Firestarter Radio: Nazbols and The News (6-12-20)

Tonight Sinead chats about current events such as recent discoveries about Derek Chauvin, Sesame Streets lessons on “racism”, Comrade Keith, the newest nazbol butt boy and more! Closing song: ‘In The Valley’ by Pyramid

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roland avery
1 year ago

youre right different levels of black people you can usually know which as soon as they open their moufs niggazz und blackfolk or enculturated bolacks which are fewer thdse days

Reply to  roland avery
1 year ago


1 year ago

Commie take over plain and simple . Who will come out on top ? Answer both , separation is the only answer to avoid conflict . Tell me your best solution

Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

Iil jeezuz! The jewish supremacists are throwing every ting at us! We had the Floyd funeral freak show, the celeb puppets apologizing for being (((White))), and now we have their new Waco in Seattle, known as ‘CHAZ’ (Capitol Hill Autistic Zone), with kosher Koresh brother, Raz Simone. More fake killings (of agents and c-actors) on the way then.

P.S. Thanks for your thoughts, Sinead. This is a complete s-show, and the masses are falling for it all. But hey, with Hentwit and niggies as the ‘alternative voices of reason’, we can’t lose!

1 year ago

Thank you for confirming my suspicion that Keith Woods is a nazbol. For the past week or so, YouTube has been recommending his video’s to me. Only watched one before my bolshie senses were tingling. Then I saw a video where he talks about how based and redpilled Karl Marx was on race.

Would not be surprised if Woods wants to erase the “inferior” Slavs, like his heroes Marx and Dugin.

1 year ago

Here is a superb film, made by a black man, which shows how the jews have infiltrated the black culture and are using them as a weapon to destroy white culture.

Highly, highly recommended viewing:

Reply to  Ross
1 year ago

Yes, some good content here.

By “Joy of Satan Ministries” though? Geez…

Parthian Tactics
1 year ago

just a note about this world sovereign 21st century figure, he is
1: openly jewish
2: genetically diseased
3: crippled (genetic issues)
4: anarchist
5: mgtow
6: autistic
7: bipolar
8: believes i am sinead, blocked me twice because i kept asking him questions about the jewish myth of the holohoax

update: i wanted to bring this point about cultured jewish thug
i do believe he did at one point make a parody song entitled “white girls f**k dogs”
its a poorly made anti white song mocking specific streamers doing sick degenerate acts on their own dogs for donation money. of course the song is supposed to make the end user believe this is normal in white women, its clearly an anti white attack.

The Sperg Hapa
1 year ago

Hey Sinead, or anyone in the comments know where to find your music parodies?

The Sperg Hapa
Reply to  renegade
1 year ago

Thanks, it will wake up some friends of mine

1 year ago

Does anyone know how I can contact Sinead? I have some information about a subversive that she may want to hear.

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