Firestarter Radio: Pushing Through BS Fatigue Syndrome (6-7-19)

Sinead talks about Callwen’s recent article, the shills left up on Youtube after the purge, Israeli News Live, the limited hangout psyop Julian Assange.

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We all love you Sinead.. sorry to hear you were having a few bad days. ~hug~

Nick Spero’s channel ”has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

((((They))) like to think ‘dead men tell no tales’, but oh how wrong they are.
The entire National Socialist party of Germany is proof.

Thank you Sinead for all that you do, and have done to save the White race.
BS fatigue is very real, and it’s during this time when I have to pay very close attention to my annoyance levels.
It’s a great thing you do jui jitsu.

john king

Is all the content after you finished speaking from one video? Does it still exist somewhere on the web? Or was it holocausted?


It’s in a limited state. I would download it if I were you. It will be gone soon.


Wikileaks Fully Exposed (IsraeliLeaks):


Look on the bright side, things could be worse.

You could be living in Canada.

Norvin Hobbs

My main channel of only 407 subscribers was taken down.


Your videos sucked anyways. Maybe Billy Roper will give you a platform.

Norvin Hobbs

a couple of clips taken out of context don’t prove I’m a shill, I mean can anyone seriously believe I fit the bill for some kind of agent?, I offered to debate them but they wouldn’t take me up on it , I’d be more than happy to defend what I said in those clips.


Fuck off. You’re banned now. Something that should have happened ages ago, but like the cockroach you are, you snuck back in.