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2 years ago

A much-needed show! You discuss all of the things that no one else wants to discuss. Really appreciate the topics you covered in this! : )

The lead singer of Gorgoroth from 1998–2007, who went/goes by the stagename ‘Gaahl’ is/was the whole time a faggot.

I think he did some public thing not all that many years ago with some popular faggot.

Here is confirmation that he is a faggot – through Jewpedia, but according to Jewpedia, Gaahl openly admits this himself:

Faggot Gaahl (probably a better and more full stagename for him…) is/was also involved with Wardruna (doing vocals).

Ragnar Fan
2 years ago

Thanks for the show Sinead, I had a few laughs during this one! As for max igan the Illuminati pyramid on his video introduction is obvious, also the mud flood script he and others came out with at the same is telling.
Thanks for all the info about vegetarian and vegan diets and recipes that you Kyle and Tabitha put out.

2 years ago

It is strange for that ‘Germ’ guy to claim Hinduism forces the lower castes to be vegetarian. I’m no expert, but that is a complete inversion. The highest caste ‘Brahmins’ are famously vegetarian (ovo-lacto).

Thanks for the show, but please, stop murdering people; it’s very bad for PR.

Reply to  Euler
2 years ago

In case you haven’t noticed there’s a whole bunch of troofers out there now, some controlled, some just the usual mentally-challenged paranoid delusionals who follow along, pumping out this “new world order vegan diet” bullcrap. Here’s a great example of a mentally ill troofer at that “shithole” pushing her warped, paranoid view out for other braindead morons to read – Sorry to have to post one of their terrible links here but this particular brain-damaged copy-and-paster seems to have an OCD fascination with using the tranny-meat-pushing mainstream media’s promotion of the horrible over-processed “vegan” commercial crap to smear EVERYBODY successfully thriving on healthy, well-researched & proven plant-based diets. Take one look at any photo of this wrinkled old hag (she’s put her pic out… Read more »

Reply to  Euler
2 years ago

August Heinrich Euler died on this day in 1957,_August

Reply to  Euler
2 years ago

Maybe they forced the lower castes to be vegetarian as well, in order to avoid violent outbreaks, crime etc, and to make sure they worked effectively. It is beneficial to a society if all parts are mentally stable and productive…

2 years ago

Thank you Sinhead,
Gotta love your humor. I had some good laughs throughout the show.
Btw, great song at the end. Can you tell me the name please?

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