Firestarter Radio: Stuck in the Government Goo (11-1-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the recent Finders information being released by the FBI, shill updates, how the Uyghur people’s plight is similar to our own, self replicating nanotechnology (a.k.a black goo), smart dust, Morgellon’s disease and more. Closing song: ‘Fires At Midnight’ by Blackmore’s Night

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2 years ago

As long as the official WW2 narrative of white/German guilt is based on major lies, there is no point in trying to “move on” from it and put it in context. It has to be rejected entirely. It is claimed that millions were killed in homicidal gas chambers, but there is no physical evidence for this.

Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

I bet the jewish supremacists use a particular nano goo to administer fast cancers or heart attacks on people they need to silence. It is probably behind the increase in dementia cases, too.

Prince charles played controlled opposition to the (((royal society’s))) 2004 report on the “benefits” of grey-goo. When a rothschild can poke you in the chest, you are indeed only a minor member of this genocide gang, and get sent out on errands.

PS And there’s me thinking the only grey-goo i needed to be worried about, came out of Scabitha’s kosher kitchen. Keep dishing out the truth-plant stew, Sinead.

2 years ago

Its interesting to hear about this black goo.. reminds me of the discovery they made on Mount Roraima and how they found these spiders made from crystal that could survive without any food or light that build crystal webs. They said they wanted to study the crystals to figure out how to tap into them and combine with computer technology… they are basically biological crystal entities that replicate forever and nothing stops them. They are supposedly ancient and they found them on that ancient plateau that has been cut off from the dinosaurs. Really neat place that has crystal streams, I imagine the whole world used to be like that before it was looted. But it is also the inspiration for the pirates “skull island”… Read more »

2 years ago

I have to add one more comment, just got to there part where they are talking about the future tech. A great question is, when robots have all the jobs and everyone is in this smart city, where exactly will people be driving to in these automated cars? There won’t be anywhere for them to go. The elite will have planes and rockets…. so its all just a lie it seems to me. Because no one will have these electric cars, its just a con to appease people while they take more and more away. And if you are merged with the computer you won’t have a need to drive anywhere because the robots will bring you everything, no malls no shopping.. it will know… Read more »

Reply to  SouthernSeamstress
2 years ago

I buy up linen whenever I see it at thrift stores. K&S mentioned awhile back, and I support the notion, the only somewhat safe place to buy clothing nowadays is at second hand or thrift stores. Almost all the new clothes are toxic, and the nice eco groovy garb is so outrageously priced, it’s unattainable! The Morgellons thing though seems like it is alive, inside the infected person, or at least reacting to the host’s energy. Also, watch a few docs on the remaining Uyghers, one from 2013 or so, to one more recent, and the escalation, really, the elimination of the people – the genocide – is nearly unbelievable, and the similarities to what is being installed in our world today, is truly the… Read more »

2 years ago

Ok, so this probably makes me look like a pain in the ass, but I just want to post these here before I forget, because I think they could be relevant – with the preface that I haven’t finished listening to either of these links, and am only 1:26 into Sinead’s show.
Life is kind of stop and go, come again sometimes – ya know?

Paradise Lost #51 The Fire Embers are Programmable Swarming Nanobots

The Unknown Cat – Morgellons

Reply to  Amber
2 years ago

I will try to check these out later

Reply to  Amber
2 years ago

Morgellons Disease 2019~Candida Fungus~Nano-Technology

The beginning of this vid details the deceptive poisoning of the American (and resulting world) population by sugar and aspartame, and the massive gut health problem known as Candida overgrowth which renders the peoples immune system severely handicapped.
From about 26:29 to the 37 min mark is the the clip from ODDTV that was played in this broadcast, so either listen twice, or skip over it.
What comes next is worth a listen.

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