Firestarter Radio: Shillin’ in the USSA (8-23-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about nootropics companies such as Onnit that are big within the fight community, Onnit’s ties to the military industrail complex, the goverment sponsored psychedellics movement being pushed as “cognitive freedom” and “life optimization”, the jews over at The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, as well as Joe Rogan , Alex Jones and other shills that are directly tied to the Esalen Institute, the Soviet Union and more! Closing song: ‘Deeper and Depper” by Section Feat. Sinead McCarthy

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2 years ago

[Long post alert] Some thoughts on nootropics… It’s like any easy health fad to jump into with garbage supplements. I follow a few different forums for botanicals and have read a bit on Nootropics on and off without fully diving into them seriously yet. I haven’t seen Onnit receive really any good feedback, I’ve only seen them regarded as utilizing bogus science to push their products. Two vendors I see commonly mentioned are Nootropics Depot and Liftmode. Id be interested if there are any nefarious connections there as they seem to be reputable amongst these circles. I don’t think Adderall [basically methamphetamine] should be put into this umbrella at all. I don’t understand anyone embracing synthetics. Thats a red flag to me because it’s still… Read more »

2 years ago

The Aldous Huxley quote about people loving their servitude is already being fulfilled in most churches. People aspire to “serve the Lord” by doing all kinds of volunteer work whether in the church, community or the world at large on “mission “ trips which are often glorified work details building houses , schools, churches, clinics etc. (all in nonWhite countries of course and mostly performed by White American Christians.) Its something they aspire to “being of service” and is the only acceptable path to gaining status, recognition or approval in a “godly” way (though no one would ever admit this.) Being “of service to the Lord” is seen as the mark of a “true Christian” who is “well grounded in the faith,” a “mature” Christian… Read more »

Loathsome Goof
1 year ago

Just a comment on the twitter post that was mentioned”Why are nearly ALL the teachers Duncan has on Jewish? ” In the public school system I graduated from mot of my teachers I suspect were Jews. Judging by the way they behaved, their name and appearance. The principal called my friend a piece of trash even though he was a model student all because he had a giant mohawk. This guy had been named principal of the year in OHby whom I do not recall. I would be surprised if he wasn’t one. Also my sister was in a class of all males exept for one other girl where the teacher would make a lot of perverted jokes and encourge the boys to as well… Read more »

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