Firestarter Radio: Time to Take Action (12-1-15)


Tonight Sinead starts the show with some of the thoughts she’s been having over the past week, and then brings on her guest Set the Nemesis to discuss his journey to awakening as well as the videos he’s been making.  In the second hour she brings on her friend Rosa from Norway, to talk about her experiences with the Norwegian social services, and how we can raise awareness about these crimes.

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Claude Lemurrey
6 years ago

I’m glad you mentioned that Trump talked about dancing muslims. He’s possibly being blackmailed seriously to be a figurehead toward being hated by the left and not really give the right an actual person who wants to lead, Being president is a JOB afterall. But he may be unhappy about his position and he’s trying to fight back by saying that muslims were dancing. Most of us already realize that Israel was somehow involved in 9-11……good to point that out Sinead…. and yes it is an all out attack. Keep up the good work

6 years ago

I suppose all those who celebrate Christmas must be ‘LARPing’ right now since most celebrations in the Western World are stolen from Paganism.

6 years ago

BTW this ‘Islamophilia’ in the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ movement looks like a Kike-Jew operation to me. Something devised in order to link the recent events in Paris with the fast-growing Nationalistic movements in Europe. I love my white European ladies, no need for muzzie-proxies thank you very much.

Good show Sinead.

6 years ago

Great show, keep it up!

Lawrence Forthright
6 years ago

Plucky intro.

6 years ago

” Most of us already realize that Israel was somehow involved in 9-11″

Somehow involved? Boy, that’s an understatement! Jewish involvement from top to bottom!

Brion K Baker
6 years ago

Great guests. Very informative.

Jonny M
6 years ago

Allowing Jews or even partial Jews that appear to be on our side to take part in any pro-White movements or future White societies will surely open the door to subversion once again, eventually taking things back to where they were before. If you study the time just before and after the French Revolution and the maneuverings of the small amount of Jews and crypto-Jews of France and Italy there should be no doubt what the consequences will be. These things should obvious to the host and I wonder why both of them even make an issue of this since these destructivr People are such a small minority anyways.

Claude Lemurrey
6 years ago

I know Phil. that was meant to be an understatement. I was attending Goolag, sorry GOOGLE holiday party last night. Probably 80% visibly Jewish. I overheard the word “Nazi” only once, but I did hear a guy with an israeli accent go on and on about how tacky ginger bread houses are and how he would smash one for fun. Also they were drinking a drink called a “grinch-tini”…. yeah that Grinch likes to steal Christmas hahha. I’m not a huge fan of christ, and we know for damn sure that there wasn’t a bunch of snow on the ground outside the manger…but I felt a subliminal stab with those drinks. because obviously much of the ritual around Xmas… is Jul based and northern european.… Read more »

6 years ago

Kinderladen/ Nordic Model ,thanks jews

6 years ago

racial greetings from ulster sinead,its the 1st time ive listened to your show!it was brilliant !keep up the good work! for family& folk-ulsterwolf

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