Firestarter Radio: Rockin’ in the Robot World (9-27-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about a possible Nov. 3rd false flag, CGI pop star/instagrammer Lil Miquela and club 404, The Lion Diet of Jordan Peterson’s mentally unstable daughter, The Heaven’s Gate cult and more! Closing song: ‘Hide Away’ – Slide Away by Miley Cyrus Re-work (Only a preview- song not done yet)

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2 years ago

A while back I researched kek, it seems to be abbreviated from the term “Brekekekex koax koax” is meant to mimic the croaking sound of a frog. So carrying a “kek” flag could represent to croak or the same as the death flag, the black flag (back to black), pirate flag or antifa flag. Interesting that the people that are supposed to be fighting antifa are carrying their same flag and promoting their own boiling frog death. Excerpt from 405 BC Greek play is what sums up the meaning of “KEK” to me… Bac. “But I’ll beat you at your game.” Frogs. “We shall go on all the same.” More interesting info I had found Found in “The Devils Dictionary” FROG, n. A reptile… Read more »

2 years ago

On Bob, I also found out that “Bob” is the name used by scientists to represent “B” and “Alice” represents “A”… so when performing experiments then subject one, or state one would be Alice and state two would be Bob. Giving a name to expressions in formulas. So then Bob Dobb may represent some kind of plan B experiment? So this is why those bots supposedly took over fakebook they were named Alice and Bob – they were running an AI test scenario.

But technically Bob is just another version of Alice, called Bob … lol.

Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Whether it’s beyond human, or beyond meat, we know the jewish supremacists ultimately want a chipped, mixed race, low IQ slave race. Their plans all lead to this. Trans and AI is sold to our youth as cool and exciting, but will slowly trap them. They’re already bent over, monosyllabic, smartphone addicts who communicate with juvenile emoji symbols; so there isn’t a long way to go. PS Thanks Sinead – interesting topics. The Nov 3rd Seattle attack could be just another judeomasonic dupe. These German sites stay up on YT, and gematria is jewish, led by jew gatekeeper Zach Hubbard, so that’s dodgy. But there is an awful lot of space needle programming. Just today, A-Rod (jew-Lo, alongside Shakike-ra are doing the “2/2/20” superbowl satanic… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

I believe the Seattle predictive programming was quite real, BUT, I think it has been sufficiently outed to where it is possible they will be forced to call it off.

Reply to  Johnny Walker Read
2 years ago

2020 is (s)election year, which always spells trouble. If this year is quiet, I am sure next year there will be fireworks. Some chaos would be the perfect excuse to keep Trump in office, even if he ”overwhelmingly get’s voted out” by some black, asian, homosexual, or female candidate, which would really ramp up the white hatred and violence directed at whites, if that was even possible… You can almost imagine the French revolution use of the guillotine being used in mass in the states (since there are so many just sitting around anyways). Wasn’t that obnoxious orange haired female ”comedian” pictured holding up Trump’s bloody severed head as a ‘joke” last selection cycle? I hate to think how many times I have seen the… Read more »

2 years ago

In regards to Werner Goldberg, I don’t really believe the “official” story that he was in fact being promoted by the National Socialists themselves. For one, the photo with the “ideal German soldier” caption was originally published in the Berliner Tageblatt in 1938, a liberal newspaper that regrouped a string of jewish owners and contributors that were (unsurprisingly) critical of the NS government. The publication was supposedly left off the hook by Goebbels since he wanted to give off the image that Germany supported the free press, but was later shut down a year later by the government anyway. It also doesn’t make sense that the “ideal German soldier” would have been laid off from his post in 1940 and his father sent to a… Read more »

Reply to  Nathan
2 years ago

Thank you for the info.

Foster XL
2 years ago

Good show Sinead & quite timely! Although I don’t have a TV I will occasionally flick through the latest series & movies on download lists too see what’s on offer. Even less occasionally I’ll grab something that looks “interesting”. So to that end I just finished watching a Russian series called “Luchshe Chem Lyudi” which translates to “Better Than Us”. It follows the same line as the earlier Swedish series called “Äkta människor” (“Real Humans”) & the British series “Humans“. All are about the integration of realistic humanoid robots into general society. I definitely recommend a watch as this is all pure social engineering to ready the public over time for the “inevitable” actual introduction of humanoid robots into our societies as well as the… Read more »

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