Firestarter Radio: Rockin’ In The jew World Order (2-8-19)

Tonight Sinead speaks with Tabitha in the first hour about the archaic revival, Terrance Mckenna, the psychedelics psy op, the Beatniks and more! In the second hour she responds to the Anglo Saxon Forum, comments on Akrtos and their ‘jews dindu n
uffin’ article and more.
Opening song: ‘Delphic Underworld’ by Pola and Bryson
Closing song: ‘Autumn’ by Lucy Kitchen
Arktos Article: Alexander Wolfheze: From JQ to IQ – Part 1

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Anthony Roberts

Mckenna was classed as the 90’s Tim Leary, so that’s a big red flag right there. He attended CIA hotspot, UC Berkeley, and his 3000 books and notes ended up at the Esalen inst, but were conveniently destoyed in a fire. He apparently “died” young of brain cancer. Was that due to his experimental usage, a sacrifice or just his (((genes)))? The jewish supremacists keep using the same formula. Once they have the protective White mother out of the home, and into the slaveplace, the young become their easy prey. New: drugs, music, fashion, sexual degeneracy and of course, profit. Same thing, different decade. It all comes from Tavistock, Yale, Frankfurt sch and is jewish social engineering for genocide. PS Great conversation and show, ladies… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

I mispoke as to where Howl was first read. It was at the Six Gallery in San Fagcisco on October 7th, 1955. I skimmed though the poem after we recorded the show, and it mentions Moloch 39 times! Supposedly according to Ginsberg, Moloch is associated with war, government, capitalism and mainstream culture – the (((counterculture))) is merely the other side of the dialect. Never a mention of the antidote (National Socialism) with these bohemians.


I came across this video of Neal Cassidy and Allen Ginskike years ago (after I was getting into the Gnostic Media stuff,) & I dug it up again to see if I remembered it correctly– fast forward this video around the 1:10 / 1:12 time stamp where Cassidy says “the pentagon is doing this deliberately” & watch Ginsburg’s reaction as he puts his finger to his mouth & acts like Cassady doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cassady was more careless in his dialogue than the rest of the government agent “beatniks”. It is important to remember, & this video proves it:::They Were government agents fulfilling an agenda set by those working through the pentagon! It is no wonder Kerouac drank himself to death.


Good catch – it’s almost like Jewberg is the handler, reminding Cassidy to shut it.
Then he says no one knows who’s in control to divert attention away, reminding me of this gem from T. ‘old ladyvoice’ McKenna’s ‘the frightening thing is Nobody is in Control (yeah right).’ Mckenna said in a vid that he was recruited and after that was in deep cover / public relations (likely an agent).

Tabitha Wolfram

I went to click this link and the video is unavailable. I have seen this clip before where he mentions being an agent. There are YT videos where he states all the possible controllers of the world (including jews) and then goes on to say “nobody is in control.” Sounds like more of that nothingness programming. He also hung out with Rupert Sheldrake a researcher in the fields of parapsychology and biochemistry and Ralph Abraham a mathematician. Two figures who I believe to also be agents.

Here is one of their chats:

Mckenna’s purpose was to be a raconteur; a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.

Tabitha Wolfram

Good find. It is obvious that Ginsberg is nervous with what Caasady says in the clip. I remember Kerouac often mentioned in his books that the characters who were based on Ginsberg would “finger their lips” which is an indication of lying. In On The Road Ginsberg was Carlo Marx and in The Dharma Bums he as Alvah Goldbook.


Great show (so far – I will listen to the rest later)…I wanted to mention as I thought of Alex Gray’s work, I realized they’re transhumanistic in the sense of being totally set apart from the environment. I’ve got a friend who goes to his painting workshops in upstate ny. I just find the images creepy – like an energetic version of Gray’s Anatomy drawings of viscera and muscles. A roundtable, yes I’m up for it when I finally get my phone set up (my last living computer has no mic). I got sucked into J L Lash, who did write a decent book – but he had this thing called the gaian navigational experiment that I followed. Imagine the megalomania of someone who believes… Read more »


I can’t remember if this is the show where you mentioned the Paulstal Service. Very hard to find him! He started researching Sandy Hook soon after it happened and I notice in google search results there was apparently a tv series that ran from about 2014-2016 or so called “The Paulstal Service!” I have seen them do this sort of thing before. A person or term starts leading people to truth on big issues and before you know it there’s another person or show or book, movie etc. with the same name that crowds them out it the search results. I first noticed this years ago trying to find material about Bob Whitaker. It was right about the time his White genocide mantra dropped and… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

That guy said, “Professor Dugan.” Well, to sound corny, brothers and sisters, I know a guy named Dugan. He is a great Dugan. Sir…..He’s NO Lonnie Dugan. Lonnie is not a frothing agent throwback from the days of Lenin, the guy who called everyone else useful idiot. When they saw he’d served his purpose, he became the next corpse on the heap. His house people and his favorite servant said his last words were, crawling on all fours, blackened from poisoning by he recent underlings either Trotsky but probably Stalin, “God bless Russia, and god damn the J’s.” — Major General Spridiovich, circa 1924. The book, The Hidden Hand / The Secret World Government. Sinny is a strike of lighting. We’re damn lucky she’s in… Read more »