Firestarter Radio: Silent Weapons for Quieting Goyim (2-22-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about many topics including: Savitri Devi, IMSI catchers, Latinos and Islam, the “nutritarian” scam, 5G, silent weapons and more.
Closing song’ ‘Alchemy’ Above and Beyond Feat. Zoë Johnston

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Just a random aside, but talking of songs on the radio, the other day a song came on and I thought, she sounds like Sinead! Especially so, in the beginning. It’s a ’90s song called ‘Here and Now’ – ‘Letters to Cleo’



In her own words.

I still find it strange that the faggot Greg Johnson is now one of the few publishers of her work.


I mean there’s trumptards like john friend and angelo gage who promote hitler lol.

I own a few of her books, there’s a few things i disagree with but nothing really compromising about her views in regards to the WN/NS movement.

Are there no German NS women who’s works could be published?


The only 2 I can think of are Hanna Reitsch, who’s books were primarily about flying(although she never denounces NS and said later in her life she supported them and isn’t ashamed) and Gertrud Scholtz-Klink(head of the German NS woman’s league) who did write a pro NS book in the 70’s. I don’t think Himmler’s daughter ever wrote a book but she defended NS basically until she died. I think most pro NS women in Germany were either killed or silenced. After the war the allies hung hundreds of thousands of people. IDK, I can’t tell you why they promote Savitri Devi. She had some strange views, no doubt. Particularly about Hinduism(which aside from being polytheistic I don’t see much in common with classical European… Read more »


Another reason why Sevitri married an Indian man (besides the deportation prevention) is she had decided not to ever have kids, as her grandparents on her mothers side were first cousins with eachother. She was celibate and had no interest in sex throughout her life, so her marriage was strictly platonic. Her husband ran a pro-National Socialist magazine during the 30’s and 40’s. The love for Hitler was what bonded them and kept them together.
All of this info can be found in her book “And Time Rolls On”.

That may be true but why is she seen as some pinnacle of National Socialism? Can you imagine if I married an Indian man? No one would take me seriously. They already get on my case for taking pics with black people in the past.


Perhaps she is viewed as a “pinnacle of NS” because she was a writer of profound intellect whos philosophical and historical works have helped reinvigorate and further a much maligned ideology in a hostile post war climate. A marriage of convenience to an Indian Nationalist kinda takes a back seat when considering her contribution to the cause.

(long post warning) “she was a writer of profound intellect whos philosophical and historical works helped reinvigorate and further a much maligned ideology in a hostile post war climate” Was she really though? “Scientific — rational — seems indeed to be the word by which one should characterise Akhnaton’s conception of Godhead, in opposition both to the crude polytheism of the Egyptian masses and to the monotheism of the Egyptian élite of his days, and, even more so, to the later monotheism of the Jewish prophets and of the Christians and Mohammadans who look upon them as “inspired men.”” “And He represents, under His Egyptian names and in spite of them, and in spite of the historical connection of His cult with… Read more »

Where is the proof that it was a marriage of convenience? Her nephews mention how she thought her Indian husband was “Aryan” because he was a Brahmin.


Marriage to prevent deportation or internment seems pretty convenient to me, this is all well documented. As to how an Indian man can be considered Aryan is as much a mystery to me as it is to you! But if having a non white husband is a cause of consternation for you perhaps you could explain why that Twyman women that you have been promoting recently has an Arabic husband?

I’m asking you where this is documented. I didn’t know that Twyman had an Arabic husband but she certainly doesn’t call herself NS, nor is followed by NS people as some thought leader. Devi is big with the “New Right” crowd that hate White women, especially if they’re race mixers, so I couldn’t rectify why they gave a pass to this woman. I know that Tracy’s husband died a few years back but I can’t find any pictures of him so I’m not sure how I would know that he’s Arab. Where is there information on that? I actually did find out some suspicious connections between Twyman and Boyd Rice that I will be sharing on my next show. And as you know, I let… Read more »


Just thought it was relevant due to the dismissal of Devi’s work due to similar personal circumstances shared with Twyman. Just Google Tracey Twyman husband.

I did not “dismiss” her work. I’ve actually never read her work. I was simply questioning things and it seems that’s not allowed. Can you please direct me to where she states that she married for convenience? I’m only looking for the truth, no matter how ugly the truth might be. I did google “Tracy Twyman husband” and I don’t see any pictures of this guy. I do however see a picture of a much younger Twyman with a masonic necklace on. Hmmmm

Hey Steeleyeddevil, rather than divert the conversation, care to respond to the points I raised?

Anyone else find it interesting that Counter-Currents seems to be THE publisher for Devi’s work now?

From Grindr Greg himself: “She also sought to found a religion, Esoteric Hitlerism, fusing National Socialism with the Traditionalism of René Guénon and Julius Evola.”

LOL, no thanks.

Yes! That’s exactly why all of this doesn’t sit well with me.


Long post warning! First of all, great show Sinead. I think it’s admirable you put all these ‘Thought leaders and Intelectuals’ under the microscope. If they are genuine, their work will stand. Considering the level of deception and trickery the enemy utilizes, anything less would be foolhardy. I thought I’d respond to some of your questions regarding Savitri Devi. You asked where the documentation of SD’s marriage to AK Mukherji being purely platonic came from. For what it’s worth, here are her own words from the book ‘And Time Rolls On’: 7. Asit Krishna Mukherji, (page 34-35) ‘Now how did he marry me? Well, he married me for me not to be interned at the beginning of the war. If he had not married me,… Read more »


Great show Sinead.


Savitri Devi was an “eccentric” with a PHD in philosophy. While many Nazis at the time were fleeing, she was still proselytizing for National Socialism. As an admirer of the Vedas, I can understand her fascination for Hinduism, as opposed to Judeo-Christianity and Mohammed.


This is the video for the song you head on the radio:

This one on the same themeL The Glorious Sons: “Sawed Off Shotgun”


Sinead, I’m sure you came across this researching for the next Pizzagate & Beyond doc, but the sonic weapon you mentioned reminded me of the unlisted Finders cult videos on Youtube. I became nauseous and very disoriented after watching them.