Firestarter Radio: Return to Virtue (1-5-16)

Mutter mit Kindern

In the first hour Sinead interviews Jayme Louis Liardi about his youtube channel, book, and his awakening to racial realities. In the subsequent hours Sinead shares a series of recordings made throughout the week. The topics covered are surrogacy, IVF, abusive parenting “excerpts”, a re cap of the Millennial Woes hangout, as well as recent developments in her fight to expose Jack Sen, the non-White agent.

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6 years ago

I have to give you a little grief on the women driver issue Sins. Statistics do indeed show that women have less accidents, but remember, as couples mature together, the men typically take the drivers seat over the woman. The statistics the media never seem to mention, especially after things such as a household census has been taken, is that men predominantly drive their families about and that women prefer this. It’s quite natural for a lady to want her man to do the driving and most of them request it. In fact, I don’t know a couple at all in my life, where the woman prefers to drive. This is a fact, both in census data and we can just see it in every… Read more »

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