public events… so just another example of people chickening out… Read more »

Konrad does speak and write in German – I knew German when I was four, but was never allowed the chance of learning German in America – I wish that I could have kept my language of my true homeland – Deutschland!

Dear Lotti, I know a little from growing up around it early on but I know precious little today. My parents hated their heritage and swallowed the middle-American garbage and holohoax movies whole! I am struggling to learn German at least well enough to read German easily and listen to Wagner without constantly having to follow the translation though some I know well have actually helped me in learning German. Music seems to be the best way to learn other languages. There is another Konrad here who comments who might be the one fluent in German you are thinking of? I always comment as Konrad Rhodes but my real name is Christian Place. the other Konrad I believe only comments as Konrad alone. My best… Read more »

Thank you for your most thoughtful reply – yes, I must have been thinking of the other Konrad. I am so happy to know that you are trying to relearn German! That’s so awesome, friend! I am so sorry to learn that your parents bought into the whole holohoax propaganda, but those lies have been shoved into our minds – we must be somewhat fortunate for finding out the truth concerning our German peoples! I am sending you a great big hug, nice to chat with you, once again. Warmest regards

Dear Irmin, Almost fully German like many 2nd and 3rd gen German Americans in Iowa where I was born and grew up and most of my family settled. Cedar County IA to be more specific. Some settled in the early 20th Century and some the late 19th century. My real name is Christian Place and my surname is Norman by origin but even there when doing genealogical research I found Germans. I have not done any 23 and me genetic test but I’d be confident 87.5.% of my blood is from the same Germans who beat the Romans and gave their lives fighting Karl the Kike lover AKA Charlemagne while most of the rest of my blood goes back to the Vikings. But who knows,… Read more »


Hello Konrad, I tried writing you a proper response yesterday, but was reluctant to post it for everyone to see. So, I’m sorry for the late response, I currently also have no wired internet so I’m not online much. But I really appreciate hearing about the survival of some German identity over there in America. I stayed with a German family there last summer and although they had a BLM plaque in front of their little house, they still spoke German and ate “Wurst und Sauerkraut”. Some of it might have been a little over the top, but they had truly retained their purity on the inside. The mother had refused to circumcise her son for example, against the father’s wishes (who was circumcised of… Read more »


I appreciate Sinead’s impression of the Bronx-AshkeNazi accent, reminds me of the DC character Harley Quinn; I think that character’s relationship with the Joker effectively sums up the typical relationship among their own, especially the older generations.


I have yet to listen to this podcast. If Adam Green is truly controlled opposition rather than a useful idiot himself (aside from his religion) to a certain degree, he’s certainly gained decent traction considering his channel is relatively new which could plant the seed of doubt that he isn’t real opposition. Such a rapid gain in subscribers in such a relatively short space of time is certainly not unheard of, although it can certainly look rather suspicious.

Know More News (Adam Green’s channel):

The Truth About (((Adam Green))):

Adam Green & Know More News “EXPOSED” as Zionist Controlled Opposition Agent? (Mirrored Video):

You’re saying that the fact that his channel grew ridiculously fast without any censorship is not a sign he’s controlled op? I’d say that’s a big red flag that he’s not authentic. We get censored for a video with several hundred views, yet this guy is allowed to live stream and get super chats? No.


Good analysis, thanks for replying.

Activist-News, Zionist Report and Matthew North were also among some of his viewers. Zionist Report was running for a good while too, until they were taken down (although they’re now back on Youtube), despite most of its content containing things (((They))) have stated themselves.