Firestarter Radio: The Natural Path (7-24-17)

Sinead discusses herbal remedies, hair care, jewish soap makers, the dangers of vaccines, and debuts a new “nigga report”.

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Sinead, The way your cadence and tone flow between well timed sarcasm and knowledgeable information makes listening to your shows one of the most pleasant audible experiences. Am I the only one who’s smiled and doubled their eye blink rate throughout the entire show?! I’m glad you brought up the female body hair topic so I can encourage women not to feel self conscious because men are not “grossed out” by it. I had a gf who had laser hair removal done on her entire body and it’s not a coincidence she was also the most difficult person to “read” and build chemistry with. (I assume) The reason pheromones are secreted near high density body hair regions is essential to how lasting and effective the… Read more »

I never cease to be amazed with Sinead…….and Kyle, as well. Always amazing information. I hope some day they are richly rewarded for all their efforts.

I heartily agree! Sinead’s shows are fantastic these days and I always listen the whole two hours a second time later in the week; so much information to digest.

I´m a Christian yet I love listening to Sinead. She´s so funny, informative and talented. I first heard her being interviewed on Red Ice and that made me check out Renegade. So I have Lana to thank for knowing who Sinead is 😉

Thank you all for the kind words! It certainly is encouraging.

Hey Sinead, I’ve been listening to you for about 2 yrs. now. I’m an Argentine Italian. Since you brought it up, Argentina is about 70-80% white. Mostly descendants of Spaniards and Italians but we also have Scottish, German, French, Polish and other European descendants there too. Some of us (few) can still speak our original European languages. Unfortunately, we also have some of “the tribe” there. It’s not perfect but I’ll be leaving NYC to permanently move there in a few years. It’s far less diverse and more comfortable than the major US cities.

You provide not only good natural health info, but you are a born educator/entertainer too Sinead – great show!

It’s nice to hear you are leaving your son’s hair long. We males all had shoulder-length hair as children and teens, in the 70’s. I had thought about going back ‘eau naturel’ myself, after Kyle’s briliant show, but my recently acquired m-p-baldness/alopecia might curtail that plan. I thought getting to 50 with almost a full head of hair, i’d be spared, but no. The follicle-jew strikes again!

PS Love all your topics tonight: the Dorsey jew-fat soap, poo talk, even the waffen-rappin’ dindu…but, where was the tigga report? How is Kyle’s puddy cat doing? I hope he/she is on the mend and feline better.
They have been in business since 1839.

Long time ago I read about the origin of the heart shape. The author made connection between now extinct plant silphium, which seed had a shape of a heart. It grew in north africa and resisted any attempts to cultivation. It had many medicinal uses but was a powerful aphrodisiac and as such was highly valued in ancient Rome to the point that it was only reserved for roman elite and was kept locked up in the royal palace together with crown jewels and such. Does it sound surprising that the symbol of love is really symbol of sex?

charlie killed all of those assholes in the end. what if his parents where his first bar of soap he sold AHAHAHHAHA

“LGBTQIAP+” Sounds like a fucking spell to me.

“pride season” more like hunting season

Sinead, I just wanted to say – I love your shows! I listened sometime last week and didn’t have a chance to comment then, so I don’t quite remember if there was anything specific or show related that I wanted to share… but I have been intending to mention a coffee substitute that I love – Dandy Blend. It’s a delicious herbal blend of roasted dandelion, chicory and barley that I prefer over coffee. Maybe you’ve heard of it? They make an organic version of it too for a few more sheckles.. Also – there is a shop on etsy called Sanabis. They hand make (what I think) are the most beautiful Russian linen dresses that I have ever seen. A few years I decided… Read more »
I just wanted to say that while listening to this program last night, I felt Sinead’s discouragement towards America and Americans. My wife and I actually were seeking permanent residency/citizenship outside of this country just 2 years ago. We began a residency program in Guatemala (Guatemala is one of the easiest passports to get) but once we returned home after 5 weeks there on our 2nd trip, we soon realized that “there’s no place like home” – warts and all. If the whole world is going to hell, might as well stay here and fight it off as best one can before we go. You will always be a target in non-White countries no matter how long you are there. At least here we share… Read more »
yea, because the Navy, Coast Guard, and all of the other armed forces will totally let you do that… and pirates? Don’t worry about them at all! Just bring LOTS of guns on your cutesy sailboat and pray you don’t get blown to smitherines, held captive until who knows when by who knows who, or die of starvation/dehydration while lost at sea. Years ago I used to think I could fly away myself… I thought… Oh! Costa Rica! Oh Peru even… Oh Italy… Oh… Oh…. yea… there’s no where that we know of that is free of ZOG and it’s parasitic tentacles. (Or am I wrong? Please PLEASE tell me I’m wrong!) I am willing to bet however that there IS uncharted lands still out… Read more »
My point is, and I think if you have eyes to see and ears to hear – it’s do or die for us white’s NOW – There is nowhere for us to ”flee” to… and why would we want to be like a flea anyways? It’s not our nature. We set up shop, we thrive, and now we are being run off of our homelands and everything our ancestors have worked so hard to give us? White culture has literally made EVERYTHING that folks of every color appreciate and use – and ((((they)))) are using our tolerance, our kindness, and our freedom’s against us to DESTROY us! Why? Because we are the only ones with brains capable of recognizing the ROOT of the disease, the… Read more »

Does Sean does any more shows on Renegade? He seems to be pretty cool guy, takes calls and doesn’t afraid of anything… I like to know his views about life in general and how little things matter, like deeds of a day and nutrition. His energy seems to go in wrong places…