Firestarter Radio: The Science of Brainwashing (9-25-18)

Tonight Sinead delves deeper into the Esalen institute, Mind Dynamics, the possibility that casinos are mining cryptocurrency, covert means for communication, the possibility that spies communicate to each other via code in children’s books and shares some rants.

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Esalen is responsible for the entire new-age/alien truthersphere imo. I’ll also note that Scientology-friendly, CNP affiliated, Genesis Communications Network star actor Alex Jones’ new protege Owen Shroyer seems to think noticing jewish involvement is some kind of mental problem, at least from his ‘debate’ with Adam Green(berg?).
I’m imagining a terrible future in which you have to get audited by some zogbot AI and a jewish multi-level marketer in a three week seminar to purge wrongthink and sell you a timeshare. fuck that.

PS: please stop machine-gunning Vera – she has acne now.

That’s the future I’m seeing too. I was imprisoned as a teenager and refuse to go back to that life. I’d rather die fighting it.


The present is bad enough. It’s already at full retard level. The only consolation is that Whites are starting to actually question the wisdom of infinity third world immigrants. They aren’t so worried about being called names either.


The accusation of “mentally ill,” “insane,” etc. is a staple response to ANY criticism of that tribe. It’s been in their playbook for years. Im sure they actually believe it to be true. After all, how could any sane person ever call them into question? It’s the only explanation their distorted self image can accept.

Anthony Roberts

Could Harry Potter be the updated Mr Leakey code? Both are magicians. J k Rowling is a establishment cultural marxist and knight of the realm whose “message” has spread worldwide. She also mentions a leaky (different spelling) cauldron in one of her books, not that i’ve read any. CauldRON – hadRON collider – RON weasley character.

PS A mind-zoggling, double-binding, pillow-vomiting, abracadabra show Sinead. I will need to listen again for 918 minutes, leave it 3 days, then chant for 2 hours, then listen 4 more times.

Yes, Anthony! You’re right on track with Harry Potter. I’m going to look into this more. I have a feeling “Harry Potter” is some gay reference. and Dumbledore is a child rapist.

Ioy io

Well I met Robbie Coltrane (plays Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films) in an elevator in a west London Hotel and I tell you he’s such a nice guy; he’s so modest, who desperately tries to avoid attention from his fans.

Miss Sinead, Mr. Anthony might very well be on to something. It was revealed after the death of Albus Dumbledore that he was in fact, gay. He also had a love affair with the dark wizard, Gellert Grindelwald. Now, while I don’t have any solid proof of him being a pedo, it wouldn’t shock me. In the books, there seems to be a pattern of Dumbledore showing an affinity for the male students, mainly Harry Potter. Others such as Ron Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid (in his 3rd year), Tom Riddle (later known as Voldemort) and so on.


Although I’ve never read them, this show also had me wondering about the Lemony Snicket series of “children’s” books as well. Considering front man Jim Carrey started in the movie it makes sense!

JEWS jump into everything. What spiritual, political or religious movement have they not moved into the leadership positions gracing we poor plebs with their infinite wisdom? The sad thing is many of these ideas have lots of validity but there is the money angle, so much money to be made in businesses that don’t involve anything but ‘ideas’ and ‘feelings, nothing more than feelings’, and abstractions. So cheap to produce! Don’t even have to go to China.

Ghost Man O; War

Sencha, dear lady. In other words, like Sinny’s hilarious skit on “Mom, where does money come from”, “Well little Jimmy, replies Mom………………..(then the end, my point, “Wow Mom, they sure can parasite!” Mom replies, “Yes, little Jimmy, they sure can parasite!” haaahhah Have a great year end.

I never even heard of that Carolyn character until Renegade brought her up, but she sounds like a damn Kook! Pushing Bolshevism, and calling for whites to murder each other off based on “religion”? What the hell? She sounds like a dangerous nut case!


Who is this Carolyn, there was supposed to be link in the description but I don’t see any.

Here she is glorying the founder of national bolshevism:
And here she is interviewing a jewish meth head:


White nationalism is business niche these days, it pays surprisingly well to sit down, think white thoughts out loud and collect superchats so it figures all kinds of people will try to cash in and white folks are gullible, soft targets for jews or jew lovers pretending to be white nationalists, p.ex. Tommy Robinson or compromised white nationalists like the two Mikes. Having said that, I only know Nehlen by name, what evidence is there that he’s a jewish methhead?

The Night Porter

What was that opening techno song? Fantastic.


You should do some research into “Synanon” which was America’s first organized drug rehab program, back in the hippy sixties, and spread to many drug rehab programs all over the US. This brainwashing program had victims heads shaved and psychologically abused in attack group “therapy” sessions they called “the game”. This technique came straight out of the Pavlovian brainwashing tactics used by communist forces on US POWs in both the Korean and Vietnam wars (in which my dad fought). These tactics were in turn, developed by soviet jews prior to the (bol) shevik revolution. If you can see the big picture, these very same brainwashing tactics are being used on all of us now. America has become one big POW camp with jew mass media… Read more »

I did a show on synaonon in 2016. I was held prisoner in a synanon inspired program for almost 2 years and have shared that experience during the show.


One more thing, if your really interested in gaining insight into whats going on here, go to and pull up “Battle for the Mind” by William Sargant MD. “Rape of the Masses” by Serge Chatokin is also available there and is also very insightful, although not as well written as Sargant’s book. “Rape of the Mind” by Meerloo, and Coercive Persuasion by Edgar Schein is also a must read. These psy-ops books are older, and are far more telling than anything you’ll read today, as the study of (((psychology))) today, at the systems level, is itself a jew psyops weapon.

oi yoi

This is clearly weird stuff for weirder people; you’d have to be insane to let a place like this rearrange your thought processes. When you eventually wake up and realise that Jews who are controlling society hate you and want to see you dead then you stop falling for all these abusing maggots lies who seek to make a shekel from your supposed inadequacies.

I can’t believe you been to this stuff Sinny! What a waste of your time and how traumatising and being so young to. What complete and utter faggots they are!


archive dot org has these books…what happend to my post?


Listening now on a downloaded file.
At 53.58 minutes in you mention “bonus content”.
What is this? Do I have access? How do I know?

Fantastic show that touches me deeply as I have come very near to this HP mind control crap over the years.
So many whom I once thought to be guides on the path to truth have turned out to be agents.

Anyway, this is a truly great show Sinead, one of the best I’ve heard here. I’m glued to it while puttering around today.

Last week I played bonus content in the third hour.


I’ve been watching some of Quinn michaels videos. Very bizarre. Also he looks like either a heroin addict or a Sith Lord but he does raise some interesting ideas about AI. Author Tracy Twynan discussed him in part in a recent interview on the Occulture YouTube channel.

Did everybody go to that cult for drugs or were there other people there?

Which cult are you referring to? I’m sure Esalen sucked in some well meaning people, but it’s intentions were sinister from the start.


Has David Icke done one of his ‘eleven hour long’ public addresses at the Esalen Institute, maybe he could pick up some pavlovian conditioning tips from their wickedness?