Firestarter Radio: Sounding Off on Acoustic Armaments (12-13-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about how sound is used as a weapon against us in many different ways. She gets into the “yanny vs laurel” psy op, how advertisers are beaming sounds into people’s heads, LRADs and the McGurk effect. She then goes onto discuss some other topics such as Camille Paglia the pedo, vegan YouTube shills being invited to israhell and more! Closing song: ‘Recognise’ by Fred V & Grafix

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2 years ago

I just hat to look at this laurel yanny thing.. I think its a test on mass suggestion mind control. Gypsies and Con’s use this type of suggestion to their marks. So do supposed psychics as per all of my daytime talk show training from the 80’s this was discussed extensively. They tell you what you are going to hear and you hear it. But from what I see there are multiple audio copies circulating, one says Laurel, another says Yanni and there is one where both are overlayed and the “yanni” is whispered on a layer over top. It seems just as ridiculous and the same thing as the mandela effect where no one bothered to go into the Tess system and look up… Read more »

Reply to  southernseamstress
2 years ago

To add one more thing, everything is perception. There has been a lot of focus on that lately too. Sometimes you will hear things because you want to hear it. Even if it says puppy or kitten, certain people will hear rainbow if they repeat it enough… I say turn it off… turn it all of now! Its dangerous to the integrity of your subconscious.

Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Anything that becomes world-viral will have come from the jewish supremacists’ social engineering centres like: Tavistock, Cambridge, MiT, Stanford etc.

Sayings, dance crazes, charity stunts are really just cattle experiments. With idiot or no parents, our young are easy prey for their poisons and our genocide gets closer. Our middle-aged and older people have to turn this around, somehow.

PS Damn it Sinead! This coffin-dodger heard “Laurel” and deffo “baa baa baa.” This sheep ain’t going quietly, though!

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

In the “ba ba” one, I heard Ba, and Va with closely related variants. Also you can “pan” sound and thats how binaural tones work. Every word has musical notes and tones in them. When we talk it is a form of singing. Also its the same thing they have been doing with the ghost hunter shows. You hear something garbled and then they say the ghost asked for help or said other things Then they write words on the screen of what they think it is and you hear it. So when millions of people are on the planet thinking the same at the exact same time, whyyyy… isn’t that just a frequency test that makes humans a type of receiver channel or mega… Read more »

2 years ago

I recently watched the horror/sci-fi series ‘The Feed.’ I could not help but think this was all about predictive programming. Set in a very diverse England of the near future, most of the world’s population has had a brain implant that could be described as having a smartphone in the brain. The implanted could project an image of themselves in the room of another implanted person or just talk to them brain to brain. The internet could be directly accessed in the brain. All memories of a person’s life, called mundles, were uploaded to a central database hub and could be recalled and relived at will. These memories could be shared with others as real experiences. Young people were so overly stimulated that if they… Read more »

Reply to  HuckleBuck411
2 years ago

Yes and listening to Charles’s last couple of shows it dawned on me that the whole point of jesus’s resurrection was to make the average person ok with being reborn. Lots of christians are talking about when jesus comes back and how they get new bodies,.. this is a scam to make christians go along with the singularity. Sophia/Alice said that once we are in the system she will make clones of us for pets. Its the exact same thing. Christians have to see they have been conned. Resurrection is the exact same as the singularity/unity consciousness where you would be reborn in your new robot/transformer body. They have been planning this AI take over from the beginning. Listening to Charles show in that context… Read more »

2 years ago

Paglia is a gay jew. She correctly identifies transexualism as occurring during the collapse stage of civilization.

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