Firestarter Radio: Rambling on the Road with Kyle and Sinead (11-27-18)

Tonight Sinead and Kyle share some recordings from their recent road trip to visit friends. They talk about what they see along the trip, Ugly Jewth, Brett Favre, folky folkish folks, and so much more.

Songs:,Intro: ‘In The Darkness’ by Platform featuring Sinead McCarthy, ‘Felt in Color’ by Notion featuring Sinead McCarthy
Closing: ‘Anywhere’ by Platform featuring Sinead McCarthy

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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

The jews have to keep offering up these pseudo intellectual, esoteric or just plain degenerate type “leaders” because they know we have the truth on our side. We will only defeat this enemy if we stay strong and loyal to this idea of freedom, so well presented by you both.

PS Loving the family road trip vibe from the inside of your Ford Folkus lol. Long live the Renegades!

3 years ago

The US already has it’s own Tommy Robinson. He’s called Donald Trump.

3 years ago

The photo for this show is perfect! Kyle and Sinead out doing their thing in public not giving a damn what anyone not clued in thinks! “Yeah, we’re pro White. You have a problem with that??” We should all be cultivating this attitude!

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