Firestarter Radio: The Vitality Vortex (7-31-17)

Sinead talks about making your own castille soap, Slavic yoga, the herb of the week, the importance of the thymus, the heart not being a pump, vortexes, and more.

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Here is a short video of how I structure my water with the electric beater. It is green because I have chlorophyll in it. I also store it in glass, but for this process, use a plastic or stainless steel glass while structuring, so I don’t break the glass. I’ll also do a video of the two bottle method soon.

Check to see if your chlorophyll has glycerine in it. I haven’t been able to find any that don’t have it. Glycerine is not good for your teeth. It coats them and renders the enamel incapable of remineralizing. They put that crap in all the commercial toothpastes.

Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Satire Skit

At this point in time jew offendi doesn’t care if you know the whole truth of your pitiful enslavement, their arrogance has no bounds. They understand their time is coming to an end but they believe that they will come back once again just like the hemorrhoids they are.

Another fascinating 2 hours Sinead. Thank you for all your efforts, hard work and time.

I wonder if the jews are trying to hide the secret of these vortex energy fields – internal & external? What about vortex energy in lay lines, feng shui or even crop circles? The jews have to confuse and distract us when we are near the truth. Keep digging sister!

I’ve found some interesting information on that site and following links and names on it. A lot of it is in Russian only but on chrome it’s easy to translate.

He’s not a fan of the jews or Christianity and neither are the others I’ve found reading on there.

Human hearts are for closed circulation, advanced, as humans require allot of oxygen.

Fish and such got a closed system, but non-complex.

Insects and such, got an open circulatory system. Hardly any arteries or veins or similar. Mostly hollow caves inside, and a heart that creates a stream or wirl iside that washes blood to organs.

Hello. As far a ive read, the thymus-cells are VERY sensative to cortisol. They will die quickly from a really stressful event.

The organ seem able to regenerate fast, if you supply sugar and some vitamins. As long as the stress-hormones are lowered.

About earlier and earlier puberty. Ive heard that being upp late and sleeping too little will make early puberty likely.

Puberty is started when the nutrition is enough for it, and yet the metabolism has slowed down from ageing. Ageing, or specific stress.

This is what ive seen in studies at least.

Also, estrogen is boosted in both boys and girls at puberty, estrogen shrinks it if its enough. Progsterone promotes it.

Meat can produce strange things in peoples veins due to exess arginine.

Then again, you can get it from plants as well.

People are different, some can tolerate allot, other cant.

Willow-tree-bark, aspirin, lingon-berries and cranberries reduce problems with poping veins.

Excellent show as always.

Could you write this topic in a pdf or a book Sinead ? It would be easier to understand by non English mother tongue people.

Just look into Dr. Cowan and Frank Chester.

I’m doing hot yoga Bikram style. Although Bikram Choudhurry is controversial his yoga is brilliant. Doing wonders for my arthritis.

Sinead says, “this flat little plane we’re on”, very beginning of the show. That’s the second reference I’ve heard about flat earth. Does Sinead and Kyle believe in the flat earth theory?

Flat earth was started by a Jewish con man banker stock broker real estate trader and “faith healer” in the “church of Zion” among many other cult classics with the whole abstinence give me your money rules based cabala masonic cult crap……….

“John Alexander Dowie (25 May 1847 – 9 March 1907) was a Scottishevangelist and faith healer who ministered in Australia and the United States. He founded the city of Zion, Illinois, and the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church.[1] He was an eloquent speaker.[2]

Bill & Cobra: Kyle & Sinead are just encouraging people to have an open mind. jews have lied to us about most things; why not science?

Simple experiments show there is no curve. This should be a starting point for most open-minded folk. As for jewish con men: we all know that they are quick to realize when the truth is coming out, so muddy the waters with their wealth, agents and lies. The 1970’s monty python-like “Flat Earth Society” was one such way of mocking and shutting up this awakening.

I guess all those flat earth maps from every ancient civilization must have secretly been made by jews.