Firestarter Radio: Swimming in the Current (7-17-17)

Tonight Sinead flies solo for the first hour to discuss the recent release of The Big Picture of Child Trafficking- Mind Control in America, Spencergate, and the jewish Bolshevik infiltration of pro White, family centered movements. In the second hour Kyle joins to discuss the importance of water and the war on nature.

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my honor is my loyalty
I would like to issue a formal and public apology to Sinead and white women in general for posts I made on the topic of promiscuity a few days ago. I could not imagine the ferocity and depth of influence jews had in subverting and pushing degeneracy upon our people against our desire. Your video largely contributed to my awakening and present realizations. I was always aware in regards to jews pushing degeneracy but ignorant of the specifics and details. The (((devil))) was certainly in the details and one cannot begin to address the issue of promiscuity without first knowing the (((influences))). I used to believe the attacks against our women and what we value about them were as mild and linear as those against… Read more »
What a beautiful comment. Honour and loyalty as aspirations are deeply woven into our peoples souls but both can only unfold if reality is understood. Every hurtful idea, habit or movement has to be examined carefully as a rule. I myself became so very bewildered when I found out how many good white men suddenly became followers of Roger Devlin’s ideas and with all the “white men are pigs” propaganda put into our heads and of course some bad experiences in real life it was hard work not to become cynical depressed, frightened and hopeless. They always feed on emotion and real problems to lead us into the abyss. We all have to connect so many dots and examine our own triggered emotions the whole… Read more »

@MHIML: Thank you so much for this comment. It made my week!

Thank you Sinead, Elfgard and everyone else for having a spirit of understanding, teaching and innate desire for healing.

If I could caution others, especially men of one self destructive trait to avoid internalizing too long, it is the illusion of invictus which always manifests into narcissism (unconquerable). Like armor made of lead, plated in gold, it weighs you down and eventually drowns you in a river of despair as you continuously fight and defeat the same foes but are unable to progress further.

Be careful while engaging in necessary self-reflection, that it doesn’t turn into eternal self-admiration.

I see that “it’s the Nazis” theme in a lot of health and conspiracy content on YouTube. The last I opened is this: (Detox Your Pineal Gland (Decalcify) in 1 Hour: 3rd Eye Activation)
It’s a highly viewed video. A comment with 14 thumbs up says: “Yep and the US got the idea from Hitler as he used it in the concentration camps to make the Jews more docile.”

It would be good to leave some comments on these highly viewed videos to inform the dumb goyim. It wouldn’t take much time and a video like this is getting 3000 views a day. You can also refer them to Renegade.

Renegade Vids’ “Mind Control Culture” was well worth watching. The abuse of white children by the Jew mafia, C.I.A. (Cocaine Importation Agency) and other agencies is another method of destroying Caucasian/Aryan/White culture. Will this establishment evil ever end?
I have come to believe only 1% or less of white folks even care. The other 99% will probably not survive the White genocide by the Jew World Government. I am at a loss of what to do.

I am of the impression that ”the other 99%” don’t care because they literally don’t know! People are waiting for the newspaper headlines to read ”America at War” because they have been conditioned with call and response! They can’t respond because they haven’t been called on! They have been lied to about everything, and taught not to think about anything they haven’t been purposefully exposed to, ever! Seriously, they are that dumb, overweight, diseased, lazy, ect! It’s pathetic, but it is what it is until we get these retarded tubbies into fat camp! They’ve been edjewcated, emasculinated, humilated, propagandized, tortured and abused into grateful slavery! We need to be propagandizing them with our own material so they have something to stand behind, something to be… Read more »

and NEVER AGAIN will the newspapers be so bold to speak the truth – JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GOY EVERYWHERE

I’m imagining a figurative ‘rapture’ where people have an ’emotional enema,’ ‘confessing’ to the need for grassroots communion. When I woke up, I was already in a psychotic state of mind, and a sort of elongated meltdown ensued for 6 months(I was a Christian for a while lol). Everyone else will shed tears and shit themselves and whatnot, even after antisemitism is commonplace. The Allegiance to Fear is our untold religion, fear of the jew. We need the fear to be of Whites, and then hopefully Whites and pitchforks.

Can you imagine the jews shitting their pants at the thought of the coming generation of white children (and those brown/blacks/etc with brains who realize that, if whites go – EVERYTHING is screwed), celebrating the fact alone, that they are White! I really think a ”Save the Whites” foundation needs to be established and promoted just as hard as the save the amazon, blue whale, ect. White people especially are compassionate, and will almost always root for the underdog – they just don’t realize that THEY ARE THE UNDERDOG. Seriously, I have had too many conversations with people where they respond to me with, ”Yea, it feels like we are at war.” or ”Yea, we are at war huh?” They are literally waiting for the… Read more »

I’m starting to enjoy screaming at married men more, so maybe that will help.

It was a truly fascinating video, though the subject matter is sickening. Did you catch where Shirley Temple said they punished her by putting her in a black box? Oh, yes, the jew pieces of filth do love their little black cube. I never cease to be amazed how the average Joe on the street — especially the Christ-tards — can’t see how unbelievably vile and evil these cretins are.

Yes, it is truly a sad realization to come to that so many White People will simply have no interest in knowing that they are being destroyed by the nefarious, murderous jews. We can still try to alert them though – every little bit helps and we actually have no alternative if we are to try to survive. I found that I was able to influence a good number of people on Twitter to this. I have since deactivated the account as they totally isolated my efforts through shadow banning. Now I will focus on directly informing people.
Keep speaking out…

Unbelievable work on the Mind Control documentary Sinead, Kyle and Co.
I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like to sift through such nightmarish material, and condense it into a barely palatable, informative two hour segment.
I am so thankful to folks like you, who are truly working for a greater good.
I am certain that your ancestors are proud of who you are, and the work that you do today.
Good things are coming, but as it has been said somewhere by someone – no mud, no lotus.

BTW Sinead, I was listening to a German woman and she said that she was fed fluoride tablets when she was very young. The jewish way is subjugation and death by a thousand cuts. For toothpaste I just use a sprinkle of baking soda and brush well with a good manual brush. I find using two different brushes is better than just one since they each get into different crevices, reaching what the other doesn’t. I floss and do some oil pulling as well. I’ve avoided fluoride pastes almost all my life. When I lived in a city with fluoridated water I drank only bottled spring water. When I drank lots of green tea I supplemented with iodine to counteract the naturally occurring fluoride. Meat… Read more »

Agree with you about dead bottled water. Unfortunately practical options can be hard to come by. The rivers around us were not long ago not just swimmable but drinkable. The level of pollution achieved in just the past 100 years is hard to appreciate for most because they are like frogs slowly boiled. Each generation has a lower set of standards and is more and more detached from the earth.

If you don’t have a good water filter, the best water to buy is in a cask. That way no plastic in the water and the one I get is flouride, chlorine, sodium and addictive free. I just re use a glass bottle to fill up from the cask. The meat eating topic is interesting when you go into Vedic scriptures. Without going into the karmic reasons its simple just to base diet on ethics. If you have a choice you shouldn’t kill, or pay someone else to kil for you. If you spend enough time with animals you see they are conscious just as we are. They have the same senses and emotions, fear connection etc. The only difference is humans are able to… Read more »
Cows do not produce too much milk. People are milking them ontop of the cow nursing its calf, which stimulates the cow to produce more and the vicious cycle begins since the cow will get infections if not milked. Same happens in human women. The average domesticated dairy cow produces far more milk than would be required to feed their calf. All cows, wild and domesticated, will only lactate in the period between their calf’s birth and weaning. Milk is calf-food, and when there’s no calf, there’s no evolutionary advantage in producing milk. On dairy farms, cows are milked twice daily, from spring (when they give birth) until late autumn. This mechanical milking ‘fools’ the cow into continuing to lactate. When a cow has stopped… Read more »

This should answer the question on William Cooper- this is his show 2 days after 9/11… Start listening around the 17 minute mark to 21 minutes or so. He and a caller have a little chat about Israel.

Bill Cooper is no doubt a friggin’ crypto jew. This link is to his “It’s not the jews” comment. I trust that fucker about as far as I can throw him.

he’s dead; he said it’s not the jews, or it’s more than the jews
“everything happening in the world is not because of Israel”

((murdered)) by our government despite his disinfo

I have only been able to listen to the first half hour so far, so I apologize that this comment isn’t directly related to your show, but I watched most of the documentary ”The Big Picture on Child Trafficking part 2” last night… after an uneasy attempt at sleep, I’ve spent the day in a kind of numbed/confused/disgusted and disgruntled state. Some other anger worthy event’s occurred to remind me of my goyim status, and after cooling off, I just had the thought… Everyone knows they are going after our kids… They have been for centuries! Why aren’t we? What I mean by this is – it’s ”festival season” aka summer, here in Oregon. Where are the ”Save the Whites” music fest’s donating to one… Read more »
I’ve thought along those lines here in the UK Amber. It’s all rather disappointing. Folk here are even too scared to go beyond a first name and age stage, let alone meet up in small groups and start forming ideas and a cultural fight-back! But throughout the year, jews put on these expensive pop, rainbow and ethnic festivals to promote their diversity, sick filth and lies. Oh and they rake in those pennies ( about $150 for a 3 day ticket, to pitch a tent in a muddy field in Glastonbury ). What gets me, the people leave the beautiful countryside looking like a rubbish tip afterwards, full of plastic. It’s as if the elite encourage that, to show the world how wicked spoilt Whites… Read more »
I hear what your saying Anthony, but you and I have a different vision. Too often I feel like it’s now or never.. My partner and I are constantly teetering on the edge of sanity by what we are going through, and at the appearance of the world around us, it really is as though our heads are on the chopping block – the figurative ”boot on the neck” is applying more pressure – daily! We need to wake our kin up quicker than just in the tens, or even hundreds… Until I had this thought only yesterday, I felt like war on the streets was inevitable, but when I am imagining thousands of people, majority white, listening to beautiful, uplifting, inspiring music – and… Read more »
I think that at a minimum White People with the means need to financially support efforts to inform and organize our People by those who have the will and courage to go to the front lines for us. All of you whom like Kyle, Sinead and others who are doing the hard work and dangerous work the least I can do is support your efforts financially, so that is what I’m doing for now. I am not wealthy by any means but I can make sure to send $50, $100 or more sometimes a month to help. I will do more to alert those I come into contact with in other ways too. I am also in Oregon and it sickens me to see the… Read more »

Your partner and you,”amber”, would that make you a lesbian?

lol ! NO – I am definitely NOT a dyke. I regret that we are not yet married, my 100% MAN and I. I loathe the word partner in describing my relationship, but you got a better word for someone you share your business and life with that your not yet married too?
Once you get over thirty, boyfriend sounds a bit youngish don’t ya think?
Seriously, I would love to hear some better words to refer to him when speaking about him other than partner or love.. spouse seem’s a bit too formal.
Your hilarious Sean! I appreciate the tenacity and inquiring mind!

LOL again just because Sean’s comment is THAT funny!
I am very much against the gay agenda.
Freaks need to stay where they are, in the dark until they are expunged, and far away from common areas ie society.

“It’s as if the elite encourage that, to show the world how wicked spoilt Whites are, and the poor immigrant slave labour have to clear up after dare massers! “That’s why we need them here!” This is how the jew operates; no situation wasted.” This is sad and as you suspect sure planned as you think. But it has not to be like that. At Wacken Germany there is a Heavy Metal Festival every year and as you can see in the video, the trash is continuously collected by helpers and it looks even like fun and part of the party. The whole village takes part in the event. I’m not a Heavy Metal fan but knew a guy who is and worked as… Read more »

So the downvoter thinks that whites are not able to create an environment that is enjoyable while reasonable? The thing is, that this concert is sort of grassroots and the fans take it in a way as their own creation although it has grown massive since the beginning. It’s a psychological rule that people care for things they take as their own individual or as a group. The effort to make things working decreases with growing estrangement. Although I prefer not to live on a muddy field with ten thousand others for three days I do appreciate it when people take responsibility for something they like. The difference is remarkable when you compare Wacken and the mind control Woodstock event and it’s followers.

On dental health, here’s an interesting video on the diet side of tooth decay and proper brushing technique. He recommends taking a greens powder because the nutrients keep the environment in your mouth healthy and not acidic. Okraw also has a permaculture channel called growyourowngreens with lots of good content.

This was a fantastic show. Very much appreciated. Glad Boob from dc was addressed and exposed for what he is. Today’s Russia is fucked and totally run by jewish oligarchs – and Putin is the premiers jewish oligarch there today. I also think the character playing todays Putin is not the same one as before. There seems to have been a “costume change” in the form of actual substitution along with plastic surgery, etc. Why would you do that? You’d do that to keep the steeple and the bureaucrats asleep while your “new” operative carried out your agenda. This reminds me of the person currently playing the role of “Caitlyn Jenner”. Look a bit more closely at that hideous character and observe the massive amount… Read more »

I always come to Renegade for my daily dish of ‘dirt’.

Thanks Renegade!

And thanks for keeping it honest, as the Renegade spotlight destroys the lies of the controlled opposition.

Dear Sinead, Another great show. Thank you for pointing me to the documentary about Viktor Shauberger and the Secrets of Water! I had known a little about Schauberger for his work researching the Vimana reconstructing the possible blueprints of it, of our Ancient Aryan ancestors in the Indian subcontinent but had never heard about his work with Water. I wanted to point you to a very disturbing film I recently watched part of but had to turn off after awhile it was so disgusting at one point graphically depicting necrophilia. The film is called “Neon Demon” and frankly depicts the story of an underage girl seeking a career in modeling who is slowly lured into a dark and twisted world that destroys the young girls… Read more »
Hello Sinead, You mentioned some topics of great personal interest to me on this program. I’m an older man with very poor dental health since my 30’s largely due to complete foolishness. At this point I am literally fighting to keep some of the teeth in my mouth. You wouldn’t know it to look at me as I have a nice smile and all the teeth in the front part of my mouth are in quite good shape. It is the molars mainly and some bicuspids that are just hanging on due to severe periodontal disease. I wanted to share with you a wonderful dentist and his website: Dr. Mark Manhart of Please look at this website and pass it along. I believe using… Read more »

Do you ingest heated liquids or foods? Tea, coffee? I recently stopped because it’s possible that the confined heat disrupts brain-gut communication. Also it could be burning enamel, lips, tongue, etc. I brush my teeth with water and sodium bicarbonate. I also don’t miss 200* food at all(cold spaghetti was always better, iced coffee, etc).

Thanks for the reply. This seems like something worth looking into.

You guys are always at your best as a team- great show!

I was watching a British Israelite preacher guy named Jim Wickstrom youtube Arcodeaus; I was just waking up and for 6 months I actually prayed to Yahweh, and did lots of ego-stroking. Then I read deuteronomy.

Another great show for us all Sinead. The part 2 doc is a triumph in exposing this jew filth. Take a well earned break both, but keep ’em coming!

Spot on about the grooming; whether full replacement (McCartney, Putin); half cocked lol (Coulter, Michael Obama); or just the offspring of these wealthy elitist families – like Spenny lane!

PS loving the Nina Sigur impression. “It” defo puts the deep, in the deep state narrative.

I like your content, I like that you guys go hard at these jews, and will call out the fakes. However, I’ve heard you guys mention twice that Harold Covington is a Crowleyite. I personally asked Harold about this, he says he made a joke on Twitter, which was taken literally. My other beef is Sinead ripping the Northwest Front. On one hand she says we have a year left, and on the other, she says the NF is stupid because we’re putting ourselves in one place to be captured or killed. We are indeed running out of time, and the only way we’re going to get an ethno state is to rip state power out of the government’s hands. This is going to require… Read more »