Firestarter Radio: Pizzagate and Other Coverups (11-22-16)


Tonight Sinead has Hugh Wyatt of on for the first hour to discuss pizza gate and its relationship to other child rape run cover ups. In the second hour she gets into the Hampstead, Dutroux and Franklin cover ups and ends the show with a nigga report.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

In the UK we have a famous old ice cream brand called “Walls.” It is owned by anglo-dutch corp Unilever ( known as “Good humor” in states ) Their logo is two entwined hearts, exactly like the official fbi graphic for “girl lover” or “childlove.” Very creepy. I feel less human after watching that pizzagate doc. Those poor innocent children. The jews will allow these “unknown” freaks to take the heat: Podestas, Alefantis, even Clinton, if it protects rabbis, Soros, and allows them to continue. I was shocked at the amount of females? following/liking/taking part in all this. They even leave “like” comments on twitter/instagram – the evil creatures! Back to Trump, Richard Spencer (*music), is now repaying his jewish masters. CNN anchor Jake Tapper… Read more »

Sinead McCarthy
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Thank you Anthony! I just can’t rest until I see these child rapists executed.

5 years ago

just an FYI, pizza is 33 in chaldean numerology. so is ‘hotdog’.

Non-Binary Anonymous Pseudonym
5 years ago

Kill them all! Round them up and KILL! THEM! ALL! NOW! I always love your show Sinead, but the subject matter recently has me reeling with anger. Keep it up, people have to know the details, as sickening as they are. Maybe they’ll actually start getting mad enough to do something about it too. Maybe they’ll just keep watching TV and thinking it’s not real, in which case let them be culled too. Sick of the apathy I see every day, in my real life. So much dead weight it needs to be thrown into the sea. Good to hear from Hugh too. Always brilliant insight 😉

mike angelo
5 years ago

In Scientology a squirrel is someone they claim does not use standard methods of scientology. Someone who alters processes. Hubbard says they should use the technology 100% as he has written. Like a squirrel the person cannot go straight from A to B but moves back and forth from side to side.

Ingrid B
5 years ago

The mother of the Hampstead children, who was Russian, and who filmed them, was forced to flee the UK after her children were removed from her care. Poor mum..

5 years ago

Sinead, I watch a few downloaded TV series, mainly sci-fi stuff because it’s the one fictional genre I still enjoy (and I’m actually very keen to see just how much stuff these jews put in their TV programs these days!). However, I just got watching ep 10 of Van Helsing which aired last week. In Van Helsing vampires have pretty much taken over the world. Here’s a brief synopsis of this episode – the main characters come upon a cult-like group of human survivors at an old healing retreat led by one of the 3 psychologists that used to run it. They’re told that it’s also used as hidden retreat by the human underground resistance fighting the vampires for their pregnant women to give birth… Read more »

Reply to  Sarge
5 years ago

So you’ve never watched any TV? You don’t watch ANY movies or anything anymore? Yeah I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one mate! Trying to sound all high ‘n’ mighty there but you just sound like a little douchebag. Please provide scientific evidence & proof that watching the odd TV episode (downloaded with no ads) is going to fuck you up. I guess that means if I also read books by the enemy that’s going to fuck me up also rather than educate me as to what they’re up to? Fuck off, you’re a complete moron! Now run along Mr Superior and play your little game somewhere else. We’re intelligent adults in here & don’t need to see your weak garbage opinions made… Read more »

Reply to  renegade
5 years ago

Nope. No cable. Never had it & haven’t sat down & watched any TV myself for 15+yrs. I commented because the previous commenter got jumped on for mentioning some content related to the discussion in an episode he selectively downloaded – not quite the same as being a regular addicted TV watcher by the sound of it. I do read a lot of non-fiction though & have in the past read the occasional book by so-called jewish “intellectuals” or what passes for such in their festering society. On this note I agree with what Charles said recently in one of his shows about reading the enemies’ books so you know how they think & what they’re up to. Much like Sun Tsu says in The… Read more »

5 years ago

This kind of filthy vermin need purged from this earth asap!

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