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Lawrence Forthright
6 years ago

Plucky show. As for the back injury, her advice on self-healing has been used by magical practitioners for millennia; as in, affecting change via will. Though, it becomes mainstream and acceptable ‘science’ when performed by a doctor.

6 years ago

Sartre has a saying “Hell is other people.” I have a saying “Heaven is certain individuals freed for creation and certain group synergies realized and appreciated only through these freedoms finding common ground, principle and dialect.” When you are finally able to reach what too many people never reach, a certain level of non-fleeting and relatively consistent happiness or feeling of well-being and soul/body balance in your life — it might take 5 years or 10 years or 25 years or more – it might take i-soul-a-tion and soul-searching or meeting the right compatibles and teachers in the form of new friends, partners or parental figures, in current flesh-&-blood energy, life and warmth or preserved symbolically from former lives in sound, paint, marble, words, de-sign… Read more »

6 years ago

I know why we’re here but I don’t usually tell anyone because I’d be called a rasict white supremacist and worse a dangerous one. I am not religious but I am sure my answer to why we’re here is in the bible. White people have lost there identity to guess who? If you think all they stole was the gold and the land that’s just part of what they stole. The bible is a book about race, (genealogy). And other stuff too. The white race has only been here for approx 5-6 thousand years there was a world or eon if you will before this world we know. It’s in the first 2 verses of the bible. Genesis 1 vrs 1 and 2. The Adam… Read more »

Jonny M
6 years ago

@ Suzie You said that you’re not religious yet you’re sure that the answer for why we’re here can be found in the Bible? I know that many CI people are nationalistic and have good intentions but I think that one of the reasons they are trying to redefine Christianity is because their instincts tell them that their culture and history are more important to them than a religion that is so connected with the Jewish enemy’s religion and history (churches and Bible). It’s very difficult to admit to ourselves that we’ve been conned by these people for the past 2000 years. So instead of admitting the bitter truth, an illogical attempt is made to create an artificial alternative in its place. The European peoples… Read more »

6 years ago

Hear! Hear! Johnny M!

@ Suzie – The “truth” will not be found in that book of words written by men. If all you do is sit at home and read that book for your “truth” you WILL go crazy! Stop “believing” what others tell you and learn how to “know”! Start with getting to know yourself not as something from the jew book but as a product of your pre-christian ancestors that came from before any of that fiction.

6 years ago

Any religions that evolved south of the Alps are Mediterranean races religions not White race religions that evolved north of the Alps . Sorry Suzie its just the way it is.

6 years ago

Hi, im just here to give Sinead a double thumbs UP !!

I heard you before on Redice / 3.14

Just watched a couple of your vid’s on jewtube.
That was awesome (although i can not recommend the music )
You go girl 😀

Sinead you heard of “Within Temptation” ?
It’s a Dutch (white) band then make awesome music.
Maybe you can work with one of their songs….
Although it would not be a same as you do now.
Cos the music you work is “degenerate” .

Best regards,
Jasper Janse.

6 years ago
as a sample 🙂

Best regards, My white goddess 🙂
Jasper Janse.

6 years ago

I can add to that actually Jasper. Nightwish a Finnish band is another great one. Both Within Temptation and the ex-singer of Nightwish (Tarja) still join forces once in a while.

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