Firestarter Radio: The NazBol Marches On (11-20-18)

Tonight Sinead talks about Stephen Flowers a.k.a Edred Thorsson and his involvement with the Temple of Set as well as his connections to Boyd Rice, Survive The Jive, Freya Aswynn, The Left Hand Path Consortium, National Bolshevism and Aleksandr Dugin. Opening song ‘Awake” by Tycho ‘We Gathered in Spring’ by Midlake.

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3 years ago

Your research and determination are second to none. Thank you for all your efforts.

Reply to  Yrton
3 years ago

Thank you. I appreciate your support.

3 years ago

shut the hell up stephen flowers pedoman
edit: I’ll have to republish my podcast on Spare etc; thanks for the shoutout

Reply to  hugh
3 years ago

I look forward to re listening to it, Hugh.

3 years ago

Thanks for exposing this Tom/survive the jive guy. Some of the characters that you and Kyle expose are unknown to me as I only have so much time; but this guy I did formerly subscribe to. Always found his content rather milk toast. Never knew about any of the Dugin stuff, pedo stuff, jew, yuk. Anyhow fooled again. Thanks for straightening me out on this pos. Great job Sinny. Stevo

Reply to  stevowisco
3 years ago

Thanks Steve.

3 years ago

Sinead, who is that in the picture with Anton (((Levy)))

Reply to  Mark
3 years ago

Boyd Rice.

The Bull
3 years ago

I have several of Edred Thorsson books on runes I bought in the early to mid ninety’s. Was he in the temple of set this time? It’s disappointing to find out this guy is trash. I as the same as you was just wanting to study the runes not support perversion.
You’re doing good work, these people need to exposed for who they really are.
Hail Sinny ! The Shield Maiden Of Truth!
” notice the caps, I was shouting” lol

Reply to  The Bull
3 years ago

He joined in 1984, so yes. I know how infuriating it is to constantly learn that you’ve been tricked. His Rune Yoga book is going in the bonfire tonight.

3 years ago

Often wondered about this song by Renaissance – The Black Flame

3 years ago

This was a great show! Thank you Sinead! Speaking of dodgy characters I just saw that “Dirty Old Man” Davis Lurmann is mouth breather Dion’s guest on his latest show. Funny how ALL of these guys are affiliated & promoting each other in one way or another! It’s almost like they’ve all been mobilized to start revealing their true purpose & identities all at the same time in the last year or so. Each character appealing to a different subset of truth-seekers to cover all the bases at each end of the spectrum but all connected. There’s a flavor for every taste – the hardcore CI guys, the satanists, the esoteric numerology guy, pagans, working class ex-skinheads, right-wingers in suits, traditionalists, down-home ex-masons, etc, etc,… Read more »

Reply to  Mary
3 years ago

‘mouth breather Dion’ …. miaaaaauw! (scratch)

3 years ago

Good show, didn’t know about Thorsson either, have several books on runes. Then Bord Rice was together with Zeena Lavey and Nikolas Schreck in the Satan Church nowadays Zeena and Nikolas are supposedly converted to Buddhism. In this video, (found this years ago when trying to make some sense of this crazy world we live), you can watch the so called Satanic performances and how they used National Socialist paraphernalia but with some crazy ideas of how to dominate people although one can say that satanism is very much alive despite of what those guys did or did not accomplished their “master plan”. Then those people or people in general associating with the so called “Left Hand Path” ideas, behavior, etc. is at best… Read more »

3 years ago

Thank you, Sinead. You cover so much so swiftly. I try to keep up but must own that I do not know all the names you mention. Learning as I go. But I do want to say I think you’re on to something with the eyebrow issue. I am noticing it showing up in many of the latest movies. Recently saw it in the trailer for AquaMan. Pointed devil eyebrows. They are trying to make it stylish. So ugly. Are we supposed to be intimidated?!! Yeah, eyebrow psy-op, for sure.


3 years ago

Never understood “elite’s” fascination with satanism, seems all it is just BDSM pedo LARP fantasy.

3 years ago

I enjoy all your shows! Even when the topic is cringeworthy and austere you make it interesting and I also find your voice inflections and personality very amusing! Thank you Sinny for all your hard work!!!

3 years ago

“group carnal rune art” ??? one hole one pole is the only way proto trad stroll..All you had to do is notice that very suspect word SET sinny-

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