Firestarter Radio: Our Children Look To Us (9-4-18)

Tonight Sinead talks about starting a home or patio garden on a budget, kratky hydroponics, and alternative parenting strategies to spanking and yelling at children.
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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

More valuable advice for our young couples – thank you Sinead. I’m not a father, but i totally concur with the no hitting method. I think consistency and having set routines are a good way to go. Also, keeping your children away from fake stimulations like: tv, pop “music,” malls, and fake food will help to keep them calm. Getting out in nature and tiring them out is a good solution. I think it is also vitally important to get your sons & daughters trained in a fighting skill as young as possible. Being raised in a loving, non-physical household, shouldn’t stop them standing their ground and fighting back when necessary. PS Congrats on the jiu-jitsu comp Sinead. From artichokes to chokeholds lol. Just be… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Thank you!!

3 years ago

Thank you for taking aside 2 hours of your week for us.
They offer the heel prick here in Ontario as well. You can request that paper with blood back, the kicker is, you have to pay 50 CAD. They’ll take it for free, but if you want back what is yours, you have to pay. A classic example of how our world is up side down.

Reply to  Slavik
3 years ago

You’re very welcome! Knowing that these shows are appreciated mean so much to me.

3 years ago

Great show, Miss Sinead. When you were speaking about hospital staff pricking the heels of newborns, it kind of made me think back to Kyle’s show from Sunday about AI. What if they’re putting microchips in the infants? Call me paranoid but you never know. I’m not as well versed in these matters as the rest of the Renegade family. I’m quickly playing catch up.

Reply to  Gilly Thorsson
3 years ago

It’s certainly possible. They can do the same via vaccines. Thanks for your comment!

3 years ago

Feeling really spoiled right now with all the amazing shows (including Heathen Vegans recent work). Having a hard time keeping up!

Reply to  Irmin
3 years ago

Thank you for listening.

3 years ago

Haven’t listened yet, but would like to add that Stefan Molyjew has good videos / ideas on peaceful parenting. I used to listen to his drivel in 2012-13, that is one topic he gives good info on.

Reply to  Vegtam
3 years ago

I don’t recommend people listen to a jew who hates women on how to parent. There are plenty other sources.

3 years ago

Thank you so much for this show! Very useful parenting advice.

Reply to  Amanda
3 years ago

Thank you for your comment.

3 years ago

Beautiful into song! I look forward to the rest of this podcast.

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