Firestarter Radio: Pro-White Preaching (11-24-15)


Sinead interviews Yetunde, a pro White black woman. They discuss their experiences with racial realities, and how we can get non Whites to help us in the battle against White genocide. She then gives her thoughts on the Paris attacks and shares her appearance on David Duke’s show.

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Brion K Baker
6 years ago

Amazing show as always. I love your energy and optimism. You are a very inspiring young lady and you give me hope for a better future.

6 years ago

I made it up to the point where you said that black slaves are physically superior to Irish slaves before I couldn’t take anymore.

I fail completely to see how bringing on a self-hating black woman who is clearly ashamed of herself and her race is in any way positive.

And I don’t buy into this idea that blacks and whites share a common enemy that we should unite against (Jews.) Blacks are doing far better now than they would be without Jewish involvement, their population is exploding thanks to things like affirmative action and foriegn aid. Jewish rule is good for blacks and there is no reason for them to unite with us against jews.

6 years ago

An excellent podcast, Sinead. One of the best that I have ever heard. Why don’t you try to have Brother Nathaniel on your show? There are a fee good Jews too.

6 years ago

Very interesting interview Sinead, thanks.

@ OrangeCloud

1. Was Commander Rockwell wrong to liaise with black nationalists?
2. Please provide your working alternative plan for combating the jewish problem as you see it.

Anon Wyatt
6 years ago

Great Show! My first intro to Renegade was your show with another woman a year or two ago. A few random thoughts on your interview: 1) I really enjoyed Yetunde’s outlook and opinions. I’m also surprised by the similarities and differences between 1st, 2nd, 3rd+ generation Africans versus African Americans like myself. 2) Regarding black/white race mixing, the only side of it that has been overwhelmingly pushed in the culture are black men with white women. When it is portrayed the other way around it is usually very fair skinned or mixed black women with white men (think Rashida Jones on “The Office” or the elevation of Halle Berry over the years). 3) I’m seeing more and more black women not caring who or what… Read more »

6 years ago

Sinead, you are a very talented woman. I am eternally grateful for your beautiful rendition of the song that I channeled from the Fourth Reich in Antarctica. I know that you did not share my views on the Jewish Question when I was on John Friend’s show a couple of years ago…but hey. That’s cool. I am not in a popularity contest. Keep up the good work, my Aryan Sister.

6 years ago

@Mary, I don’t really know enough about the George Lincoln Rockwell situation to comment an I’m not saying that we should have nothing to do with blacks. But I don’t think that blacks benefit from getting rid of jews, which is why an alliance with them won’t work. Whites need to wake up and unite with each other to solve these problems, at the moment we are divided and demoralised. But of course this is easier said than done. I feel very sorry for the woman in this show, she seemed like a very nice and intelligent person, but she really seemed to hate herself. Although she may be on our side, I feel that it was for the wrong reasons, and I didn’t derive… Read more »

6 years ago

Fair comments I think OrangeCloud. South Africa is a “good” example of how jews empower blacks to topple their (the jews’) white enemies. It’s plain to see how in reality only a few corrupt blacks working with the jews actually benefit but the majority of the masses never seem to work that out. It appears that jews are trying to do the same thing in the US right now and the dumb masses on both sides are falling for it as usual but obviously there are very different dynamics involved and the outcome will be nothing like what happened in SA. I do agree that self-hate is a very negative thing that should be discouraged no matter what race. Perhaps the worst kind is that… Read more »

6 years ago

I feel like the black woman puts herself down a lot. Kind of depressing.

6 years ago

Nice job Sinead. I didn’t think Yetunde was “self-hating” at all, just expressing ordinary feelings of inadequacy that people of any race can suffer. You even felt some of those things when you were younger (e.g. “butt” and “dance” 🙂 IQ distributions are a bitch, I know, but Yetunde is solidly in the three-digit range and she should be proud. Widespread preference for European standards of beauty are a bitch too, I know, but African features are there for a reason: it’s how they survived for thousands of years. It’s good that Sinead and Yetunde agree that *forced* integration is an utterly evil idea, and achieves nothing but resentment and ill-will. We can live alongside each other without being forced in each other’s face. I… Read more »

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