Firestarter Radio: Triumphing Over Toxicity (4-26-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about jewish rappers marketing their filth to children, the dangerous ingredients in our clothing and personal care items, such as phthalates and fragrance, how to avoid these toxic ingredients and touches on the toxic group ‘The Wolves of Vinland’ at the end.

Closing song: ‘Teletype’ by Queensway

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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

That lil dicky filth was in my head for a few days. Catchy song, cute colourful animation, but with disguised obscene lyrics. These are classic techniques used by devious child rapers, to lure and trap.

It was also released to tie-in with the worldwide eco riots, fronted by a 15yr old named Greta Thunberg. The jew-suprems are using this vaccine damaged (?) young lady to push their climate change bs.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

I feel a Lil Shiksy parody coming on. “We hate the earth, it’s not our home. We like to jew. Blow up the dome.” We’ll see… lol

The Good Dictator
Reply to  Sinny
3 years ago

Yes! That would be awesome!

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Sinny
3 years ago

“Hi, i’m a hebrew. Have beady eyes, a chosen IQ, and my nose is huge!”
Hahaha – go for it Raven Crest Wolfkin.

3 years ago

Wow, your first 15 minutes sure tells the story of our cultural demise and what we’re up against.

Crassness is attractive to young ones ’cause they think it’s naughty, a way out of the box. Not easy to keep kids from such slick and emotional programming. Songs sure can persuade and wreak havoc.

Thank you for breaking this down. You are right in asking if we’re outraged and in saying:

“It’s gonna get to the point where Jews are just gonna like come take a shit on you, literally.”

How long they have been doing that symbolically. Now it grows closer to “literally.” May many do what they can to help halt this ugly degeneracy.

3 years ago

Aquarium water is good fertilizer most change their water every 14 days approx. 50 of the water content in aquarium if you can get it. horse manure is the best but can burn the plants because it is very powerful plant it with soil over so plants themselves find it in the box so plants adapt themselves to the dose.
To much and plants die or get brown tips. Do not plant the plant direct in it, soil over and under it, plant the plant over the soil and let the root find it
My dad used it and had strawberries the size of tomatoes he was a gardener

Reply to  Demon
3 years ago

Forgot to tell Aquarium water most be fresh water not salt.
Saltwater will kill the plant.

3 years ago

It’s in tha Protocols, can’t remember the number; to not oppose, but adopt and redirect these (White) movements and actions. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the Volves of Vinland are a YMCA tribute group.

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