Firestarter Radio: Untangling the Web of Deceit (5-29-20)

Sinead returns to discuss a number of alternative media figures who are positioning themselves as leaders of the resistance to jewish power. Song: “Stranger Than You’ by Gold Spectacles

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Anthony Roberts

Glad to have you back, Sinead. Yep, your analysis makes perfect sense. If they have a voice and a media platform, they will be controlled by the jewish supremacists to varying ‘degrees.’

P.S. Doc Cough is just their latest judeomason gatekeeper, joining the likes of Dugay (flat earth) and Seaman (pizzagate). It’s strange how his name matches the jew comedian who supposedly died, impersonated Elvis, who’s linked with a possible coming false flag attack on the Seattle Needle, hmm?

Wider den Zeitgeist

How come you classify Eric Dubay as a “judeomason gatekeeper”? Did I miss something?


Yeah. You have. Look into his ties to the Thai military general. He’s dating his “daughter”, although to me it looks like a ladyboy.


Just posting this here as I don’t go in the chatroom. Don’t follow any Youtube channels so don’t think I’ve watched any by this guy before so not promoting anyone. Just saw this link elsewhere. This is pretty straightforward info though about the psy-op taking place & right in line with what they always do. We’re definitely in a new era where people with cameras everywhere can widely expose their subversive efforts & make it so much harder for them to pull this sh*t off as easily as they used to in the past –



Yes this is most likely true however now I’m seeing people sharing these videos as “proof” that blacks dindu nuffin and it was ‘White supremacists” who started the looting to make blacks look bad.


Agreed Sinead, there’ll always be that as well we know. What we also know though is that the jews will send in their communist blacks eg, BLM, and use their media to stir up sh*t & blame whitey for everything like they’ve done before in Rhodesia & South Africa more recently (this is why the MSM & all its infrastructure MUST be the first target of any physical rebellion & either taken over or failing that, destroyed). What I’m seeing & hearing though is there’s also many everyday black people around who are not swallowing the bullsh*t AND calling out the “NWO” for most of what it is (if only they would just say “jewish NWO” everytime & then eventually drop the “NWO” bit). Personally,… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Good podcast Sinead, welcome back. If Whitney Webb sells the Holohoax narrative she’s a done deal. One cannot call herself an “independent truther” and promote that fraud story, that’s unacceptable. She’s basically being dishonest on purpose, I agree she’s not that stupid.

Webb referred to jews as “people of a certain religion and ethnicity” in Maria farmer’s interview [15:33] (Part 1) what a fluffy way to describe such a psychotic lot.

On the other hand I suppose all those Alex Jonestein followers who were getting sick and tired of that thoroughly discredited cannibal clown needed to be re-directed in a new “direction”. Enter all these people with intact JewTube accounts. The “Germanic Death Cult” narrative (as smoke-screen for the real problem, i.e. jews) must go on.


This was really good to listen to. I don’t know how much luck you have at Renegade as far as exposure to the “less aware” among us, because essentially every single thing you are getting across in your analyses and interpretations is the truth, all of it. I don’t know how much clearer things can be made to people at this point (not the people here, obviously) that we are entirely without wiggle room at this point. Though I wasn’t entirely shocked by this crap they’ve pulled with this scam-demic, nor was I entirely shocked by not just 1 but 2 concocted racial PsyOps (AA the “jogger” and of course now GF), I can say I am still finding it a little surreal as to… Read more »


Yes, ashkenazi’s are jeew’s.


You guys need to pump the breaks on tying to break news. For example, Chauvin (if that is his real name) has not committed suicide. The optics of that & Charlie referencing a debunked Bill Gates video hurts credibility for newer listeners like me. I know you are way more over the target than any other source I’ve found but please be more diligent on jumping on “breaking news”.


We are human and we’re not trying to “break news”. We are trying our best. Kyle made a disclaimer at the beginning of our show that we got the Chauvin suicide wrong. I didn’t mention Chauvin in this podcast though so I’m not sure what you’re referencing.