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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

G T Dave: Looks semitic (even with the paedo-jacko surgery and skin lightening), and is that spray-on-hair from a can? Nobody becomes a bill without the jew-suprem’s approval.

Soph: looks and sounds like a little boy, who probably has mason parents. A bit like “C”limate “C”hange girl, Greta. They ref his age, to reinforce the David Lane “14” “88” zog psy-op.

I. Krappy: Fake scripted event, to shield the “low-level” hollywood child-rapers, so people can’t investigate their higher political figures; and it also “spells” the coming dupe. “40” seems to be a favourite fall-death number.

PS Thanks Sinead. Btw, could that be a Trump lookalike speaking slowly, ready for a fake/real assassination attempt?

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

But he’s “our” murderer, just like Varg lol. Why would this child-raper wannabe choose exactly “88” words? Nothing to do with 88 being linked with twins (towers & gemini, Trump’s birth month); the sirius dog star (the only animal killed on 9/11, on the 88th floor lol), 88 memorial lights to symbolize the towers; or a movie from 1985 that has 88 encoded all over it (clue: 88mph Delorean). No, our sacred words could never have been (((scripted))).

Update: ACTIVE SHOOTER. jewlitard “shooting” at Virginia beach, Friday 31st. 12 “dead” at the hand of a .45 calibre, 40yr old, shortly after 4pm, (how many 4’s is that?) DeWayne Paddock, no Craddock. Id cards, hugging, tomato sauce…..

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Wow! GT Dave has his own thumbs down crew! hahaha

soylent goy
2 years ago still my fav song of yours ! , thanks !

2 years ago

For anyone to still think Owen B is the real deal is astonishing, especially after his Trump love-fest. I guess all Trump’s other atrocities are just okay with Owen. On Trump he says, “Some of the stuff he’s done is nothing short of miraculous.” Yeah, Owen, miraculous for Israel. And sayin’ that is like telling your lover, “How sweet, you brought me flowers; it’s okay if you beat me up every night.” Owen is now highly suspect. Sofia S. I know very little about her but still can get over her moderate coverage on the dangers of horse-racing. She focused only on their toxic physical environment and had nothing to say about stopping the cruelty of these inhumane races. I just couldn’t get over that.… Read more »

2 years ago

I’m not sure if you complained about your pos Apple computer in this show or not (I empathize, they suck), but I just came across this and thought I’d share it in this appropriately titled show ”This week in Annoying” –

”Apple’s Jewish History – 30 Years After Iconic Super Bowl Ad

The Mac arrived in 1984 and changed the world.”

Surprise surprise, before Steve Jobs wore turtle necks to cover up his gay lover’s hickies, he wore bow ties!

”1984 won’t be like 1984” because of the imminent arrival of the Macintosh computer.”

oh really?

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