Firestarter Radio: Nordic NazBol PsyOps (10-23-18)

Tonight Sinead shares a series of recordings about the Anders Breivik and Dylan Storm Roof psy ops, the Russian Imperial Movement and its ties to National Bolshevism and the Nordic Resistance Movement. 

Songs: ‘Lush’ by Four Tet and ‘Circles’ by Tello Feat. Veela

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Anthony Roberts

Qui bono? No, not the Irish midget traitor Paul Hewson (honorary Knight like his mate Geldof), but just ask: who benefits?

If “White nationalist” people or groups advocate killing other Whites, our women, or even innocent non-Whites, you can be sure they are controlled by our masters. It is that simple.

All these psy-ops are designed to make Whites appear “evil” and degenerate, therefore stopping good folk from joining up and learning the facts. All we can do is keep being the best we can be, and keep spreading the truth.

PS Another great set of recordings Sinead. Just be careful when chopping those veggies and talking about the homo rapiens – ouch!


So do you think Nordic resistance movement is controlled opposition?

Did you not listen to the show?


Only 35 mins in, but had to put a comment in because you have already touched on so much , if I wait till the end I will forget all of my points. Firstly, its a really interesting show and is very much helping pass the time while I redecorate 😀 Linder and the Brevik stuff shouldnt really need any more exposure, but so many still seem to fall into this basic trap. Suffice to say I agree with your breakdown. The “nazi pug” guy is called, well goes by the handle of “count dankula”. How people fall for his shit I dont know either. If you watch his videos with even the slightest hint of a critical eye, it is plain to see he… Read more »

Great comments HV. Thank you.

These damn Bolsheviks can never leave us alone – all we want is to live decent lives, preserve our natural beauty, and have safe, healthy countries for our people – but I guess, that is too much to ask – especially since jews dominate every sector of our societies! I worry about destitute white families – we are getting poorer with each passing year – I see so many houses where I live, that have been empty, and have completely caved in, and most are in rural, once Germanic communities – I swear HV – they are trying to depopulate us, and force the younger folks into dangerous, and expensive cities! This is a huge concern for me, as I see things getting worse –… Read more »


Thank you very much HV for the comment (and information), I’m only reading it now.

Just one question about the last bit of your comment: Which author are you referring to – Fomenko?
Not that I’ve read his 6 volumes on alternative history, but I was of the opinion he was one of the “good guys”?

Ghost Man O; War

You’re quite an honest man, HV. I respect ya. If you were down here I’m sure we’d have swung from the same rope swing over the river out in the Jack Fork Mountains. It is an insanely picturesque place. GREEN as it gets, tall peaks that go straight up on both sides with a notch in the mountain base that has two huge trees cut as tables the farmer that owns it did just so we could have a safe and nice place to spend weekends and camp for free. He’d come out and bring tons of vegies out of his garden and show us how to grill vegies too. Corn on the cob that turns out so delicious with foil and just right distance… Read more »


I believe we talked about Terry’s claims RE: the Process and their “gnatsee” connections in the show we did together a long time ago; so it goes without saying “the Ultimate Evil” is another limited hangout, pushing the same old fables. what’s interesting is the mention of Israelis being involved. I talked about the former IDF soldier turned Hollywood director Laurence Merrick/Zev Lahav who was filming the first Manson documentary before and after the murders with Kyle (Lahav also ran an “””acting school””” where he first met Tate), sounds like some kind of handler to me, could he have been Israel’s man on the inside?. He was conveniently offed by a “zodiac-like” killer soon after… In any casecomment image

Thanks for your comments guys. I just found this on It’s basically a “who’s who” of shills and of course Nordfront is endorsing them, not exposing them. “During December, a conference was held over the internet where national and conservative individuals as well as representatives of major parties and organizations participated. The conference’s goal was to create a worldwide national conservative movement, as has been done. The new movement calls English “World National-Conservative Movement” and adopted a manifesto, a program and statutes that govern how the movement works. Furthermore, a number of committees were formed to work on various issues such as ideology, information, manifestations, legal, military and voluntary activities as well as humanitarian work. The following individuals and organizations are part of the… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Wowww! Now we know where they, collectively known as “George Soros,” spend all their money. No wonder righteous White folk can’t unite.

Btw, great quote Sinead: “Trust yourself, and it’s the jews!” This should be the Renegade mantra against all this nazbol boll**** and subversive groups.

Six words from a trusted source, unlike the fourteen “given to us” from a so-called White leader, criminal degenerate and alleged probable child-rape wannabe.

Thanks Anthony!


What you did not include from that article from 2015:

“The Nordic resistance movement was invited to the Conference and observed what was said during it.
The resistance movement is open to future collaborations but has chosen not to tie up formally in the cooperation.”

They report on quite a variety on current events so an article on an event like this isn’t unusual.

Their members are still being sent to Russia to train under RIM’s ‘Partisan’, which is a militia-type group that teachers combat skills, to a group “…Imperial Legion, the paramilitary arm of the Russian Imperial Movement, a right-wing political group united around reverence for the Russian Empire, the czar and Russian Orthodoxy. Your hasbara sucks. They also had the leader of the RIM speak at their events and RIM confirmed that they donated money to Nordfront to fund their political party. Why is an NS group being funded by imperialists? Why are they throwing up the nazbol salute. Try and be more creative than “because it’s illegal in Sweden to throw up the roman salute.” It’s also illegal to run onto the court of a sports… Read more »


all these (one man) organizations are pro putin-dugin

Jakob Ivarsson

You are again misrepresenting what the article was about. writes on any news they deem interesting or of news value. As commented by SonOfTheNorth, you missed out on mentioning the last paragraph of the article were Nordfront politely but firmly declines any interest in participating in such an event, although they are open to collaboration with a grouping that would support the freeing the North from the jewish elite scum and their minions, as long as it is with absolutely no compromise to the Nordic National Socialist core.

Stop spewing your half ass guesses and paranoid conclusions as truth. It drags down an otherwise excellent broadcast and puts an negative light and doubt towards an actual pro white race movement.

From Nordfront’s website: “With the conference ended, the Resistance Movement chose to visit one of the headquarters used by the Russian Imperial Movement in one of St. Petersburg’s suburbs. Just as during the conference, the rewarding discussions were held here and contacts were made.” Here they are pictured in front of the Russian Imperial flag. “Partisan” and the ‘Russian Imperial Movement” are thus, according to the collection of above-quoted articles, the combined group or groups that trained these Nordfront members in combat operations. Then, according to the above articles, these Nordfront members went back to Sweden and set off several bombs at left-wing organizational centers and refugee centers, blowing off one man’s legs or something to that effect.” Here are Melin and Thulin… Read more »


ive been enjoying these firestaters… i forget which one but you brought us along as u where looking into things … was pretty good
keep up the good work and thanks you guys for all your hard work


Sinead, I don’t think you should feel bad About the way you tried to help Avalion. As a matter of fact when I talk to people who have negative opinions of you, Kyle & Renagaade.

I often use the story of how you tried to help Evalion to counter the narrative you are a “mean Bi***” (there words not mine) who does not really care about our people.

Your motives for helping Evalion were pure and as the saying goes you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Evalion would not be the terrible mess she’s in now if she would have paid attention when you were trying to help her.


Evalion was a fraud from the start. She knew exactly what she was doing.

I never did like Evalion – something about her just made me wonder if she was even for real, and that she was making a joke about our plight!


Black-golden-white tricolor – Imperial Russian flag (1858-1883)

Fun fact – Russian Empire was often referred as “Prison of the Nations” prior to the socialist-communist revolution of 1917, both by the social democrats and “bourgeois” nationalists, but also by the communists, as czarist bureaucracy tried actively to suppress national identity of different ethnic groups, living on that huge land mass.


That policy change of russification (as an idea of one, undivided orthodox Russia) especially became prevalent after unification of the Germany by the Bismarck in 1860’s, as Russia felt threatened by the new rival in geopolitical arena. This, of course has nothing to do with nationalism, but imperialist chauvinism…

Same thing, but on different scale also took place in British Empire, especially how brutally they treated so called Irish question.

I found one minor error: The [SIC: the] Russian Imperial Movement and it’s [SIC: its] ties to National Bolshevism

It ties directly to Dugin through the Traditionalist Workers Party. Clearly you did not listen or are running some terrible hasbara like Vegtam. “Much of that comity from Russian officials stemmed from Dugin’s theories, which center primarily on “Eurasianism,” itself a geopolitical theory that was little more than soft cover for Russian imperialism. For many in Moscow, particularly within the Russian security services, Dugin’s theories offered a way back for the Kremlin and Russian imperialism writ large. Ignoring Dugin’s own fascism — he named his alter ego after a Nazi official in charge of paranormal research, after all — officials during the Putin years lapped up Dugin’s teachings. During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Putin appeared to be doing little more than following Dugin’s own… Read more »

Anders Dahl

Oh his surname is Berg he must be a Jew even do it’s a german/nordic name! big american brain I see. Just like charles lindberg was a Jew right?

Tell us again about the great Aryan name “Simon”.

Anders Dahl

A Normal name here in Scandinavia and you haven’t even met the guy. You people haven’t done shit in USA other than be in you echo chamber screaming shill this shill that.


better to know the shills and alert others than to casually watch good folks follow them on the continuing road down the unending nightmare. . .
following without question is what sheep do.
I want an end to this modern day degeneracy and its lecherous leaders.

Anders Dahl

You should also do your research, you don’t know Swedish and thing everyone who have a name like berg or have the fist in the air instead of proper hailing to not risk jail time. Also you don’t know he is a shill because you don’t KNOW him. You are lower than our enemies, spreading lies and that is pretty Jewy shame on you people.

“You people haven’t done shit in USA ”

What is your definition of “doing shit”?

Foster XL

Yeah I’d like an exact definition of this & clear evidence of something constructive being done. Whenever I confront people with this who profess to be “doing” something they either ignore the question or give me some BS like writing blogs, doing tiny little broadcasts that 3 people listen to (“why don’t you DO your own broadcast then aaarrrggghhh whine, whine…”) or something else ultimately unproductive or ineffective. Seeing as the enemy knows all the usual channels that people keep following something either innovative or overwhelming needs to be done. The overwhelming route ie. masses rising up, doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen any time soon although good innovation could facilitate a large enough following to start things moving. Waiting for something to happen in… Read more »

Foster XL

People from all over the world interact with Renegade, not just the USA. This guy thinks we’re all yanks lol?! 😀

So your guy didn’t do jail time for running into the middle of a sports event? Or is that legal in Sweden?


I don’t think there are that many fake ppl out there. The red elephants are not fake. You say they are fake because the guy called his channel Red ie I guess commie you are thinking. Maybe his point is to expose the proverbial red elephant? The only ones I agree could be fake are linder and some guy Collins who was a leader of the nazi party who turned out to be jew. Anyway, it’s annoying because it seems every show you do you attack all other Whites except those on this network. Anyone listening to sites like this is going to know what a fed op is and will be too intelligent to fall for going the violent route anyway. If anyone you… Read more »

The Red Elephants shilled hard for Trump. That’s all I needed to see. Go join the hug fest over with JF the retard kidnapper. You clearly can’t handle the truth.


We can win peacefully IF everyone is aware of WHO to extract and deal with. If you literally had all the money in the world, an endless supply – paying off every weak willed ”leader” is no problem. It’s easy! Many have started off noble, but after their family is threatened, or they get handed a new car, a new house, or just a couple thousand dollars in some cases – there ya go, shill or die. Any attempt at a violent ”revolution” would just be playing right into the hands of the leaders of every other known revolution throughout history – the jews. Many know this, but many do not. As long as those (((fat cats))) are in control of the masses with their… Read more »

Having controlled opposition speakers is highly suspect, however it isn’t a deal breaker. Perhaps they need a better PR manager, or whomever is responsible for hiring these speakers. Chances are these agents reached out to them. If donations went to paying agents fir their time that needs to be acknowledged and corrected. Andreas played a jew song on the break the other day and was called out on it right away. Mark Collette is said to be qn agent but if I had a podcast I’d have him on as it all helps spread the word. Many came to Renegade through Evallion and people came to her through Leafyishere on YouTube. “Useful idiots” as Scott calls them!

You seem to be their PR manager. This is one of many pro Nordfront comments you have made in these comments sections.

Are you talking about this Scott? The one that tells us to send money to Anglin?
comment image

Also, they didn’t just have these guys speak. They took their money, joined the World National Conservative Movement and have their members go to Russia to train under the RIM which is directly tied to Dugin. NS has nothing to do with imperial movements.

In light of this information I might have to send them an email to ask them what is going on. Some of us are a little more liberal, because there aren’t many people speaking the truth, and those that do are usually controlled and it can be hard to break away even when something suspect is going on. The NRM have political points, and if you read over them they are all very good points. (vid not available in Britain!) I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being, until they do or say some stuff that goes against the NS principals. I agree about Dugin and the RIM are both complete nonsense. Perhaps they will remove this crap… Read more »

You are the exact reason that these frauds get away with leading our movements. You don’t hold them accountable. It’s absolutely pathetic.

Dang Sinead the roast is real! I appreciate you looking deeper into them, and I have emailed them about it, and I also encouraged my friend to do the same, so hopefully they have received a couple of emails at least. You went out your way and translated their articles. We take it for granted that other people will step up and point out such nonsense, but even in NS circles a lot of this bullspit slips through the cracks unnoticed. We will have to keep an eye out and see if they take that trash off their site and if they continue using communist speakers at their events.


This is pretty damning evidence if we can prove that they’ve taken money from the “RIM”. Come on, you know exactly that it will require key people within the movement to be identified and thrown out! That’s the only way to be sure that the “trash” has been removed (just like with the jews, they need to be physically removed from our societies). They need to answer to these serious accusations, but all I’ve seen so far is “we’ll address this question in the next show”. If the NRMovement allow this criticism to be raised within, it may divide them in half but it will make them healthy and strong as a result (a characteristic I feel they are currently lacking. Just listen to the… Read more »

To be fair, the NSDAP had to be SO careful of jews, and commie agents slipping in – Himmler was actually extremely angry that Herr Hitler allowed Emil Maurice (half jew) into the party – these jews have perfected their espionage skills, and infiltration techniques – in other words, this crap has been going on for thousands of years – what concerns me, is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Nordic and German peoples in this movement that are most likely honorable and decent! The damn evil jews already have us over a barrel – what the hell are we going to do? I will even phone the NRM myself, and talk to them! Pretty soon, we will be small pockets of whites… Read more »


Thanks, I assume part of what you wrote is a response to me.

I get upset about people who don’t have good instincts, who are too relaxed and not serious enough etc.
But don’t get me wrong, I have only sympathy for ordinary people inside the NRM. It’s the people in leading roles who need to be held accountable and constantly checked (as Sinead also said). We don’t have to feel bad about raising questions, especially if there is a real basis for suspicion..

Thank you, Irmin – you are definitely right!

I never said to exclude the well meaning people in Nordfront and stressed that they’re not all compromised. However, they are not holding their leadership accountable nor are the even looking into their relations with the RIM.

Okay – I totally agree with you!

Thank you, Kyle, and I truly understand what you and Sinny are saying – thank you for commenting back to me! It saddens me deeply that their top leadership is compromised! I am hoping that the NRM can find some great leaders! I also have one question – is it just Simon Lindberg and Andreas who are shillls-agensts, or is it others like Ochberg, too? thank you

Andreas Johansson

There you go buddy:


Thanks. You look like my father when he was younger, so I guess I won’t be hating on you for no reason 😉

I don’t think anyone here encouraged hating on anyone for no reason.

I like the music and the feel of the show. It is doom and gloom but that doesn’t mean we should perpetuate that. It is necessary to be in a good frame of mind at all times, psychology is half the battle which is why defeatism is discouraged. Good for Andreas putting his pic out there I was expecting a swastika tattoo on the forehead though!

Are you referring to my show as “doom and gloom”? The truth is the truth. It’s neutral. If you feel that the truth is “sad” then that’s on you. The truth will still stand whether you label it as “gloomy” or not.

The topics are doom and gloom. The invasion of our lands and the brainwashing and how they screw us at every level.

Doom and gloom trying to toss out enemy agents so we can win? That’s called being an adult and getting the job done. I’m ready for help as soon as you want to stop making excuses for enemy agents.

I am saying that an upbeat feel to a gloomy topic is a good angle to take. I agree about the Bolshitism propaganda and agents speaking to NS men needs to go. NRM have done a lot of good and we can expect more in the future no doubt. At least there is one NS movement in the world Britain and America are lagging behind.


They stopped being NS the moment their leadership started sending their members to train under RIM and taking their money.

Big Banana

The truth will make you stronger. Doom and gloom?,get a fucking raincoat.

Big Banana, like Billie Bob. Isn’t BB some sort of code, like MM and 33 are? I don’t need a raincoat because the heat from the ovens is so high the rain soon evaporates Mr Blue Balls

Hurr durr. Muh ovens.

Big Banana

No it’s not that deep, but thanks anyway for the mythology. Next time we’re gonna use microwave ovens.

There were never any ovens.


People are waking up everyday from the jewish spell they’ve been under, and many are only waking up after they have been duped or screwed over by jews themselves, their shabbos goy, or other actwhores. I am extremely grateful that Renegade keeps it real, and relentlessly calls out traitors or other useful idiots who may think they are onto something, but are really just going nowhere, heading towards a dead end, or an enemy trap – slaughter. Yea – it’s doom and gloom – Do you live in the same world as everyone else? Sure, the sun still shines (when we are not being sprayed like cockroaches from above), sure children are still playing, smiling and laughing (when they are not suffering from vaccine damage… Read more »


So they need to hire a jew like Edward Bernays as a PR guy to ”make them look good”….. If a message or it’s purveyor cannot stand up on it’s own, is it worth supporting?
It’s like the truth, when you know – you know.
There is no doubt, nor is there the need to lie or use clever marketing or deception to ”pull in” more followers.
”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… ”
Fool me thrice and your just in denial, prolonging the inevitable.


Truth by itself is not enough to counter expert propaganda. You need to be reasonably professional to promote the truth when your enemy is an expert liar with the resources to promote that lie effectively

I just hope that Scandinavia, and our other countries, will find trustworthy leadership, and be able to band together to fight for their survival! We are so outnumbered, and the jews will never stop these mass invasions of our countries, until we fight back with all we’ve got! There is no other way out – we have been cornered!