Firestarter Radio: Shill Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain (3-22-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about murder mountain in Humbolt County, CA, the NZ Mossad psy op and the shills who want to convince us that it’s real.
Closing song: ‘Rameses B’ by Zero Gravity feat. Soundmouse

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Anthony Roberts

Without yours and Kyle’s keen discernment and investigating skills, these agents would have a free rein; so thank you for that. It must be so energy-depleting having to constantly call out these “voices,” but none are genuine at this point, imo. Very bizarre goings-on in that area of California. A best guess would be that jewish supremacists, or their mafia proxies, are maybe sex trafficking or killing our youngsters for ritual and/or organ harvesting purposes. I believe the same thing is happening in the national parks, with the “missing 411” mysteries. Plus, it keeps us in fear and confined to our urban pens. PS Thank you for the show Sinead, but one corrrection: that label’s from diet “giant tree stump” jew, not mountain. Less high-fructose… Read more »


True enough! I have NO doubt more than a few jewed up predators are to be found on the mountain, where the law is a farce and huge dollars rule to begin with. The white man is cucked and tucked there as usual but times are changing; live and let live will and is giving way to righteous anger as the state has ruined the trade and the business with ‘legalized’ theft. And while far to many welcomed a chance at legitimacy many now see the fools that they were. A first step in the big picture taking shape. The vid/song ‘smugglers blues’ always comes to mind when I think of the triangle…


AR-15 doesn’t stand for assault rifle or automatic rifle.

It stands for Armalite 15, the company who designed the rifle originally. The 15 being the model number, for ex the AR-17 is a shotgun, the AR 10 and 18 are other assault rifles, the ar-7 is a wack looking survival rifle that only shoots .22 lr.


Why are you referring to it as an assault rifle though?


I listened to parts if the show, but the only thing I have to contribute is off topic (on Tartars) from an interesting passage I just found.. “In the next Year following (1241?), the Jews believing the Tartars to be of their Nation, those of them in Germany, entered into Conspiracy, and had resolved to Enable the Tartars to Invade Christendom; the Jews filled some thousands of hogheads (barrels) from time, to time, with Arms, and sent away abundance of Arms to the Tartars, but the German: wondering what the Jews meant by sending so many Hogſheads away, the jews gave out, That all the Hogſheads were filled poisoned wines, in order to poison all the Tartars, whose principles were to drink no Wine but… Read more »

The Bull

Wild, I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I recently watched a documentary series called Murder Mountain about Humbolt county on Netflix.


A friend lives right in the middle of the triangle. Has for 20 years. This is hype/pre police state disinfo. This is native -indian country at the end of the day. One tribe only has outlawed growing and has “partnered” with feds; full on mraps and the rest. Yeah, plenty of freaks and degens get off the bus, but if you play you pay. Steal or worse from ms13 or the “retired” feds that run the ‘mountain’ and you will be dealt with. Spend some time there and watch the green houses the size of walmart light up at night and ask yourself; who gets paid to let all of this go… and see the cops and sheriffs work for 2-3 years and retiree large… Read more »

What exactly are you trying to say? That hundreds of people are not actually missing and the parents are making it up? It’s just hype and propaganda?


No. What I AM saying exactly is I have been there often and know the area quite well and first hand; not through some article(s). I do not doubt the parents pain or the claims you make but know a different story as well. Go there and see the more than a few that have decided to drop out and you see them living in the woods. Filthy and barely able to or wanting to speak to anyone any more. Real refer/meth/fentanyl madness and the jew is in your face once again as you know at whos hands this state off affairs comes from. There’s some more first hand tragedy for you. Again questioning the narrative seems to gain your ire. Not surprised and half… Read more »

I’m mainly referring to the large number of missing children. They are just doing meth in the woods? Why do you think I’m trying to argue with you when I simply asked you a question so I can understand what is really going on there?

Norvin Hobbs

Sinead you are welcome to come on my channel and debate Balkanization anytime.

Go away you weirdo.

Foster XL

LOL! 😀

Norvin Hobbs

the “take America” strategy is one of the worst things the movement could be promoting, demographics and “our” mess of a political system make it already impossible, Balkanization is not only the most likely outcome but the best for Whites, and for the record you played the quote from Mr Roper not in it’s full context.

Fuck off to chicks w dicks radio. You have the look of an absolute psycho.

Norvin Hobbs

I have hypoplastic left heart syndrome but my appearance is beside the point , I’m offering you a chance to debate the issue of Balkanization on an open platform and while I’m far from the leader of the Balk-right, I am a fairly well know supporter of Balkanization and have a decent sized channel , this is a topic that needs to be hammered out and most of the American nationalists refuse to debate it, take America back is the party line of Nick Fuentes , Andrew Anglin ,(((weev)) and Azzmdour who refused to debate me on the issue about a year back, If you don’t want to do it I’m more than happy to talk to Kyle.

Do you not understand that we want nothing to do w you? Fuck off.

Foster XL

The autism is strong in this one!