Firestarter Radio: The Tards of Tartaria and LARPing Losers (1-24-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the hilarious forum called “The Anglo Saxon Forum”, it’s hatred for Celts and other non English Whites, their links to Woden’s Folk, the jiu jitsu training Fashisti, the truther bait of Tartary, and more!
Opening song: ‘Nostalgia’ by Sinead
Closing song: ‘ You Got To Go’ by Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston

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I’ve noticed something of this attitude on my father’s side, I remember him even telling me how when I was born, he told my mother’s mother that his grandfather would be rolling in his grave if he knew I was half German. And of course, growing up he’d always make jokes about the welsh banging sheep or irishmen being leprechauns or crap like that. He even had a falling out with an irish friend of ours because of it, which is even more ridiculous when you consider his grandmother’s family was all irish. He also talks about how terrible racism is and how all races are the same, it’s just so massively hypocritical of him to say that and then be so rude to his… Read more »


And to justify why I was even looking at a Tartaria video (or rather the comment section): It’s because I identified a new shill on the scene (Barnabas Nagy, “Servant of Yehashua” who has been doing some very curious stunts on his channel In his newest video he complains about censorship (OY VEY!) and pushes “LBRY” as an alternative platform. I checked, and LBRY was founded by Jeremy ((Kauffman)) who went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which “is home to one of the most powerful […] supercomputers in the world”. Their president is a black jewish yenta who has been the president since 1999. She was also on THE President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (!!!) until 2017, and worked with subatomic particles and at… Read more »


That’s her…
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I feel like most of these anglo saxon people don’t realize they virtually all have mixed celtic/norman blood lol.


This topic of “superior” races (or sometimes just classes) among European races, came up a number of times for me this week. First, it was the interview with Mike Walsh that was reposted on the Tribune (on white slavery): I checked Walsh and Jordan’s book “White Cargo” (finding zero mentions of Jews in the book). But it did have one interesting detail about George Washington at the end: That he was a “planter” who owned white slaves (I hadn’t heard any of that before, and need to verify it). Second, I came across a video by a guy called “Dr. Wickstrom” that was mentioned in a Tartaria video comment section, so I had a short look at this figure and he yells at his… Read more »


In my opinion Mosley was without doubt controlled opposition . Back then supporting Hitler I would have thought, would have got you killed. And sitting in jail is better than fighting in the war as you are guaranteed survival no matter who wins without fighting.
He went to an Elite military college had royalty attend his first wedding and then Hitler attended his second. The death of his first wife sounds very suspicious. He then married a woman who’s cousin was Churchills wife.
I’ve never been convinced of him. He was British intelligence managing the opposition in Britain

Vid of his Wife admitting the relation to Churchill it’s at the very end.

Anthony Roberts

The Alfa Faux-male does some “good work” on twiddler Sinead (haha, twiddler on the troof – traditionnn!!). Collecting gov’t-agent or welfare payments enables these selfless warriors to fight the many obvious causes of our genocide: White women, muslims, fem & mg, the “english,” rap moosic, degenerate druggies, soccer hooligans, christards, flatards and lardtards! This frees us FEW deranged Renegades the luxury of fixating on the poor victimized jewish supremacists, (who just happen to be very talented and control everything), and basically waste time, money and energy purity larping around greenery. We hobby – they fight!!! Remember that! PS Sorry Sinead, but if your artistically-inclined hubby doesn’t appreciate “my work,” then nobody *stomp* has it. I will delete or go where i’m appreciated, like onto YouTube,… Read more »


The other day I had the idea of re-purposing “It’s A Man’s, Man’s World” into a parody. Should I send you what I got, Sinead?
It was a bit of a lost cause, since the lyrics were originally written by a simple black man who looks like he came straight outta the jungle (and the lyrics reflect that). But I think I “fixed” them to a good degree (not sure though).

This song often gets played in movies during particularly “male” or “decadent lifestyle” scenes… so it would also have a great recognition value I think. At least that’s how I perceive the song.

Ghost Man O; War

Mosely and his wife were imprisoned on proposition 18b as all who tried to stop WW2. They spent 40 to 45 in prison. The j’s had all who tried to expose the J’s by name even in jail with no charges. PM Archibald Maule Ramsey who wrote, The Nameless War also was imprisoned for 4 or 5 years and he was injured twice in WW1. Mosely was bitterly attacked as a Hitlerite and they said of all these English patriots that they were going to let the Germans invade and were “promised” high office when they helped Germans invade the Island. Watch the J’s in the interviews on tv during the 60’s on youtube from BBC and other J run stations of that era. Wow,… Read more »


This podcast contained serious errors concerning Arnold S. Leese even in the negligible amount of time allotted to him.

+ numerous others, eg. The Leese Collection.

As for internet nobodies – who cares?

Clearly you cared enough to listen to the show and then comment about how you don’t care.


Just did a thread on Turlough O’Carolan, the blind Celtic harpist and composer of over 200 pieces. He is considered by many to be Ireland’s national composer. His pieces are incredible when played on fingerstyle guitar. I believe the Celtic cross should be the symbol of White Nationalism. The sunwheel is an adaptation of the Celtic cross.

comment image?w=550&h=550


That’s interesting. Where did you come across that information about the Sunwheel being an adaption of the Celtic Cross? What I know. In Ireland the circle on the Celtic Cross represents the sun. It came from the time of Celtic Christianity, which was suppressed if not outlawed, I think, during the 12th Century. When Ireland became a fully Catholic society. The Celtic Cross came back into use from around the 17th Century, when the Irish Kings were defeated. Over the following centuries there were many Irish revivals, stoking up old traditions and myths to help spark and strengthen rebellions. As an Irish Nationalist I don’t agree with White Nationalism. That would mean other races have a claim to this land. However I understand why some… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

I understand and respect your point of view Nuada, but we can barely gather enough “genuine” people (non christarded, non degenerate), under the banner of “White” at this critical time, let alone dividing ourselves further by tribal or country. Our jewish masters have used this tactic for centuries. This is how they keep us isolated, killing each other, and thus enslaved. Perhaps after we have removed the parasite, we can make new natural laws that say only a White Irish person can be a citizen of Ireland; White Swedish in Sweden; White Germans only as citizens of Germany; White American in the USA etc. We can trade and exchange ideas with other races (except one!!), but not allow them permanent residence. And yes, i hate… Read more »


Indeed Anthony and I agree. But I don’t know how we can unite globally unless we regain control over our own homelands first. And I’ve no idea how to do that either. Our controlled Gov and media etc are doing the same here as you’re country has been over the last many decades, it is happening here now at an accelerated rate. The media print articles such as our primary school teachers are too Irish and white etc etc, they go out of their way whenever they can to define us as the White Irish. Which would have been unheard of just 5 years ago. With over 1000 migrants a week entering the country. We are officially down to 80% of the population. So you… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

I get you mate. My mom’s dad was from the County Cork, and came to Birmingham, England to find work. He died in 1938 aged 56 after being “worked to death” in some black country (a region named after the smoke) foundry. We all have to somehow find a common ground, and turn this disaster around.


Yes we do have to find common ground but another factor which worries me about White Nationalism in Ireland is of that official 20% non Irish. At the moment, the majority of that number is not made up of Africians, Asians etc, it’s made up of people from Poland, Latvia, Czech Rep and the UK. Many people from these countries have also gained Irish citizenship so there is a big number of them in the 80% too. I have great time and respect for these people and I would much rather share my country with people who have a close blood relationship to me. But do they want the same future for Ireland as I do. If all whites in Ireland found common ground simply… Read more »


Yes, that’s the beauty of it. The ADL will itself become discredited more so, if they follow the SPLC lead of branding everything ‘racist’. You obviously are knowledgeable about the Celtic Cross. I’am going by eyesite. David Duke adopted this symbol as did Don Black (I guess some refer to it as the ‘pinwheel’? They all appear very similar. THIS SHOULD BE THE UNIVERSAL SYMBOL OF WHITE NATIONALISM!

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David duke is don black are controlled opposition- CIA probaly.


I just just thought I’d add that the Celtc cross is more than likely an adaptation of the Sunwheel as opposed to the other way round. The tri spiral or triskele imagery found all over Ireland is mearly another form of Swastika /sunwheel as they all represent the same thing and all sprung from a common source.


The Tri-Spiral has many meanings but it’s very hard to know what its exact meaning is. Some say it is a representation of the three worlds. This world, the afterworld and the celestial world. Others say it’s an energy symbol representing forward motion. Again more say it s a cyclical symbol representing the stages of life. It was obviously important enough that the Celts and other people who came after the originators of the Tri-Spiral to adopt it. How old is the Swastika? Definitely not the oldest in Ireland but the most well known Tri-Spirals are found in Newgrange 3200BC which predates the pyramids and Stonehenge. Triskele is like the family which the Tri-Spiral belongs to. There are many other forms such as the Isle… Read more »


The oldest depictions of Swastika is apparently about 15,000 years old and was found on a mammoth tusk in Ukraine. My point was just that these varying types of images which all represent a similar idea steming from a common source were easily coopted by Christianity to serve their purpose. Early Christian conversion in Ireland was accelerated by utilising existing iconography and thus easing the assimilation of semitic dogma. Bridgets cross would be another example of a pre christian deity whos true identity and symbols (swastika ) were adopted and perverted.


Wow 15000 years ago, thats great. I agree. What really helped push the conversion was the idea of the trinity. As seen with Triskele 3 was a very important number.


In the interest of fairness, this episode is also being discussed on their forum, where the site owner, Seaxan responds.