Firestarter Radio: Running Free (4-19-17)

Tonight Sinead shares a series of recordings from the past month or so. Topics include: jews and cannibalism, Kuru disease, how jews are using “genetic testing” to decide which kikeotropics they want you on, the manlet punch seen around the world, a new song is played, and much kvetching is to be had. Opening Song: ‘Zinger’ by Guardate

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‘kikeotropics’, you have coined it perfectly. Language is another tool we have in our arsenal, however tight the enemy’s stranglehold on information (the press, the media, electronic communication, publishing, computing, you name it)…

BTW, thanks for taking time off your exam preparation and thereby contributing to content creation for the common cause.

Listening now!! 🙂

I totally want my own sensory room, now! Great show, Sinead!

I agree; comedy, music, self triggeringl this show had it all! lol

Idiosyncratic Journeys

I been to one of those sensory places before. They are neat. Thanks for the Chlorophyll green juice recommendation! Been drinking green juice daily now.

Diglot just did a video and her 23 and me says she is 100% European, I am not surprised. All of her commentors are saying she is a national socialist which is irritating as fuck. It is funny how her test was like the most aryan results I have seen and she looks and acts like a complete jew. You look Irish, I can tell by your features. I just don’t see aryan when I look at her at all. I have been asked if I was jewish because I have a big nose and I am 1/4 Italian. I still don’t look as jewish as diglot. Apparently she will be on red ice soon.

Red Ice… RenegadeTribune readers/RenegadeBroadcasting listeners all too well know what ‘red’ means, i.e. who are behind anything ‘red’. As a reminder, 2017 marks the centenary of terrible ‘red’ blood-letting, which, if we are not careful, is going to take place again, but on much, much more horrific levels (the Georgia Tombstones herald so and scumbags like Lovelock (of the Gaia scam) have been calling for some time now for the world population to be culled to the same figure of 500m… Strange coincidence, no? (Anything to do do with their gematria, this 500m figure?)

Anyone know how long those 23 and me test results take? All that shit that went down on her channel in the comments was only 2 1/2 weeks ago and now miraculously she has the purest dna test I have ever seen. A youtuber I watch told me that even Varg Vikernes has a small percentage of sub saharan African dna.

Well here’s Anglin’s test results so I think we pretty much conclude that either 23andMe is complete scam or these guys are just outright lying to make themselves appear (at the very least) more European than they actually are!!! Have a look at any decent photo of Anglin & you’ll get it immediately!

Foster XL Yeah Anglin does not look pure white at all either. Neither do I, I haven’t done a dna test. I know my family history and I can tell by my features that I probably have a small percentage of middle easern dna because of my Italian ancestory. I have been told by Lebanese people that I look Lebanese.

2 1/2 weeks would be very unlikely for turnaround from 23andme, this was true a year ago and is probably even truer today, given that more and more people are using the service now. So I don’t know for certain but whoever’s saying that time frame is probably BS’ing.

I also found that strange. Can you elaborate on the black magick you suspected she was using? I think she’s there to just confuse people. She made so many hints at her being a Scottish jew.

I don’t have concrete proof and I don’t practice magick myself so I wouldn’t be able to dissect her trigger warning video to find evidence.(nor will I ever watch it again) All I can say is that I watched the trigger warning video and it was very odd to me. Beautiful Berserker and I actually watched it at the same time and we were in her comment section at the same time. All I know is some fucked up demonic shit happened to me that night. The next morning I knew it had to do with diglot so I went back to her channel and watch the right wing death squad video she made which was basically about all of us especially me calling her… Read more »

I want to add that by odd I mean she was using incense in the video and I got a catholic mass vibe from it, and she was using “hitler quotes” that sounded like something else to me entirely. I also noticed her tapestry in the background had magick symbolism. Her tapestry alone is harmless but combined with everything else she was doing it was a ritual.

I just found this quote from diglots twitter from march 13 “starting to seriously suspect myself of being jewish. when to self-deport?”

Who say’s stuff like this? Who makes jokes about being jewish constantly…NOBODY does.

Who are going to care for all these poor damaged children/adults when their parents have gone, and the jews collapse the system? I saw three obese black women pushing three mentally disabled White young teenagers in wheelchairs, the other day. As i passed, the one black woman was shouting and gesturing at this young girl; it was so loud and unprofessional. If they do this in the high street, what’s going on behind closed doors? Little manlet agent Gaythan Down-you-go lol. I’m convinced it was a hollywood shoot; pure punch & jewy show. The jews continue their div & conq theme, and the useful White idiots lap it up, on both sides. PS Great show – lots of important information as usual. Stay away from… Read more »

there is a book called One Second After, a novel about an EMP attack and the aftermath, that goes into this a little bit; not a pretty picture

I liked Leelu, you should invite her on again lol

I loved hearing (((Li-Lu))) once again, this time singing 😀 I didn’t know she was a Jew. Great show.

Thank god for the hilarious part on the PUA, because I never knew that approaching a woman in a designated place, would involve me being in that designated place also and then walking up to her and getting her attention. Now that is science! Thanx Joosh, now I know how to approach a woman WOOOO!

Idiosyncratic Journeys
No kidding! So mechanical, but I guess those men have shekels to make. I read some of their stuff– and the only requirement is the woman needs to be thin, have long hair and be under 30 or is it 25? Butterfaces are perfectly acceptable, a matter of fact, seems to be their most preferred. A Victoria Secret looking model who gained 15lbs is out of the question. According to these men mentioned in the skit a thin Sarah Jessica Parker by their standards is higher status than a 15-20 lb + “overweight” Marilyn Monroe, even if the “fat” is in the reproductive areas. Yeah bodies of 12 year old boys with no hips and have plastic breasts seems to be their ideal type, but… Read more »

Leilu…. Oh my lord Sinead…

Idiosyncratic Journeys

That was a good one!

Off topic and if anyone cares- Evalion has turned. Her twitter disavows Hitler, WN, race realism, etc. She now alternately embraces Strasserism or Stalinist communism. This is thought to be the result of her new boyfriends influence.

U mentioned this, I know. Was she ever sincere?

I don’t think she was ever sincere.

My mind is blown by the “pickup artist” personality. I mean, holy shit. I just… damn. All I’m envisioning is Chris Farley’s bus driver character from “Billy Madison” when he said “We gawt it AWN! Woooo-weeee! …well, not really.”

Absolutely wonderful to have another programme from Sinead!
I do thank you,also, for fitting it in amongst your exam revision.

Kiketopia approved. Brilliant collection of keen observations….cheers.

Your Chinese jewish girl song is f#cking hilarious..!!

Great show. Always lots of info and your musings are just fun to listen to. I loved the gig at the beginning debunking PUAs. Do you have a link of that recording? I’d like to pass it along.

I can’t find beautiful berzerker’s channel