Firestarter Radio: Tata For Now (12-27-16)

Sinead flies solo to explain why she’s taking a brief hiatus from radio to focus on the Pizzagate documentary as well as other things. She discusses the “alt right jews” being promoted by pro White outlets, harassment of pro White women by jews and shares the segment from last weeks show that was deleted that covers guns and self defense.

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5 years ago

Cool show Sinead.
I applaud you for not using bad language in your shows anymore.

5 years ago

I fully understand why you are taking a, I am sure, much needed break
as well as wanting to focus more thoroughly on the Pizzagate project. I shall miss the programme in the interim! I look forward to it every week and listen to it while working.

Nick Spero
5 years ago

I googled the Norway pedophilia ring to see if there are still articles up. There are several articles from MSM still up. Not sure what censorship has taken place except the Jew York Times being mentioned for removing their article, that’s about it.

Nick Spero
Reply to  Nick Spero
5 years ago

In this article, it shows how Washington Post, ABC and Jew York Times scrubbed their article Norway pedo ring.

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

If some of our white people can’t see Leavis & Hen-head, poofta Spencer, the mongoloid midget, paedos/weirdos, or any of the other alt-kikers aren’t cont-opp, well, i despair! Trump & Dence – sums them up! The volcano, fag island or that dodgy section in the forest awaits you. Just go away you deviant thickos!!! The jews want us wasting our time, energy and our spirit on these people. All the “leading figures” have made jew msm – er, that’s a red flag folks! Let’s make 2017 the year to ignore all these mosquitoes, get active and let’s zero in on the main jew groups. PS Take in our sun, natural food and your own family, and you will come back ×10 more powerful!! ( i… Read more »

5 years ago

Swear all you want, the anti swearing brigade are just as nauseating as the PC police. They want you to speak how they want and whine a lot!
Don’t listen to them, otherwise they control you.
And then the show becomes something other than it was when people joined because it jars when you keep correcting yourself to appease these complainers.
One part of the show I like is the honesty and venting.
Best just be yourself and if people can’t handle it, fuck em.

Reply to  Spinzig
5 years ago

I think you would have a good chance of getting a role in Idiocracy 2

Don’t you know they are trying to degenerate our language too?

Have you ever red or listened to fx the national socialist Alfred Rosenberg. Now imagine if his book was filled up with “fuck em” dude.

Stop imitate the language Hollywood, negroes and the music industry presents you to.

5 years ago

I’m growing a Reverse Fashy. Reverse Fashy > Trump Combover

5 years ago

Any way we can get Urban Jungle Girl to take over Monday evenings?

Sinead Mccarthy
Reply to  Renny
5 years ago

Maybe she can do Tuesday’s but we already have a Monday night show.

5 years ago

I am trying to get a new hashtag going called #CopsaGate I realized cops never get in trouble for fucking kids an this is not getting brought up in pizza gate. In the town I am from a cop was having sex with a kid an then the city just moved him to the high school as the cop there giving him access to everyone in towns kids.

5 years ago

great show Sinead thanks ! hope u do well at you’re exam ( im sure u will ) and hav a great 2017 ! 1488 o/

5 years ago

Happy New Year, Sinead. Stay strong, sister; I can only imagine how depressing it is to make a video about Pizzagate and all that that encompasses, but know that Renegade Films coverage is needed.

Deplorable Princess amnounced that she will no longer be making any more videos, and that has caused me to feel a great loss. I really appreciated your having her as a guest on one of your shows, and hope you two stay in touch.

5 years ago

How can we support you (donate) for the pizza-gate doco ?

Sinead Mccarthy
Reply to  John
5 years ago

There is a donate button here:

Robert Heimdal
5 years ago

Thanks for your contribution to the Renegade network Sinead. I’ll miss your podcasts quite much. Your show was one of my favourite ones. I hope you come back soon this year, whenever you see fit. Cheers.

5 years ago

I fell behind in my listening, and I am trying to find the 12-20-16 show. I can’t click the portrait to bring up the archive because Tuesday now says wild card.

Sinead Mccarthy
Reply to  Mich
5 years ago

If you go to “former hosts” on the left hand side of the site, you can click on my name.

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