Firestarter Radio: Pedo Patrol (7-10-17)

Sinead talks about the ongoing problem of ‘child brides’ and how it has infected the supposedly family-centered pro-White movement, how protecting children needs to be a top priority, and then brings on Kyle to talk about gender roles and identity, the tranny terror, and how we can become resistant strains in this sick culture.

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Sinead & Kyle – I just wanted to thank you both again for all the work you both do… wading through the filth, presenting it with sanity, reading and replying to retards while attempting to catch the genuine – all while living your own lives in this anti-white world, with your own inevitable ”21st century” drama’s while maintaining a family.
It really is unbelievable for so many what we are up against.
I could say so much more, but I’ll cut it short for now.
I commend you both for doing your best in maintaining your dignity, standards, morality, and sanity in this fucked up, un-natural jewish theatre.

What proof do you have that the alleged DS murders were not faked? Post it please. DS is run by a person who is a known fed paid scumbag agent. The mixed race midget anglin is also “very close” with others who also are known fed paid agents. DS itself is nothing but a honeypot/opinion shaping device funded by the feds. Hal Turner wasn’t the only one. The feds didn’t just stop their shit when Hal Turner was outed. They enlisted others. Many others.

Dear Sinead, It hit my heart like being punched hearing the sadness and fear in your voice at the beginning of the show. I fully empathize! I had some really horrible things happen to me at the earliest age I can remember but its something i don’t need to share BUT suffice it to say when my first son was born I was neurotic and was even showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia. Not only did I make sure to make it easy for my wife who had a very difficult delivery, by doing the nightly feedings for the first three months and rarely slept with work and our baby boy but I thought NONSTOP about the most horrible sick things that could possibly happen to… Read more »

Another great show. You guys are right. Especially considering “Deprogramming” people. Understanding how sophisticated deception, influence, and mind control works is a great first step towards deprogramming. That is why you see MOST alt media characters avoiding any discussion of the actual mechanics of these things – and especially how we know which “news” events were faked and/or manipulated. Regime propagandists do not what this discussed – particularly if it’s done in a rational and scientific way. Your discussion on issues concerning food are spot on as well.

This is a very dark world indeed and I thank you so much Sinead, that you are so brave and take so much risk to explore and fight it. To cry is a way to cope. It’s good that you can. The few things I looked at around Pizza Gate made me freeze and it was so good when I was able to cry and become angry after sleepless nights. It too often feels as if the whole world is nothing but a nightmare. Working on the documentary must have been unimaginable horrifying for both of you especially with a lovely little child around. With mixed feelings I look forward to see your work and learn about things I would prefer not to know about.… Read more »
Late marriage is traditional. The data are from three German villages and show the average age . Periode Men Women 1700–1749 28,4 27,7 1750–1799 30,5 28,9 1800–1824 30,3 29,3 1825–1849 33,7 30,9 1850–1874 33,3 30,4 1875–1899 32,1 28,1 During the years 1700 and 1850 Germany experienced an immense population increase. Child brides are not part of our tradition even at times early marriages were allowed. In the middle ages aristocrats sometimes married off their very young children for political reasons. The earliest age for girls was 12 and for boys 14 years. This cannot be called our tradition or normal for our people.
I would love to know the reason for the down vote. Don’t you like the data or my conclusion? Even from 1500 onwards the normal age range for women to marry was between 16 and 21. To use some very rare examples of early marriage within the elite does not prove that our people married off their small girls. 12 years was the minimum age. The rule was that the girl had to give her consent and obviously no one thought that girls under 12 were able to do that. From early on there was the concept of love between the spouses which is known from roman law. This may have been just a concept and not always the rule because of economic conditions but… Read more »

Jews can have their own jewish culture in Israel and in a few other “jewish” colonies. They don’t need to impose it on all White European cultures. We need to be discussing this in the open. Break the taboo. This earth is big enough for all different kinds of cultures and civilizations, not only the jewish one.

A salient point Kason but a few minor issues that have to be elicited in order to bring light to the darkness, not sure if it is naivete on your part, forgive me if I sound contentios it is not the case BUT: 1) Of course the jews don’t NEED to do anything, it is not a question of NEED, the fact is they are intentionally and consciously acting out a WILL to destroy the Aryan people. There is no necessity or arbitrary-ness about it, they are decisively and completely, over time waging a war against Aryans. But because none of them are or will ever run around killing people with flaming swords and screaming battle cries, ever treat it as an all out attack.… Read more »

I must admit I agreed with Kason as a sunny diplomatic proposition which many of us have at one time dreamt.

I am continually “re-awakening” to the bitter fact that the ‘pride of the Jew’ is being innately uncooperative, or “We Jews are a corrosive force.” The Jews will not and cannot cooperate; they boast about being…uh,.. blood-drinkers. I slip back into denial constantly. People that ceremonially drink blood are here to… drink blood, not bargain or discuss, or communicate, or live in general. It’s almost like a war-before-war, and the only thing that keeps me going is the divinity of the situation: a divine polarity.

Your strength is your courage Sinead. To do a live show without notes is most brave. Very well done. Your new assistant employee did a commendable job too lol. I hadn’t thought about the baby/babe connection in their pied piper “music” before. We also have their Babe film about a innocent little pink pig. Goy-child paedo reference? Twerking is paedo pre-programming, under the guise of black culture. PS Good job Sinead! Throw that chlorophyll over Renegade nanny. I’ve seen it all before. She worms her way in. Soothing ethnic music to send your little boy to a perfect 10hr dreamland. A hapless feminine glitch, so Kyle has to adjust her server settings. Next thing you know, 9:00pm and you’re sat alone on the sofa. Meanwhile,… Read more »

Listening right now – it’s great to see you back doing weekly shows, I missed them!

Hey guys! So sorry that I was basically yelling the whole time. I’m used to recording while driving in a loud car, and this mic was way more sensitive than I thought! I won’t hurt your ears next week lol (maybe)

As far as “new Sweeden” taken over by the “Dutch ” ie Jews bringing in slavery and calling it Delaware might have something to do with age of consent laws…. Also the Dutch Jew bankers took over England after causing a king to be killed Black Death then immigrants from the east to take over London and introduce slavery to the UK as part of global trade. Then like the Dutch fleeing there homeland for South Africa the UK people fled or slaved around the globe

As soon as money is smelled in come the Jewish “corporations” unnamed unaccounted immoral abstract creations of evil

I know for a fact that in Dutch Guiana(now called “Surinam”), the most enthusiastic Slavers and most cruel slave owners were JEWS! It is so true that an entire province of that country is still called today: “Joden Savane”(Jew Savannah!)!! The entire history of the Jewish Slave Trade and Colonization in “Surinam” would warrant a whole book by itself to be written. No doubt that Jews deliberately poisonned the minds of White Colonists all over the three Americas into believing that importation of Black slaves was “indispensable”, in order to work the Tropical/Sub-Tropical territories over there…

If you study how polygamy affects the family, it’s pretty sad. Marrying many women just to have a bunch of kids does not make for a good family. You don’t have the ability to really connect with the children you’re having because there are so many of them and really, it’s just an excuse for these men to have sex with as many women as they want and get away with it. I always find it funny how everyone supports polyamory when it’s the MAN with multiple women but when it’s a woman with multiple men, it’s bad suddenly. I’ve seen several documentaries on these ploy men and they all seem to marrying girls who are very young and often times minors. They have 25+… Read more »
Half way through and first sorry to hear about the stress outside and inside but still obvious that the mother instinct of building a secure stress free ‘nest’ is inate within… That’s a good thing and those without kids or without those instincts can’t relate I would advise against telling anyone to play in the sewer even with the best of intentions. Men are visually stimulated creatures from hunter gatherer days. Those imprints as you say “can’t be unseen”. Having raised two kids and between me and the wife never letting them out of our sight the public abuse was to be expected about lack of wife ‘contributing’ an income as if raising our offspring should be trusted to unknown wage slaves and often pedos… Read more »

Seriously, FUCK THE POLICE and the “justice” system for that matter.

No, they are not the least bit interested in catching pedos except in the rare circumstance in which they’re spoon-fed a case – evidence and all – that is an absolute slam dunk where almost no “leg work” has to be done. In other words, if they have to expend resources to narrow-down a suspect pool, chances are slim-to-none they’ll go to the effort.

However, when a celeb, politician or cop gets crossed, then the police are “all hands on deck!”

my honor is my loyalty
tldr : read the last sentence (and excuse my language but I couldn’t phrase it any other way) What culture are we even being asked to save?! ..slut culture?! Obviously I’m not for child marriage or forcing anything upon anyone regardless of age (white sharia). We also agree on not engaging in a breeding race for the exact same reasons. All prerequisites aside, please don’t make this about religion or anything else, especially since many of us who disagree with you are non believers. You’re married (or some equivalent) so this topic might not have as much personal significance to you now but as a white male who can’t find a white woman who’s either not forcing me to convert or making me accept her… Read more »

Were the National Socialists trying to save the culture of the Weimar republic or their folk?
The degenerate Weimar culture was done away with and those same people were liberated from the filth and they flourished beyond belief.
Don’t you want the same for your folk today?

“Instead of talking about multiple sex partner as an inevitably,…” Sinead never said that having multiple partners is inevitable. Nobody said that. Your straw man is showing, zip it up.

THANK YOU Tristan! I hate when words are put in my mouth. Having more than one sex partners growing up while in committed relationships is not “recreational sex.” It sounds like a lot of these people think sex is only for making a baby, and that’s just weird to me. Sex in a monogamous, committed relationship, is for pair bonding and spiritual connection. Do these people also think ti’s wrong to live with someone before marrying them or having children with them? Hah! That’s like a recipe for disaster. “B-b-but my Grandma and Grandpa did it and they were fine!” Well, that’s usually because there was no other choice, and many women were trying to kill themselves, and poisoning their older husbands to escape. If… Read more »

Anytime people show genuine, raw emotion, they(?) have to swarm and hit the sensitive areas. Someone spammed my videos calling my eyebrows ugly, I’m stupid, etc. These ‘people’ here are bringing up mind-numbing ‘points,’ where it’s hard to read their entire essays. The ‘promiscuity is bad’ person wouldn’t be able to solve the promiscuity problem except by doing exactly what’s happening with 5G: read my mind, implant me, command me, etc. Also, this show never detailed cheating on ones’ partner, which was the entire basis of Honor’s contributions. Side-railing the real passion.

I understand that sex IS marriage, at least for females, simply by virtue of the nature and consequences of the act involving permanent anatomical and physiological changes to female minds bodies and souls brought about through sexual union. Marriage is not a document, marriage is an act/ceremony/ritual of tremendous consequence.
Not everyone dies when they are hit by a car, but i’m still going to teach my children to look both ways before they cross the street.

my honor is my loyalty
Sinead Instead of making this a personal issue, you have to realize that you are the exception. I also notice no one is defending teen promiscuity as much, now it’s just about adults living together as if that’s proven so successful the vast majority of the time. Can you please stop going to such extremes in your defense of this. No one is saying sex between a husband and wife should only be for creating offspring. — “if people can live with a potential spouse for several years and not have sex with them, than good for you.” That’s the point, don’t put yourself in a situation that *simulates married life and you will not have to resist so much temptation (live-in bf/gf). We have… Read more »
I hear you, and I agree so much! Recreational sex is sewage from semitic assholes. I am also disappointed in the blind acceptance of sexed programming. I am educating my son’s and daughters about the profound consequences of sex and imploring them not to engage in “mysteries” they are not equipped to participate in, “working” genitals notwithstanding. The chemical/alchemical changes that occur to females through sex/semen is astonishing and none of us know anything of it beyond babies, bonding and std’s. Not to mention the crime of creating children through ignorance and licentious indulgence of superfluous ejaculation. Children who will be raised up by jewsewage. Well, my children know all about it, because their mother is not jewsewage and refuses to accept what The mAsses… Read more »

Personally, I think the consequences of recreational sex on a girl’s mothering far outweigh the consequences for her future relationship with a man. Also, I am always disappointed when I hear, from pretty much every social activist movement “we need more young women in our ranks”…. “to attract the men”… huh? Thats jewsewage! No. You need good, strong MOTHERS to attract noble, honorable and virtuous men worthy of our daughters. Men who will fight for good, not their pecker. Young women attract ejaculate, and i think we have quite enough of that. The whole earth has quite enough of that, thanks to the sexed propaganda of jewsewage.

Thank you for demostarting why this movement has gotten nowhete. You’re too busy obsessing over our wombs instead of being men and expelling the jew parasite.

The one who said semen is evil? Yeah, sorry. I’m not on board with that. Semen is a life giving force, and it’s not toxic. No, men should not be ejaculating all the time like many are doing now, with incessant masturbation and meaningless sex. But semen, and ejaculation is not inherently “evil”. Yes, random sex w partners outside of a long term relationship is not good, but do we really expect teenagers who are in long term relationships to not have sex? And if they are having sex, and are in a committed relationship, but it doesn’t work out for some reason, is that person now “un marriageable damaged goods” because they had sex before? People grow in different directions. I thought I had… Read more »

Semen is a weaponized chemical soup medium for the delivery of sperm through the very hostile environment of the vagina. This has degenerative effects on living things and is a biological reality, not a value judgement. Jewsewage know this and produce all manner of propaganda to proliferate it through our communities so they can profit from the consequences.

my honor is my loyalty
=) Distemperance, <3 I can't express how much your post means to me and more importantly to others who needed to hear something from our role models (women and especially mothers) on this important topic (promiscuity). I can only begin to imagine the difficulties women face when talking about this subject especially from other women who get defensive about it. As a male it's far less effective for me to talk about this but also much less risky. I have always focused the majority of my calling out to other men. Women have such a critical role to play in setting standards and expectations for men and women. You're post was very informative and I learned a lot I was unfamiliar with but had thought… Read more »
Kyle what is your Job to generate income in these times of stress? Isn’t it a mans job to invest the time in the market of things to make a stable future for his future offspring? I think you are promoting a backwards moving agenda with this communal Unitarian, live off the land and forget taking on our enemy in their own arena. By this I mean that building financial security so we can buy votes and supply societies needs like they have done to enslave us to their agenda. Everyone should have a job or a trade because trade and barter are a very real practice that can create power outside of the system and its planned obsolescence. So the solution should for whites… Read more »
That’s all very well but was it whites that managed to ship ALL industry & manufacturing in western countries off to China to begin building the monopoloy & wealth they now have today? For at least the last 5 – 10 years building to flood we have today especially in Australia & New Zealand we have masses of newly rich chinese with money made from OUR exported industries flooding en masse into our countries buying all our properties & raining the values through the roof so that our children have no hope in hell of buying a first home. Whites didn’t stop this & we are now being replaced & in these countries it is worse & more stealthy than the flood of black you… Read more »

A “stable future” in this jew rigged game is a pipe dream, they need to go & never come back. that is the the only way to insure our children;s birthright.

Agreed Tony.

(please excuse my few typos in that earlier post – I was in a pretty dark room when I typed it out & thought I’d got them all!)

no problem mate, however I was replying to seamustheman40

PS-Foster you made great points.

Yep, got that. I was agreeing with you about the same group who “need to go & never come back” 😉

my honor is my loyalty

I spent hours writing that comment and it was not even up 5 minutes before it got deleted. glad I know not to waste more time in the future.

Welcome to the fake opposition (Renegrenade)!

Oh Sean! Do tell! Where do we go mighty verbal mud slingling leader!

I think it is interesting how renegade seems to be bringing more Jews onto its shows lately.

Hyenas closing in, smothering any possible attractive passion. Jews never change. Online, one cannot discern absolutely. What’s so interesting, Sean? It’s just the same smothering Jews, as always…