Firestarter Radio: Sodomy, Sacrifice and Sycophants (12-6-16)


Tonight Sinead flies solo to discuss the unreliability of personality tests such as the beloved Myers Briggs test, The Joy of Satan cult that is injecting itself into pro White/jew wise circles, how sodomy is used for mind control and she’ll close the show out with a nigga report that discusses the tall Israeli who is the real puppet master behind the hip hop industry.

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I’m glad you survived your ‘dyke’ with death. Typical LGBTQ-jumper!! You were right to draw the line, people ( or blob of yentish lard in this instance ) think they can take advantage.

The jews have purposely made these family-friendly, small market zones ‘homo central! In a part of Birmingham UK, it is actually labelled as “Gay Village” on the map. All twee, rainbows and skipping…er no: obese, hairy, smelly, tattooed, pierced and diseased, more like!! The very opposite of the ‘Aryan Family.’

PS Some horrible but important topics tonight Sinead. It’s a good job you are a strong woman who can get this vital, and child saving, information out.

Good show Sinead. Thank you for teaching us about the ugly stuff.

I see you mentioned the sodomy. In the Seith feminine form of Germanic magic there is a practice called Ergi used to create destructive forces involving sodomy. The lore says that’s how Loki made Sleipnir for Odin.

I like how JoS exposed the jews, but I don’t see them doing anything for the 14 words in a practical way.

Isn’t JoS not even explicitly for Whites?

I think anyone can get involved with JoS, but I don’t think they even function like a group. Thye had some interesting articles exposing the jews, but they don’t seem to actively do anything for the 14 words.

Isn’t JoS not even explicitly for Whites?

It is a Multicultural National Socialist Front, working toward all non-whites leaving white nations.

Where do they state that they are NS?

JoS does continuous spiritual attacks on Jews and Judaism. JoS is an active NS spiritual front. The JoS lore is far out. The Masons were Satanic before being infiltrated by Jews is one explanation, no justification for name calling at all. The bad commenting behavior sucks. It’s out of control. The JoS homosexual aspect is off putting. I was really into the meditations and Jew attacking rituals until through JoS I came across this idea that drinking Hydrogen Peroxide would heal everything. That just made me sick and now I can’t do anything. JoS is polytheist, Satan is Wotan, the Gods and Goddesses are the Demons. There is an outright rejection of all Jewish ritual blood/murder/rape practices or fascinations. Just being raised by fundamentalist christian’s… Read more »

Your mind has been messed with ledifni.

So JoS is great, yet they told you to drink hydrogen peroxide which made you sick and now you can’t do anything and have crippling anxiety? How is this good for White people again?

Most people have set backs. I’m pulling myself together. Allot of people claim to thrive on hydrogen peroxide. I guess drinking turpentine might not work out for some people either. Renegade strives to awaken people to all the many things that harm people from cradle to the grave and then give sick people shit for being sick. Its funny, I’m not taking it personally. JoS connects me with Aryan gods and goddesses. I am a stronger and better focused person. Odinists say strange things like…. . If I hear of a person chanting runes into their chakras I’ll puke…. Meanwhile I chant runes into my Chakras, well I will do again, soon. Yeah the way some JoS people comment, I’m not surprised I’m getting shit.… Read more »

satan is a jew. Couldnt be anything else but a….

The Joy of Satan Priests are Liars and they are no different than any other Christian Cult throughout history, they claim that Nazism is Satanism when Adolf Hitler believed that the Nazarene Jesus was an Aryan instead of a Jew. Nazism is called Positive Christianity and all Christianity is against Satanism so the Joy of Satan Priests are Full of Heresy.

Satanism is BS f’sure but “Nazism is called Positive Christianity”? Fuck off idiot!

You are the idiot because you don’t know what Positive Christianity is! Well let a Foster Child give you a history lesson. Adolf Hitler worked to create a form of Christianity separated from all of its Jewish origins, he called this Denomination of Christianity: Positive Christianity. Google it. He depicted the Nazarene Jesus as the Son of God an Aryan instead of a Jew.

By using authentic christian symbols like the wolftrap, tyr letter and the sig for the SS… very christian I’m sure. He was the European revival, not some jesus figure.

Yep Skylgarir, exactly. This Ch!1d retard uses the term “Nazism” – we all know that only the enemies of the Nat Socs actually call them “Nazis” as the lamestream media & all the retarded sheeplike sycophant libtards do with nationalists today. Viktor was correct – this guy is a fucking idiot! History lesson from a retard? Gimme a break!!!

You are the Retard here because I was referring to the Joy of Satan Priests who claim and I Quote them: “Nazism Is Satanism” like I have already explained, so if you are going to call anyone a Retard then it should be those stupid idiots because they are the ones who say NAZI you Jerk!

“Nazi” is a (((communist))) t-shirt shitword slogan to slander National Socialism. There is no nazi-ism. It is a bullshit term.

What the Joy of Satan Priests are doing is Wrong, they deceive the Satanic Youth who are Truly looking for Satan in their Heart and push Xianity on them through Nazism. These people are Evil and Very mean to say the least. I Am Not afraid of these Fake Satanic Priest cowards who harass a Foster Kid online, I will take them all on by myself if I have to any time. This proves how low and evil they really are, when they target Foster Kids in their Fake Rituals by far: Never underestimate the Foster Youth of America, we are Bred to be different bruh. This Xian Nazi cult is one Blasphemous Evil Lie, their Nazi Youth outreach is a deception and everyone knows… Read more »

Run along somewhere else with your immature BS – you’re not fooling anyone & your trolling isn’t very bright or funny.

I Am Not Trolling here, I’m trying to expose these Joy of Satan Low Priests because I am a victim. They have a whole post on their online Forum harassing a Foster Child for Exposing their Wickedness, that would be me. The Joy of Satan Priests have a Youth outreach called Teens 4 Satan, where they Lie to Satanic Youth who are Truly looking for Satan in their Heart and then push Christianity on them and tell them to represent the Nazi Swastika because it is Satanism, it is Not! Adolf Hitler worked to build an Aryan Denomination of Christianity. These Coward Liars need to be Exposed for what they are doing, and Exposing their Nazi Cult is what I’m trying to do here. These… Read more »


Please just F.O.A.D.

Yes Nazi, the Joy of Satan Slogan is: “Nazism Is Satanism” you stupid asshole! You F.O.A.D. because you don’t know anything about what these low life imbecile Joy of Satan Christian Priests are doing!

He calls himself the Cobra Commander and he is a half Jewish Priest in the Joy of Satan Ministries who claims to be an Aryan so that he can push Nazi Xianity on the Satanic Youth, he claims that Satan & Lilith personally told him that Nazism Is Satanism. Which is completely BS because Adolf Hitler worked against Jewish Xianity to create an Aryan Denomination of Xianity. I’m telling you that this guy is a Total cowardice Liar.

OMG, there is literally an entire Website called: Exposing The Joy Of Satan, where the Fraudulent Joy of Satan Priests are exposed for who they Truly are. These Xian Nazi Fraudulent Satanic Priest Hypocrites are so pathetic and full of crap, one of them is half Jewish. If you want to talk about Joy of Satan Propaganda then this is where you want to go guys. This Cobra Commander character/ Joy of Satan Priest Hooded Cobra sucka is really Pathetic, I mean like he wants to harass Foster Kids online and then get mad when they defend themselves. Well you got the right one Mr. Cobra Commander:

Someone please stop this imbecile spamming up the comments. Enough is enough already.

I Am Not spamming up the comments, I Am totally on topic here! This Joy of Satan Cult Priest who calls himself the Hooded Cobra Commander continually Harasses Foster Kids online, that is something that needs to be addressed Loud and Clear. If you are okay with scumbags like this doing this type of stuff to Foster Kids through his “Nazi Teens 4 Satan” outreach then what the heck man! I Want Justice! Lets Expose this half Jewish Scumbag Jerk once and for all so that people get the clear message to stay away from this Half Jewish Xian Cult Priest who calls himself a Nazi.

Put this on the Wikileaks! Joy of Satan Nazi Cult Leader who calls himself the Hooded Cobra Commander retaliates against the Renegade Radio Station for Exposing his Deceptive Cult Disposition. He continually goes on to harass White Foster Kids on his Cult Forum for helping to expose that he is half Jewish in front of his Cult Followers who he refers to as his “Nazi Comrades.” He also claims that the Divine Satanic Goddess Lilith personally told him that “Nazism Is Satanism” when Nazism is a Jewish term for National Socialism. Other people refer to him as the HoodedPenileImplant like on this Huge Website which Super Exposes his Deceptive Cult Disposition way Worse than the Pretty Lady of Renegade Radio has:

Speaking of the hip-hop (((industry))), go to the jewpedia (jew-paedia?) entry titled “legal issues” and read. Say no more.

Oh god, the Eazy E page of jewpedia, sorry I forgot I edited my post ^^^ up there.

We should send israel a nice big Tasax cake for it’s birthday. Yum yum AAARGH!

And talk about catching hell, Dr. Katherine Horton this week told Richie Allen on his show what she is going through, having been for the last five years brutally assaulted with military-grade microwave weapons that maim her daily. I would love it if you would have her on as your guest, Sinead, and the two of you can share notes, for our edification. Her website is, In her notes there, “To All the Single Ladies”: she points out that 70% of the victims of the intelligence agencies torturing us in this way are, FEMALE. She there explains that these government agencies are not targeting us for reasons of national security, but instead allowing a bunch of sadistic thugs to live out their degenerate fantasies… Read more »
Sorry to hear about your experiences with those bulldykes lol, yes I have had many of the same experiences with them & faggots. One point you made about them was something I have noticed for a while is that they do move in and take over areas, then start pushing their non-sense in the public schools and other stuff. These fags and bulldykes HATE pretty much everything, family, happiness,etc. Most of the “hateful” people I ever met are “LGBTQ” (again not all) but they are so intolerant. The non white ones hate European civilization and want to destroy everything. I was friends with one and he hated whites and pretty much everything “normal”. I am half non white myself and I can see this. Other… Read more »
“The Joy of Satan cult that is injecting itself into pro White/jew wise circles” Slandering JOS this time, Sinead? Have you even done any research on what it’s all about? What is your personal problem with it, exactly? I thought you were against Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and you were pro-Paganism, but I guess not after all. Satan is the pagan deity Odin or Hermes, not an evil figure like these Judaic religions have brainwashed you into believing. Stop acting willfully ignorant and research JOS, it is not a cult. What you are saying is nothing more than slander. You know who else slanders and puts wrong associations to things or people? That’s right, JEWS do it. You make the claim that JOS is ‘injecting’… Read more »

Hail Odin! You can take your “satan” and shove it. We have gods and goddesses. Not one father satan.

Spiritual Satanist, so when the bible says that jews are from the synagog of Satan, it actually means that the jews are from Odin?… Loool… Satan is Yahweh.

Now this is plain silly! if you want to talk bibles, ask any Christian what they think of Odin and they will tell you that Odin is Satan and the Gods and Goddesses are Demons… Which does actually work for my because that is exactly what I was raised to believe…

European spirituality and some intended judaic lie machine Torrah story, are not to be conflated, confused or transposed. They are separate and completely mutually exclusive. Satan is not Odin. Satan is a faded jew selling you out by corrupting your leaders in offering them imaginary things like loans and money/contracts. Hence contracts are of the devil i.e. a snivelling shuckster tricking you into some form of bullshit value, to scam you our of REAL value i.e. land, energy (your labour) and your people, so the bastard can surf on the backs of our people’s labour and do fuck all except sit in high social positions and propagate their plan, and suck up more wealth through equally imaginary paper-fied social contracts. They did a job in… Read more »

Thank you! It makes no sense to refer to our gods on the same way kikes do. JOS is spiritual cuckoldry.

Spot on. Our whole paradigm is related to Nature, not some mentalist skykike or dirtkike: Say-tan is just another catchers mit. It has nothing to do with Bye-bull concepts. There are no similarities, comparisons or equivalents to our Heathen/Pagan origins, that attempted twist is jew in itself. They just don’t get it. OUR way is Our way. Just because we don’t have Gaaawd, doesn’t mean we are suddenly disposed to say-tan!… I think they keep trying to edge in in some form, but it, it just won’t work. Sorry boys. It is our Way. No substitutes. It isn’t up for negotiation or transposition.

satan is a jew. yaway or no-way is a jew.

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

The cult that is attempting to set its claws into your comments is a distraction, a red herring that will serve as nothing but to make you look even kookier to the Folk we are fighting for.

They set their sights on you because you are on the fringe of the fringe, a Pro-White non alt-righter who is not grounded in Christian morality.