Firestarter Radio: Never an Accident (3-15-19)

Tonight Sinead shares some rants in the beginning of the show, talks with Kyle about the most recent White demonization psy op brought to you by Mossad Productions.

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Good to see you guys get straight on this one & will listen when I get time. I live in New Zealand but don’t watch any TV, listen to any radio stations & definitely don’t read any shitty newspapers. The first I heard of this was from one of my customers while working shortly after it allegedly happened. Without hearing any detail I just straight out said it was the work of Mossad. We then discussed among other things, including how more than 90 US politicians have the right of return to Israel, the discovery that Mossad was found to be in the country prior to & during the Christchurch earthquakes, something you should look into as NZers were solidly back to sleep when this… Read more »


Finally listened to the show. Well done! You asked about NZ school children going camping – yes, because it’s summer when kids start back at school in the New Year it’s common for many middle year kids (11-12yr olds) & younger high school kids (13-14yr olds) to go on school camp in Feb/Mar.


Somthing goofy in the begining video was the voice of his GPS devise giving him directions to the mosque.

I find it hard to believe that he didn’t know how to get to the location of his mass shooting.

Maybe after writing that novel of a Manifesto he realized he forgot to choose a location so he just activated the Google app and ask for the nearest mosque. LoL


Exactly! And where was the music coming from when he was “shooting” everyone? It wasn’t from his car that he left open, since when he returned to the car there was different music playing. Of course they have a song we feature on this network very often, playing in the background during the “attack”.


I have been reading the manifesto and I am nowhere near being done with it. However there’s no way a person who barely graduated high school wrote this. Almost no spelling mistakes, the grammar is nearly perfect. I do not think he gave this to somebody to spell and grammar check it for him. Additionally somebody who writes good has to practice at it and so far I have not been able to find any other writings connected to this person. I believe multiple people wrote this. (What white nationalist would say Candace Owens radicalized him). LoL I’m sure yourself and others will do a much more detailed reviews of anything I would put here so I’ll just throw in a few odd things I’ve… Read more »

You think this was orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and not Mossad? What makes you think this?


This is not my final opinion and I’m not saying Jews weren’t aware of it or had some hand in it but their level of influence over it I am questioning based on the following: If the Jews wrote this Manifesto you know there would be all kinds of anti-Semitic statements in it. There’s nothing they like more than to be seen as the Eternal victims of white violence. Even if the Jews weren’t the target they have to make sure they’re seen as potential future victims. However so far I have not come across anything of significance about the Jews and their responsibilities for White Genocide and non White immigration. Additionally there’s little to nothing about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. The Jews never… Read more »

It has mossad’s fingerprints all over it. They didn’t mention Hitler or jews because they don’t want people earning the truth. I highly doubt they’d have some college kids write the “manifesto”.


Agreeded, I was just offering my initial opinion. Further reading and additional evidence I found points Mossad definitely had an active role in carrying this out. Usually when these events happened there is some sort of benefit (even if its just sympathy) for the Jews and shaming of Adolf Hitler & national socialism. This guy was supposed to have been radicalized by the internet which goes along with their deplatforming and censorship agenda it’s crazy that they wouldn’t take the time to mention Adolf Hitler national socialism so they can add that to their list of things that need to be shamed and censored. It doesn’t mean the Jews weren’t involved or leading the whole thing I’m just saying I find it a little odd… Read more »

What power does the Muslim Brotherhood have? Do they run the banks? The media? Politics? No. The cops never came to my house after that prank call. They threatened to sue me but never did.


Islam is nothing but the bat the Jews are using to hit us with but haven’t you ever wondered why they’re using Islam. What is it about Islam in connection with these mud races that makes it such an effective weapon? Niggers and spick’s have proven incapable of organizing in an efficient way for the Jews purposes. They learned this in the 60s and 70s. In the early 1980s Muslim Arabs took over and began conducting a religious genocide of Christian Arabs in the nation of Lebanon. This is when President Reagan sent our troops into Beirut and the muslims bombed the US military Barracks there. After the bombing Reagan pulled all the troops out and left which is very odd considering it’s the Jews… Read more »

Why do you highlight “Christian country” or “Christian Arabs” as if that has any particular relevance or importance around here?


If you read the entire conversation we were having you would realize Christianity is just a word I had to use in order to explain the facts of a situation we weren’t talking about Christianity.

“Wolf”, are you a cop? If so, why should we trust you? Are you the same “Wolf” that used to call himself “Jay” when he would go on shows with James Lancia, and go by “The Fokn” when shilling for MGTOW? Aren’t you a Southern Dingo fan? Are you paid to infiltrate these different groups and steer the conversation in certain directions?


Wow, I have never been anything but supportive of you Kyle and Renagade. I have been on shows with Southren Dingo but never on his show. The reason is that I disagree with him on numerous things (many of them you to disagree with him on) and my support for renagade and defence of you & Kyle. If you want proof of my efforts to refute the negative things said about you and Renegade please follow the link below. It is to a recent video made by one of the popular anti-jewish YouTube channels The Merchant Minute. He has been extremely critical of you personally and Renagade. At 1:52 into the video he says “Sinead McCarthy was right” referring to you and Renegade stance on… Read more »

Between all the “Wulfs”, (insert color here) Wolf, Radio Wehrwolf, this Wolf guy, six million controlled organizations with “Wolf” (or whatever spelling variant) in their name … I legit can’t remember whos who.

Foster XL

Good point newdawnrise. I’m sick to death of all these people with their LARPy names. Plus “wolf” is well known to be used by jews for all kinds of things including fake surnames. Pretty much anyone with the pseudonym “wolf” or a fake name with any reference to WWII Germany or some teutonic knight, etc, etc, etc should just be immediately ignored IMHO.

It’s really shady that you use a bunch of different names. Why do you do that? Also, if you knew about the alt right being controlled why did you even entertain Southern Dingo, a staunch Kike Enoch supporter?


Does Downtown White Police have a new youtube channel, Jay?


Islam, Christianity and Judaism are a tag team. The high priests don’t care which one you choose as long as you choose one. If the big three don’t take your fancy there’s also freemasonry and diversity to keep you in line.

Foster XL

You forgot Satanism for the rebellious anti-christian kiddies 😉


Ooooh, White people are so violent, so much worse than those creative, collaborative negroids that have such nice neighbourhoods everyone wants to move to.

Another stage show by rabbimedia.


I wonder if the coroner has to be Halal compliant to do the autopsies…


I have had doubts about Nietzsche lately, regarding his jew worship. I am beginning to think that Neetz is a jewish construct, Wagner and Foerster are much more credible people in that era. Now that I re-examine my thoughts, I never twigged the pro jew and anti German stance he took. I dont know if he was compromised or his work were tampered in translation most of them being by kike Kaufmann, read his footnotes, constantly trying to twist the pro jew angle. But , I think Nietzsche was attempting to push this anti European nihilism wave that was being set off by the jew and yet another way of them pushing their agenda in yet another mask, to try and denounce German tradition and… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

The “active duper” gave the Trump hand gesture in court. It apparently now means White power; the three fingers being “W,” and the curled thumb a “P.” Thanks news!!!

If you believe this “Point Of jew” event was real and not a (((gov’t))) hoax or false flag, then my advice is to think more about who you vote for in 2020. Just vote better! AOC for me – and i’m not even an American slave!

PS Great show Sinead (& showfa). It’s a good job Mr Venus Williams isn’t in Florida during CIA-angels week. It would have been game, set and match for the cop stuck in the middle of those lights. Btw, RIP to the elderly man killed by it.


Great show! ! Fun song in the end😂👌🏻


Someone on the qresearch thread on 8chan posted a link to a Twitter post which showed what looked like a rehearsal for the NZ hoaxing. The carpet was apparently different to the “official” live stream video of the production. I didn’t check into it but the people on there are pretty autistic sometimes and details like that they notice quickly.

No I’m not a q tard I just like heavy traffic areas on the net.


These ISIS/muslim wars/middle eastern conflict collateral destruction is all controlled demolition. Just look at the building and the rubble, No heat melt no craters no blat radius. This is the building of something. They are using these GETTY images of crying brownies holding dolls among wreckage pretending the are dead children, no flies, healthy looking bodies. Its all bullshit. There is no middle east war. They are all in the scam together: they are all abrahamic religions, tools of the jew. There was another “shooting” outside Amsterdam a day ago, people were told not to go on the tram, probably because you would see all the film crew and directors setting up the whole shit if you go off at that area. No doubt it… Read more »

I just want to clarify…Are you claiming that Palestinians are not being murdered by jews? Some people have tried telling me this before. Or are you just saying that these “ISIS” atrocities are fake?

Saxon Warrior Presumably this guy is Pro-Israel however he seems “less” cucked than the average mainstream politician!

Is pro Israel but “less cucked”? That makes no sense.


You say pro israel like its a good thing.


He’s anti-muslim, at least publicly and I believe he made a decent speech about immigration before. Obviously anyone who is pro-Israel is suspect though.

Using the hoaxcrime supposedly against Muslims to demonize Muslims doesn’t seem wise BUT it’s pretty much what happens in reverse when a Muslim hoaxcrime against Whites is used against Whites.

lol Anti Muslim is somehow good for us? They want a Muslim vs White people race war. And why are you all still holding out hope for pedo politicians?


I didn’t say he was pro-White I said he was anti-Muslim. As for holding out for politicians they are the ones who decide immigration policy (at least officially). We either get people in power who can and will change it or we will continue to be flooded by the third world. Even Hitler was voted in.

Go play make believe somewhere else “Whitewolf”. Just remember, vote harder this time!


As you wish. Goodbye.

Petter Gustafsson

Things ignored almost always: Nordic Bronze Age, The Nordic Vendel Age. And BALTS. Most of the north-slavic lands of today used to be Baltic untill ca the 600th century. Several of their nations were destroyed by catholic Slavs from the south-west and Teutonic crusaders from the west…..Today only Lithuanians and Latvians remain. Their languages are the ones still living that resemble proto-indo-european the most…………………I dont think scary stories harms the average child. Theres some studies indicating it might lessen fear in them as adults if its appropriate. Children often really like stories of child-eating witches burned to death by girls. And heck, i really liked Aliens 2 at 9. I dont think we are fragile like that.

This guy is a Jack Donavon fan ^^^^

There is a difference between “spooky” and slitting a horse’s throat and spraying blood everywhere in a children’s book about Yule. I’m really not even sure why you listen to my show. I think you have some selfies to take.

Why are you proudly taking pictures next to a statue of Marx? You literally have an egg head.

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Foster XL

Woah! Don’t go sitting on any walls dude, just in case! 😀