Firestarter Radio: This Week in Clown World (3-29-19)

Sinead shares a series or recordings made throughout the week on clown world happenings, abrahamic religions masquerading as fokisch, jews who blame owls for killing their wives and more!

Closing song: ‘Time For Space’ by Emancipator

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Canadian Sons of Odin are getting real cozy with terrorist group Jewish Defense League.


* Soldiers of Odin

Foster XL

I’ve said before that these people & groups with names harking back to Norse Gods & “heroic pagan culture” or Not-see Germany are SUSPECT! It’s all for the express reason of media exposure to the TV-watching sheeple/zombies so that they can manipulate public opinion of “white representation”. It is SOOOOOOOOOO obvious but how many zombies are still fooled? I tell you what though – I’ve been seeing the odd bit of graffiti popping up around the place here & there that I never saw before referring to the jewish hand in various world events along with urls to people who talk about this stuff. Just small scrawlings in public places but that are quite visible & right in your face that tell me there’s a… Read more »


This is not an endorsement of HighImpactFlix but since you covered the public ban of the unvaccinated in Rockland County, NY I would like you to check out specifics of a couple of items in this video. At around 7:36 he is showing a TV news report about the situation. I find it very suspicious that this appears to be concentrated in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland and Brooklyn. It says they have a lower vaccination rate. Then at around 8:23 he brings up a story about Dr. Stanley Plotkin who is the world’s leading authority on vaccinations. This tells how he and others are using cut up aborted baby (goyim) tissues in developing vaccines. I looked up the name Plotkin. This name is… Read more »


lol the ritual at the end… It was very weird. This is the thing with paganism to some degree is that it is religions of the country folk. Brushing ones teeth in the morning in a specific way is also a religion… So to conflate paganism with spirituality straight away is a misnomer many larping as spiritual fall into. As you know I’m spiritual but am not religious because I’m a witch from the father’s side, witches (real ones are anglo and are wise folk). There is nothing european about sacrificing animals, such is an infestation of abrahism into our pagan religions and even latter on those larping as witches. I offered to hold my gardens for Asatru on the proviso that only ethnic europeans… Read more »


“We are living under communism”. The German government is run by a former communist youth member. My advice would be NOT to write to the imprisoned in Germany. Seriously. They have extradited people from Australia, Canada the U.S., and attempted to from the UK to stand trial in Germany for ‘HOLLOWHOAX’ crimes. The German government cannot be trusted.

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And the U.S government is run by communist jews as well. Pretty much all governments are run by communist jews at this point.

Foster XL

Yep & more & more are having what we’re told are “women” (s)elected as heads of state. Could the US follow at the next (s)election? Would not surprise me at all. All I’m hearing around me at the moment after this Christchurch event is crap about Love & Peace & the world coming together as one. It’s like the fucking hippie era all over again! I just feel like going outside sometimes and screaming at full volume “WAKE UP YOU FUCKING MORONS!!!”

Anthony Roberts

I’ve just watched a YT doc (Interesting People channel – The Murder of Kathleen Peterson), and i’m now wondering why this new netflix doc was made. Is this yet another hoax way to confuse and divide people, plus turn a massive profit? Are these cases manufactured to be overturned years later? Why would a straight forward murder case with overwhelming evidence (failed local politician, homo, $145k debt, her life ins $1.85M, neighbour found dead exactly the same way in ’85) be sensationalized like this? How did the defence team miss owl feathers in the strands of Kathleen’s hair, in the original ’02 trial autopsy report? I think this is a (((Bohemian Grove))) ‘owler. Collusion between a guilty narcissist “novelist,” corrupt fbi agent and zog’s netflix… Read more »


Have some fun with Carolyn Emerick’s live Jewtube feeds, the moment she or her bolshevik pals disagree with you, they immediately ban you!!!!! She is even hostile to opposing view points when you post comments on her jew gab site!!! What a riot!!!

Red Fox

A very recent gem from this particular ego out of control lady:

Thomas Dixon Jr. I started Lighting and the Sun and found I was already beyond what Devi has to offer. I read a small bit of Serrano’s Ultimate Avatar. My worldview stands on the shoulders of those who came before me and with whom I am linked by Folk Soul and Blood memory. I will return to Serrano tbh


Chicks with dicks, lol…………


The Patriot Nurse is a Jew, took me a while to figure that out, needless to say, I dont listen to her nonsense any longer!!!!!