Firestarter Radio: Vampires Are Out for Blood (12-6-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the recent staged knife attack in the UK brought to you by the mossad, discusses bullying of White children at schools and how to teach our children to be strong self defenders, how plasma donation centers are literally sucking Americans dry, the eradication of the Chesnut tree and more! Listen to the new song here:

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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Teaching your child how to fight back with words, and then if necessary, chokes/kicks/punches, should be an integral part of their education. Bullying from all the races is one more reason to homeschool and form small local communities, if possible.

PS That Tony sounds a right “plonker,” and i don’t mean in a strumming guitar sense. You’re well rid of that liddle bullyboy. It’s a nice song though.

2 years ago

Sinead unless you signed an agreement with this guy you can totally sue him and win to force him to stop using your voice. He should have to find another singer to sing his song, even though he may have written the song that doesn’t mean he owns your voice.

2 years ago

Hello. I just want to say that it is not like me to bother commenting on anything posted on tcta but when I read what he wrote about your son needing to be taken away that really upset me. That is why I said what I said. I hope you don’t think I was trying to draw negative attention to renegade.

Reply to  Marshall
2 years ago

Thank you Marshall. They certainly have shown their true colors. He thinks you are me and everyone who disagrees with him is me. I know you’re not trying to cause drama but are only standing up for us and our son. Thank you for that.

Reply to  Sinead
2 years ago

He is one very, very sick puppy, who unfortunately comes from some terribly depraved parenting. He admits on air that his father raped his siblings and mother, though cannot say whether or not he suffered the same abuse. By his online actions, and the story’s he tells about his personal life, it seems like he most likely suffered the same. Even if he didn’t, the helplessness, shame, anguish, and torment of knowing and living with an abuser and the abused, would leave one feeling very damaged, psychologically conflicted, and furious about the injustice’s of life. Hurt people hurt people, not all the time, but it is my belief that abuse victims tend to go one of two ways. Either the abused comes to a kind… Read more »

2 years ago

Hello. I really liked your self-defense story.

2 years ago

Yep, good show, really enjoyed this one. Btw, I’m one of the people that likes 2 hours of Sinead as 1 hour just seems to zip by so fast – am I a masochist lol?! 😀

Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

Oh & I just saw that this released – “The Lost Women of NXIVM”

IMDB page –

This feature documentary will explore what happened to four women who were members of NXIVM who either vanished or died in mysterious circumstances.

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