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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Is that Tracy Twyman speaking from 1:39? Am i missing something here? My first gut instinct is that this is a man’s voice. I’ve just typed “her” name into YT and got a “Jesse Waugh” channel interview from Mar ’16. The picture, if it is “Tracy,” is that of a tranny. It’s a bloomin’ dude. If it was working with a jew, it’s a shill; one who has been retired from service. Plus, the the same name/surname initial is usually a “masterful” giveaway.

PS Thanks Sinead. I don’t know how you or Kyle have the mental strength to wade through all these b’s and their filth. I’m certainly not up to it. Much respect to you both, but don’t jeopardize your own wellbeing.

2 years ago

Wow that info on this Tracy girl is all so weird. What exact date is she supposed to have died? There are tribute videos to hear death from May but some say she died this month. I found apparently they are now saying Kappy is in a witness protection program.. so next will it be she joined him?
Also a friend of mine that lives near there says there is a commune that sounds like Manson cult hippies out there by that Green Leaf Canyon camground. So probably lots of drugs. I believe all conspiracy theories have now been taken over on youtube. Its all meant to cause chaos but give people a little trail to follow to keep them busy thinking they have “something”

Christian Place
2 years ago

Dear Sinead et al Sixty years ago far more white people, I would go as far as 1/3, knew about the Jews and were racial, they had roots and knew what it means to be White and yet look at where we are today. I don’t think that your life is in much danger for telling the truth until you go as far as Sinead and Kyle and are a constant voice of truth and producing content that strikes to the poisoned bile pumping black heart of the child raping fecal phile kikes. The documentaries you’ve made are really a threat because people looking for truth go after the documentaries and are tired of the rehashed conspiracy Vids about Illuminati and other BS. You will… Read more »

2 years ago

I believe Steve Outtrim is the guy who runs He did an in-depth series on Jan Irvin’s show about a year or 2 ago, exposing the ties of burning man and silicon valley. Afterward, Jan accused Steve of being a shill, like he does with everyone. I was a member of the fb group, Is Jan Irvin a Shill or just a…something or other, which apparently Steve has taken admin over and blocked me…I believe due to my not buying that Mark Passio is an “ex Satanist”.

Reply to  hanan
2 years ago

Mark Pasio looks like a jew and that burner site looked like it was promoting burning man. They had links to the burning man instagram etc. Weird.

Reply to  Sinny
2 years ago

Yea, he supposedly exposes the whole dark occult aspects of burning man while still attending. On Passio…kinda hard to imagine that (((Anton LaVey))) would “hand-pick” a non jew to be one of his Reverands.

Reply to  Sinny
2 years ago

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Mark Passio (Mark Passover)

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