Firestarter Radio: Sinead’s Yuge Plans (5-31-16)

Fag Island

In the beginning of the show Sinead briefly speaks with Mel Ve, founder of Conscious Consumers Network until Mel gets triggered by Sinead’s waycism and leaves the interview. She then shares her yuge plans for the future, including her initiative to build fag island and much more!

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No wonder she was triggered by you – she went through the whole Jewish brainwashing machine without realizing it – Maxwell, Icke, the Jew from Venus Project, New Age propaganda, etc. – realizes the situation of SA but wants universal equality. Some people are just dumb to the core. The fact that she thinks Jews aren’t a Race is another level of idiocy. Also, your flower and dog breed example was a brilliant move – if one really wishes to find the Truth in Life – one has to decode it – decoding means that you will Label something. Just as our European ancestors labelled the stars, constellations, the Gods, the days – everything – when you don’t “see things”, you are living in darkness.… Read more »

But many of us have been through the kikewashing machine and managed to keep our wits. She’s just a stubborn idiot stuck in a tunnel.

Indeed, I’d be lying if I were to say that I didn’t research those names as well (I even believe almost everyone stumbled upon them) – but – I realized their refusal to name the Jew, took from them some information and moved on.


Good job, Sinead! I’m frankly tired of these naive whites who STILL don’t get it that it’s about race.


Well done Sinead! That woman needs to be challenged. In the beginning of the interview she said ‘what’s happening in S.Africa will be happening everywhere else soon’, so she knows the plan…and yet she promotes no borders into Europe & America and says that the “refugees” are entitled to come in because we have created the problem by paying taxes which fund the wars… So according to her – we deserve to be slaughtered and lose our lands!


holy shit sinead u found a legit kook. anyone who starts in with ‘jesuits’ usually treads deep into kookery


How can she be against multiculturalism but for open borders?


Oh my God I cant take it, What a jerk she was !

Anthony Roberts

Oh Sinead….i’m choking on my porridge here! Comedy blooming gold!!!
‘ Melt – D’ wants a media career and money me thinks. Screw all those ‘orrible racist whites – they’re are going to get our jewish rainbow nation – like it or not!
Her ” have you been to SA ?” definitely trumps your facts sister lol!
One of the funniest most brilliant interviews i’ve ever listened to. My heart can’t take much more of this!
PS protect your voice Sinead – it’s our greatest asset!

You really have no idea who I am or what my work is about… I have a media career and I don’t care for money. I run a humanitarian project that helps people of all races and religions, and I will not be sucked into this nasty hatred being spewed by this deranged psycho bitch… I have no issue not being a hater. Shame on all of you who support this crap. You are part of the problem not part of the solution.


You are deceived, YOU are part of the fucking problem. Jews are behind the God damn genocide of Europeans,if you cant see this, you are a God damn fool. We have no time for your bullshit. Take a hike asshole.

> Media career
> Don’t care for money

Pick one.

> Interview : All religions answer to one Person who runs the world
> I run a humanitarian project that helps people of all Religions

Pick one.

> We are against White genocide. You say we are part of the problem.
> You say you are part of the solution. Therefore you must be doing the opposite of us – promoting White genocide.

Pick one.

> Drives a car. Uses a PC. Used an Airplane. Lives in an Urban development. Uses the modern Internet. Writes Books. Prints Books. And so on …

All developed, like 99% of technologies on this planet by White people. Says in interview – “I am proud of my Zulu heritage”.

Without even realizing it, because you are lacking in the brain cells department, you are part of the new age psyop and also a cultural marxist. You should be ashamed that you insist on living in a tunnel.

Shield Maiden

Uh oh, someone’s triggered. I find it utterly hilarious that Mel Ve has a course on dragonolgy (look it up on YouTube) in which she can apparently tell the difference between species of dragons that never existed but all humans are the same. Question Mel: Do you live in objective reality?


Well, after this interview I get a pretty good idea. However if you want to stop a humanitarian crisis, your energies would be best spent in a 1 on 1 mortal kombat style battle with barbara lerner in the Djurgarden for an aesthetic backdrop. Then perhaps you could move onto “Finishing Them” council of judes that are still bleeding AAAAAAAAALL the Germans of LoLocau$t money, yet NOT AAAAAAAALL the Germans had anything to do with that, but let us state again and again that NOT AAAAAAAALL non-Whites are bad/evil/rapists, but yet AAAAAAAAALL Whites are culpable for AAAAAAAALL evil since the Big Bang. Perhaps for the Big Bang itself, who knows? So proportionally, how much humanitarian energy is spent on White humanitarian work against non? Or… Read more »


Actually I retract my last statement. You can’t help the blacks. The best you can do is to stop any help or assistance, and just leave them to it. You cannot help them. Use your efforts on building White people up, And prevent them coming over to White nations to take from our work. Let the wogs kill each other off, because honestly, if they cannot see the error of their ways after all these years of inter-tribal massacres and letting White colonial infrastructure fall to the ground without taking it further… then they are a lost cause. But blacks built the Pyramids of Giza right. OOO-K! Besides…. what FOR are we wasting ANY energy on these other races for anyway? I suppose I am… Read more »


One more thing, there is no hate here, only concern and consideration for the wellbeing and freedom of our people. You hear that rushing sound in the background? That’s not rain, no, that is the sound of exasperated facepalming.


Sinead is an effing legend. This girl’s spirit and humour makes me smile.

You are also pretty darn good at calling out the COINTELPRO!

Keep up the good work!


oi ve shut it down, great stuff sinead 🙂 you are a white rose among the flowers 🙂


Great interview Sinead!! This woman is PC to the max! She needed to be challenged. You did a great job putting her in her place!!

Carolina Addams

Just finished listening to your Mel Ve interview.
The chick clearly hate whites and is either a kike or left wing libtard.
Had to stop every 5 minutes to calm down.

Lol. me too. Was hard to listen to it all at once. The cringe is strong in this one…


She (the guest) spews all the usual robot cliches. Funny how ‘equality’ seems to be off the table when it comes to Whites. What a scummer. Kikewashed cretin. It was enjoyable hearing her blow her lid though, especially the sound of cognitive dissonance rattling in her desiccated head. Everything is equal as long as the invaders get their equal share of our work and women.

I like when you said – “what what??.. nazis?” and she just got nail to the floor silence.


Oi, Mel Ve, YOU are the deranged psycho bitch! You are European, why do you hate your own ancestors? Why do you want to see your ancestral homelands destroyed? Why do you hate white people so much? Why do you promote the NWO multicultural agenda when you know that it leads to white genocide? According to your warped mind, the Boers are the only white people who deserve their own homeland…. It is YOU who is the hater! Sinead is working by natural law, it is the most natural thing in the world to defend ones offspring and future generations against psychopaths who promote their genocide. You promote an unnatural evil agenda, there will be a huge karmic debt to pay – Beware.

Robert Heimdal

Sinead, do not cry in your programs (even if it is hard for you not to do it) you are giving these criminal pieces of shit who are harassing you a satisfaction by appearing vulnerable. I know nobody is Superman but keep it cool. I cannot understand how they are doing something I would not do myself, even to my worst enemies. It boggles the mind.

As a positive note, your interview with this Mel Ve made me laugh out loud, especially when she started freaking out but continued with the interview anyways 😀 wow!, is this lady retarded.

I think that even though it may give them satisfaction, it is admirable of her to be so vulnerable and honest as to cry on air if she needs to. It encourages us women who were indoctrinated into feminism as we grew up, to not be afraid to show our emotions. Who gives a fuck if people get enjoyment out of it, it is healthier to not keep emotions bottled up and I think it’s helpful for Sinead to share with us.

Ingrid B

Sinead, cowardly bitches, of whatever gender, who dont have the guts to confront you one to one, usually resort to attacking you through those you care about, usually children, or pets. It has happened to me on several occasions...

We all feel despair sometimes, are unsure of what to do, how to proceed. Its best to take a little time out to think things through, just enjoy spending time with your little son..

Juan Matus

I love your show Sinead you don’t take any crap. That women you interviewed was a total nut case. She was nothing more than a Jew automaton with a collection of catch phrases. Can’t wait for next weeks show.


haha what a trollyslut ,”the genetic marker of religion” ?


That was crazy “interview”. 😀 So according to this Mel chick race does not excist, but blacks have right for cultural and ethnic identity. When asked, how about white people? She just parrots that we’re all equal and race is just a label for dividing people. Never seen so illogical woman in my life. She just runs with emotions and learned propaganda, perfect example why women shouldn’t vote.

Just because one has british accent, doesn’t make them smart.

Check out Mels cultural marxitardism as she responds to Sinead here – “Preserving diversity in a Global Village”

She disabled comments on youtube, so join me in getting yourself banned on their twitter by responding there LOL


If you don’t know of him already or been in contact I would love to introduce a guitarist you may be able to collaborate via the Internet with. See if you can find him @Trevor Labonte on Facebook . I couldn’t paste the link here.


Trevor has a jewish girlfriend, and he believes the 911 hoax. I dont trust the guy. He is too luke warm for me.


What are crypto-jew’s? If one practices talmudisum and has no genetic marker are they off the hook?

Crypto jews are race traitor non-ethnic jews. They may as well be kikes because they will do anything for the shekels. Kikeism is a race thing, many of the cunts don’t practice and are actually atheists.


Actually I think youre referring to “shabbas goy”. “Crypto-jews” are ethnic jews who hide their ethnicity and usually pretend they are christians or muslims. ‘The Young Turks’ are a good example. cryptos posing as muslims who initiated the mass genocide of Armenian christians in 1915.

I have no issue not being a hater like this psycho bitch. The most unprofessional interviewer I have ever worked with. Shame on you Sinead you utter horror of a human being.


You triggered Mel? I’m sure you’re not used to being called on your shit. You are activley working to further White genocide and you are a traitor. Now the world knows.


She is a traitor.


Where did your tolerance go???

Yeah Mel Ve, you new age love and lighters go on about tolerance, but as soon as someone has a strong opinion against cultural marxism and for their race, you turn into a child and lose your shit. No wonder you associate with that nutjob Lily Earthling, you have a lot in common.


Absolutely spot on Rose! I have plenty of experience dealing with these new age “morally superior” fuckwits and they’re all the same no matter what little path they’re on. I had to deal most recently with a highly qualified (on paper!) forensic psychologist who calls herself a wiccan. She thought that because I generally used the word pagan to describe my worldview (as you have to do sometimes for people who need to hear simple labels) that we somehow had something in common. Isn’t it sad that these otherwise “intelligent” people can be such utterly “dumb” bitches when it comes to simple truths like the clear & obvious differences & inequlaity between the races (and so many other things)! So-called neo-pagans are some of the… Read more »

Yes, and they make those of us who are sensible and yet practice things like meditation and have beliefs that may fall under “occult” look bad.