Firestarter Radio: My Little Phony (10-11-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the Nordic Nazbols of the Nordic Resistance’s corrupt leadership, delves into the history of National Bolsheviks, discusses Alain Soral the masonic fag, “energy healers” that want to heal White men of their “self hatred” and more! Closing song: ‘Daydream’ by Britta Philips

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Anthony Roberts

Show summary: 1/ jews duping gullible Scandinavian people into thinking communism can be a new form of National Socialism. 2/ jew/agent Frenchman blaming jew-led far right group for carrying out jewish passover/blood moon ritual hoaxes and false flags. 3/ jew/agent ju jitsu larper associating Aryan spirituality with Crowley & Thelema. 4/ jew sexually abusing and profiting from children they’ve already destroyed, and pushing “disabled is normal” acceptance. 5/ jewess forms cult in Australia, to destroy blonde/blue-eyed Aryan children. 6/ jewess attaches feelings of “self hate” only to White men, and therefore pushes the jewish narrative of White supremacy. 7/ Aryan woman of Celtic origin pretends to do nothing with her intellect and time, but is in fact, a loving wife and mother, business woman, mma… Read more »


Wonderful summary. Thank you!


Maybe they mean this
If jewkipedia could be source for anything

6 Million Kvetches

I’m surprised Wailing Wolfowitz Wallstein hasn’t commented yet. It usually only takes him about an hour after being mentioned.