Firestarter Radio: The Kyle and Sinead Dimension (10-2-18)

Tonight Sinead flies solo for the first hour, discussing topics such as the kek ocular virus, Peter Thiel, covert communication systems, and Iranian zionists. In the second hour Kyle comes on to discuss our new Heathen Herbs products, AI, changelings, missing children and other dimensions.

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The first bit, about the kek virus, reminded me of a book I read when I was a kid, Snow Crash. It touched on stuff like visual/mind viruses, neurolinguistic programming, virtual reality, etc. Just looking it up now, it was published a year or two before I was born, and apparently it’s where the phrase “avatar” comes from in terms of an internet avatar. Very interesting book, and it had a huge influence on the direction my life took shortly after high school as I went on to college to study computing security and forensics as well as neurolinguistics. I ended up dropping out due to mental health issues, but honestly even today so much of what that book touched on is still super relevant.… Read more »

Thank you for sharing. I am going to look into that book.


Got around the finishing the show, the bit about kid’s movies hit close to home too. First off, Labyrinth was movie I watched a lot when I was younger, and Coraline was a book I liked quite a bit from back then. Looking back on it, Coraline was by Neil Gaiman. He is extremely jewish and he’s married to Amanda Palmer, who is the lead singer of the Dresden Dolls. I think those stories got my attention as they both centred on escapism into a fantasy world as a way of coping with a shitty life. Neither of them are wish fulfillment movies or books though, as the escapism feels like it’s more of a dissociative nature than a true escapist fantasy. It could be… Read more »

Rant away! That’s what my shows are all about 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


I was also going to comment on Snow Crash! I read the whole thing not too long ago (before I woke up), and the “big reveal” of the storyline is the fact that a bitmap image was used to induce a mental state that fries the brain (–something that some characters in the book fell victim to). Also “Ghost in the Shell – Innocence” comes to mind, where they have this scene at a remote mansion with a giant glockenspiel in the front hall, and the 2 main characters get locked into a mental loop which they have to “crack”… (every time the loop starts over again the glockenspiel begins to play anew.) Both of these works are set mostly *within* virtual reality btw.. I… Read more »


I just heard about that book in a recent interview with Tracy Twyman.

Darés Dutch

Great to hear the show start with one of my fav tracks; Boards of Canada -In a beautifull place out in the country:-) From their extensive body of work i would like to recogmmend these two albums ‘Geogaddi’ and ‘Music has the Right to Children’:-)

Boards of Canada – Aquarius (Version 3)

I love them 🙂

Anthony Roberts

You WILL check your phone Sinead! Apparently Drumpf will send every phone in America a Pres. Alert message at 2:18pm ET today, followed by an Emergency Alert on tv/radio at 2:20pm ET. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE…says Vera! Are “fema” gearing up for some, totally ran-dumb, false flag event, i wonder?

I do believe there is something in all these clues: underground worlds, tunnels, portals, other dimensions, children’s novels, A.I., bunkers, meme magick etc. I even think the giant electronic dance gigs, filled with our young White folk, are designed to “program” them into a dream-state via sound, imagery and molly of course…meow!

PS Kyle, watch out for those nano-bot commie-red fire ants. Their killa bone broth venom is fatal!


I hate to admit that growing up, and until becoming aware of the evil underground world of child sacrifice and sex trafficking, that Labyrinth was my all time favorite movie. I can still recite the entire movie word for word. It now disturbs me beyond measure. I started seeing a connection between the symbols in the movie and this hidden evil system that preys on innocence. I particularly noticed a physical connection between the Labyrinth itself and the networks of real underground tunnels, among countless other themes and lines in the film. I’m still open to the possibility that the movie is an actual warning and was made to expose the situation. “The line, “You have no power over me,” is pivital I’m the movie.… Read more »


I already left some other comments here but just wanted to include that the picture for this show is EPIC!!!

Ghost Man O; War

When I saw that same pic for this show, with Kyle and Sinny in that warehouse scene, I busted a gut also. Have a good day, Sir or Mam.


This Adam Curtis doc has some info on MK Ultra and then AI used during the gulf war toward the end – I found it really disturbing (psychopathic) and of course with the noble lie narrative (have to shape minds so they don’t turn fascist or whatever). It’s called You’ve Used Me as a Fish for Too Long.

Go Goyim Go !!

Very interesting about Jason Jorjani. I only had vague knowledge about him, but what little I knew sounded good. But he’s just another Zionist.


Very good discussion. I’m so glad you spoke of AI and how doing drugs only open the veil to whatever else (((they)))/enemy wants us to see.

Instead of Vimeo or Bitchute – I’d recommend,, and MySpace.


Have you ever heard of a Youtuber named Aug Tellez? He also has a blog. He talks a lot about these topics- child abduction, time travel, AI, cloning erc. But like most Youtubers, I don’t have agree with everything he says, because some of what he claims to be experiences seem pretty silly & he’s a pretty schizophrenic talker. But he presents a unique angle on many of those subjects.


So many things coming together in this show and comment section! I’ve also been watching Aug Tellez (and have a similar assessment of him). I don’t recall how I found him, but it was before he did his first LNM podcast 2 years ago (he was still very inexperienced at talking). I’ve often thought that there must be some sort of filter he puts on everything he says (like maybe it’s in one of the overarching metaphors he uses), that slightly distorts things. This would be for his own protection most likely. But the guy definitely has some very specific advanced knowledge, and maybe he simply was a test subject with some of this advanced technology and is relaying his information without NAMES and PLACES,… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

It’s been a sort of strange “coincidence” I was listening to this music just shortly before I listened to your podcast. The track is ‘Nattva Sen’ from Carbon Based Lifeforms’ last record. If you listen to those voice recordings you’ll understand 🙂


SOOO much good stuff here, you two were on a roll! Sinead you may want to check out the vaccinefraud YouTube channel by Patrick Jordan. He has developed a theory of microbes infecting a certain (((tribe))) with a predisposition to take over the world. His work is very detailed and sometimes hard to follow but he’s also written a number of books on topics including vaccinations and how they are being used to make us sick, lot and serial numbers enable them to track us, etc. He also covers AI. it’s fascinating stuff. I found out about his channel from Six Million Dollar Gas Bill who I believe you once featured a couple of years ago.


Sadly it seems he’s still very confused about the third Reich as he traces a lot of the governments weaponization of disease, Lyme in particular, to the “nazis” of operation paperclip. Seems he hasn’t considered that these men were largely POWs (albeit fairly well kept,) who had a choice of working for the US gov, going to the gulags or getting a bullet to the back of the head. The politics of the situation have escaped his notice as his focus is on microbiology. I’ll give him a pass for now seeing as he’s connected multiple dots concerning the deliberate interrelationships between vaccines, contaminated food supply, AI and transhumanism as well as pointing the finger continually to what he refers to as “yahoodim.” Perhaps one… Read more »

I feel like a comprehensive video debunking the whole “Nazi project paperclip” BS needs to be done. Too many people are pushing it as a way to scapegoat from the jews.

I think that is a really good idea – and I would listen to that, and I would advise others to listen, also! That topic is over ripe, for sure, Sinead!


1:43:45 There must be limits to this power because 10 years ago the number of people who believed 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust was staggering however this belief failed to manifest the return of the Jewish messiah. Which according to the talmud end time prophecy 6 million Jews must be destroyed during the Jews March to return to Israel before the messiah can bring them home. I’ve long speculated the 6 million number and the holocaust was an attempt by the Jews to run a sort of a scam on God based on what Kyle was talking about. if enough people believe something to be real it will become real. The number of people who are skeptical about the holocaust has put… Read more »


Dmt experiences and near death experiences are one and the same. Take enough dmt and you will realize that the AfterWorld is the source of God’s love and teaches people many life lessons. Ive heard of all kinds of dmt and near death experiences and it all connects back to the spirit world.


Which God do you speak of?


You may want to check out OverWatchChannel (all one world, there seem to be copies with similar names) channel on YouTube before you come to any conclusions about any “afterlife” experiences.


Why does ”the source” have to come from ”God” at all? Why does ”God” have to be involved with everything? Can’t anyone take any responsibility, or have even the slightest bit of creativity/non-jewish thinking about anything, ever? I hate that evil yahgay who has destroy’s our folk, our world, and everything good in the known universe. I wish we could develop those mind erasers like in the movie Men In Black and selectively eliminate the illusion that is ”GOD”, but that would just open up a whole can of worms.. and in the long run, it’s better that folks just grow up and learn the truth, so that it acts as an preemptive mind vaccination in case the jews or their minions ever tried to… Read more »


The source I’m referring to is the ether. Nikola tesla was well aware of the ether. It binds all life together, every tree every animal and every person and every alive being bound together. Maybe you should actually see for yourself what the other side is like instead of attacking me. The Word god can be used interchangeably. Stop being so fucking skeptical with my comments and actually look at what I am meaning.


Chill out zakkkk. No one ”attacked you”.
But now I’m wondering, ”Maybe you should actually see for yourself what the other side is like instead of attacking me.” WTF. Is that some kind of threat?
Not that I asked seeking some kind of sincere answer, I meant it more as a rhetorical question, but regardless, you didn’t answer it, you just got butt hurt.
Get over it.
We’ve got bigger fish to fry than the lack of interest in your dmt trips.
Please don’t bother getting all worked up with some kind of response. I got what you were saying the first time. I’m over it. I just hate the jews ”One God” shit.


I’m chillin


”Changeling Child” by Heather Dale

Beautiful song, with very interesting lyrics and comments to boot.
Reminded me of this show since you both spoke of changelings.