Firestarter Radio: Protecting Our Elders (8-23-16)

Senior woman with black eye and tape on her mouth, victim of domestic violence

Tonight Sinead has on a man by the name of Roland, to discuss his mother’s imprisonment in a senior “living” center. We discuss the corruption involved and the cabals in cahoots. She then shares some more thoughts on senior abuse and elder care and following this she shares her recordings for the week. Topics include: the jewish psy op that is the “rave scene”, ridiculous billboards driving down the highway, gardening tips, ghetto people in Florida and the Irish tree alphabet called “Ogham”. Opening track: ‘Don’t Take it Away’ (VIP Remix) by HumaNature – Closing track: ‘Sensual Waves’ by Kian & Ludvig

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5 years ago

Here’s the Esther whore (aka. Electre) showing the “vav” hand sign to show her loyalty to the tribe. CG has done some shows specifically on the hand signs.
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5 years ago

Over in Australia, we have what is called “Public Trustee”. (lol @ the name) it’s totally sinister and is connected to Mental Health and “Care Services” (comprised almost entirely of foreigners), totally identical in every way as to what was described in your show. I recently helped a friend of mine rescue his mother from their grip. She was sent a letter requesting her to attend an appointment and naturally went as if following procedure, and they ended up keeping her there using all sorts of excuse’s, kidneys what-ever. They *deemed* (< don't you just love that word ?) her incapable of making "informed decisions" and tried to get control of her bank accounts and tried to contest her will put in her son's name.… Read more »

Reply to  Roj Blake
5 years ago

The other thing I noticed is that, if anyone wants “Disability Support Pension”, they will give it to you in an instant of you are on Mental Health Drugs, but it’s a long toil if you are actually Physically Disabled ! now that’s really saying something about “The System”.

Reply to  Roj Blake
5 years ago

It’s the same here in Canada – for me it was a four year battle to win disability support for my severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I finally found a dr who recognized that if I kept working I would end up in a wheelchair or with organ failures. I wouldn’t take pharamjewdicals, but I have heard of people who do, getting support very quickly.

I am young and much more lucky than this poor older woman in this “care facility”.

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

I dread to think what is being done to our children and elders in these so-called ‘care’ homes.
The governments push immigrants into these minimum wage jobs and they can barely speak English, let alone have qualifications to care for people.
Wills, money and siblings are a bad combination. This jewish legal world has found another way to destroy our white families.
I send my best wishes to Roland and his wife but most of all to his mom. I hope he can find a way to free her from this terrible situation.
PS Well done Sinead. You are a wonderful example of how quickly our young people can turn their lives around and embrace health and happiness.

5 years ago

This guy is the worst story teller.

Reply to  simba
5 years ago

Maybe a little empathy for a man who’s mother is being imprisoned and abused? It not as easy as you think to come on the radio and tell a detailed story like that. I think he did a great job.

5 years ago

We have only had three or four generations that have been exposed to massive toxins…….and now look at all the health problems in the younger generation. Many of these toxins have been scientifically proven to alter and/or damage the DNA, which is passed on to the next generation. This is only going to get worse and worse every year. There are younger and younger people every year requiring skilled nursing, assisted living or nursing homes. Fuck, look at all the fat people around you. Many of them are massively obese. These people are not going to make it out of their 50’s without some massive problems……strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease, etc. Speaking of kidney disease, the number of people on dialysis is skyrocketing. Thanks, RoundUp!… Read more »

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