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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Regarding Cusack: whether he is genuine or fake, his climb-down, like Biel’s on vaccines last week, just bolsters the jewish psy-op as perpetual victims. All actor-slaves know who control hollywood, so i imagine it’s scripted. I’m so sorry you had that awful experience from the jewish supremacists or their gov’t agents. That poor innocent baby. I hope he or she survives and gets retribution. What a sick nightmare we just “exist” in. This horrific episode should spur us all into fighting back harder, and stop more children being hurt. These monsters need a bullet to their diseased brains. PS “Touching the Void” (on YT), is more mountaineering, but it’s still an epic tale. There’s also the four Eiger climbers in the 50’s, who were being… Read more »

The Bull
2 years ago

Miss Piggy the Viking sounds mentally challenged, did she drink a horn full of fluoride instead of mead.

2 years ago

OMG OMG !!! I am sick to my stomach hearing this!! That is horrible! I would totally delete that email :O( and keep contacting police to turn them in until they do something. Who ever did this needs to be found! And we all know what needs to be done with them!!!!!
Sadly I believe everyones email is vulnerable now. They procreate friends lists even when you delete them and its what they use to send out to friends as if were you. I suggest going back to phone but everyone is so damaged no one trusts anyone anymore. :O( I am so sorry this happened to you all.

2 years ago

Did you ever post the photograph of ‘Reactionary jew’?

Also, when you mentioned something along the lines of “the video was scrubbed from the internet”, did you mean the video you made with the clip of Reactionary juden speaking and you singing in the video? I ask because I have a copy of that video still if that is the one you speak of.

If you mean Lana’s original ‘raw’ interview with Reactionary jew, then in that case I don’t have that video file.

Reply to  Ulf
2 years ago

He’s the one on the rightcomment image
I meant that Fed Ice had deleted the show.

Reply to  Sinny
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing! He looks pretty gross, and looks to be at some type of Organized Meeting. AIPAC, possibly?
Here is that video I mentioned previously, I don’t know if you still have a copy of it.
That is the one you made.

I just actually stumbled across (by searching for it) some guy who is a fan of Red Ice & he mirrored that show you’re saying they deleted (scrubbed) onto

It is here –
The direct .mp4 file can be downloaded from the link above.

Here appears to be another backup of the show, but it is only in audio format I believe, not video –

Reply to  Ulf
2 years ago

Everyone is uploading on bitchute now because they allegedly don’t censor. The contrary is true:
Video Unavailable
This video is unavailable as the contents have been deemed illegal by the authorities within your country.

Reply to  renegade
2 years ago

I can confirm that I get this message when trying to access the video from Germany.
(Sorry the url isn’t in the image. My new Windows 10 doesn’t allow full control over screenshots, who’d’ve thought!)

Reply to  Brúon
2 years ago
Bob Jolly
2 years ago

Have loaded up LBRY but nothing on your channel will stream. I understand that in the beginning there might not be enough seeds online for it to work properly. Yes, the CEO looks creepy. But it could be a good platform soon. Let’s see.
The blocked in Germany Bitchute link above works in Portugal without a VPN.
On Bitchute I recently discovered a channel called Neuschwabisch which is carrying some of Sinead’s music videos. Maybe it’s yours?

Reply to  Bob Jolly
2 years ago

Did you try refreshing with the LBRY link? It didn’t work for me at first but after refreshing it did.

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