Firestarter Radio: PsyOps Roundup & Being an EMF Refugee (4-12-19

Tonight Sinead responds to some comments, talks about being and EMF refugee and more!

Closing song: ‘Tír na nÓg’ by Celtic Woman ft. Oonagh

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My grandparents lived one county over from Green Bank Telescope, so I am very familiar with the area. If someone wants to escape the EMF, they can move to this area in the US. Best sleep anyone could ever have…

Enter The Quiet Zone: Where Cell Service, Wi-Fi Are Banned

United States National Radio Quiet Zone

EMF Quiet Zones
Communities FREE from ELECTROSMOG


It looks really nice there, hilly green farmland – truthstream media went and talked about the MK Ultra link with the telescope and John Lily.

Anthony Roberts

That content creator story sounds like typical “entertainment” industry abuse. It appears to be a first-world sweatshop, and designed to corrupt our very young children. I have an idea who the (((investors))) would be.

Speaking of which, i’m a “CC” not a commenter, Sinead. Big diff. My “lightweight” observations and puns add mega value and besides, Evropa pay me well. Example: That Nice gov’t hoax romance was heartwarming. Agents with benefits…or is it “truck buddies?” See? Content creator lol.

PS Only joking (as normal). Thanks for all you do. You and Kyle even manage to do shows when you are both feeling under the weather – having caught your son’s bug, this week. #RealTroopers


I recently saw a video covering the history of the Africanized bees (killer bees). One thing I did not know before is that the Africanized bees actually slip into the European bee colonies and take them over. That is a big reason why they have been steadily moving north. Africanized bees also do not produce as much honey as the European bees. One reason their move northward has slowed is that they do not produce enough honey to keep the colony going during the cold winter months. I think there is some moral, cultural comparison to be made here.


Do you think CBD oil helps with EHS symptoms? I have this EHS and it makes me feel hungover, possibly from brain inflammation and I often feel my temple pulsing and pressure headaches. I totally got the ‘she’s crazy’ look when I went to a regular dentist for mercury amalgam removal – meanwhile, a holistic doctor is out of reach money wise. The iodine and magnesium help a lot and you mentioned a few things I want to look into, like the computer the lady talked about with EHS. I noticed the EMF refugees to Green Bank are mainly white women. It does make me wonder about sensitivity and genetics. I’ve always been very sensitive to energy and can definitely feel wi-fi, the flouros and… Read more »

Do you still have wifi? I think shielding and reducing EMF’s in the home may work better than CBD.


No wifi, but probably dirty energy and discordant lighting – working on it. I’m glad you covered this topic and your own experience.

Do you turn your cell phone off? That helps too.


I don’t carry it and rarely use it – my goal is to mostly use a landline we’ve had (and don’t use). I’m feeling better after a few days of iodine drops and magnesium butter. ; ) I found this long list of tips from a former EHS refugee, now a coach for others – some good ideas here including getting a certain computer (Dell or newer Toshiba, ha ha). He made the point that the aluminum shell of macs exacerbates the conductivity.


The family in “Abducted” were in fact Mormon. The mother later resumed the relationship with the predator for almost 9 months and he was allowed to abduct the girl a second time. Some things do seem off about the documentary, like how the mother still seemed enamored with the guy at certain points in her interview, and the father allowed it all to happen for fear of being outed. And the predator was allegedly able to get a hold on the child by claiming aliens wanted them to procreate to save the human race (not that a child in the 50s wouldn’t believe that, but as you said, it is on Netflix). I’ve started Wild Wild Country and Murder Mountain, and these all seem like… Read more »


Just hearing this after reply you an email… Awesome. Re modern pagans calling out modern pagans who won’t eat dead flesh is kettle calling the pot black lol. At least some’ modern pagans have mind still to see something like killing animals as bad for the soul. But these larping groups are not old ways and to be completely honest in many cases we will never know exactly how many old way pagan religions functioned due to european histories being re-written under a christ tarded lens. So reading these works being so called ‘preserved is ass backwards. Example at least one I know of was family line druids who did not consume or torture animals due to the representing our deities (family) and nature spirits.… Read more »


*reply to you*

Do you not have earthworms in your soil that create worm castings (worm poop)?


Sorry for delay in response/good question 🙂 Just back from exams/time diff. A few points; I don’t farm worms as such though I have nothing against it, I just let nature decide where she wants her worms and they are signs of healthy soil when I monitor the soil composition every now and again. Worm castings pose no threat to human health overall and they don’t contribute to the methane problem other animals do that are overpopulated due to the agriculture industry and meat industry. Whereas Cows/chickens/horse manure etc can carry bacterial diseases. Including Salmonella and Campylobacter which are common public health hazards. These bacteria’s are communicable to people through direct contact, exposure to manure, which includes being in the soil of grown ‘foods’ not… Read more »

I’ve got tons of questions. Do vegan permaculturists consider humanure, and human orine to be non vegan? What do you use to feed your plants? What kind of soil mix do you use? Are worm bins considered veganic? I appreciate your answers!


Hi Sinead. This is the story about Swami Satchindananda and his abuse as a guru. It was in the 90’s when I found out about it. I was only a yoga student and was not there in its early formation and not in the inner circles, so fortunately I was not subjected to his sexual abuse, though several others were. Mine was of the variety of intimidation/mind control. On the order of, “You know nothing – Swamiji knows everything. He’s enlightened, you’re still in worldliness/samsara and will have to keep being reborn on earth many times in order to reach enlightenment. The Guru is only here on a mission to save you.” So, it was severe hierarchical conditioning and exploitation. Here is one person’s story:… Read more »


More guru info and if you scroll down there’s a pic of Satchindandnda who “was a superstar of yoga who gave the invocation at Woodstock. In 1991, protesters waving placards, ‘Stop the Abuse. End the Cover Up,’ marched outside a Virginia hotel where he was addressing a symposium. ‘How can you call yourself a spiritual instructor,’ a former devotee shouted from the audience, ‘when you have molested me and other women?’”