Firestarter Radio: Vote Sinead 2020! (7-5-19)

Sinead talks about her thoughts on how she’s proud to be an America, (where at least knows she is free), Lana “quitting Red Ice, Brendon O’Connell’s retarded lies, and responds to comments.

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2 years ago

I actually do miss Sinead doing her English rage thing with acid rock in the background.

2 years ago

Extremely naive question: while off on my own recent misadventures, I lost track of matters here at Renegade. “Veganator” was the guy that wore a jew star in his videos, correct? I’ll assume he ended-up being one?

Reply to  Panzergruppe
2 years ago

Yeah, that’s the guy. I don’t know if he’s actually jewish but he was spouting the whole “women need to be controlled and contribute nothing to society” BS. He then re branded as “White Alpha Male” and then dropped off completely.

Reply to  Sinead
2 years ago

…hopefully into a sinkhole.

2 years ago

Don’t understand the people who complain about you exposing pederasts. IMO the most important subject to cover. Not to mention the vast majority of trafficking victims are white kids(not that other races don’t suffer from this as well particularly in SE Asia or anywhere the UN has forces,ect).

That is the straw that *should* bring the whole system down. How people can support a political system full of deviants who molest kids is beyond me.

Christian Place
2 years ago

Dear Sinead et al, Before I write my comments I’ll provide this link to a good book free online with hundreds of pages of damning information on the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism in general that I’ve not found in English anywhere else. “The Shadow of the Dalai Lama” Chapters 13 and 14 of part II are particularly interesting and damning if you read nothing else of the book. Just reading these chapters alone you get a lot of information that you can point out to others regarding just how weird and fucked up what the Dalai Lama represents really is and it goes way beyond just his Marxist statements. I’ll warn you the authors of this book are definitely not on our side… Read more »

Doug Provenzano
Reply to  Christian Place
2 years ago

Gee…And all this time I thought the Dalai Lama was a pacifist and a nice guy.

2 years ago

that sux the k*kes shut down RenegadeVids, but luv the new song Sinead…
Goyim Goddess – EARTH

Reply to  music central
2 years ago


Ya the k*kes at JewTube gave me a strike, (((they))) didn’t appreciate the quality content of your song, (((they))) labeled it as “hate speech”…LOL…I thought it was one of your finest pieces, another masterpiece, you are my favorite female singer / songwriter!…You deserve a Grammy for that song!

Sinead, consider doing a parody of AC/DC’s, Big Balls???!!!…Call it…BIG NOSES (We’ve got big noses!)…of course!…LOL…I could do it, but you are the master at this stuff!

You should learn to code, create web pages in HTML / CSS and then you don’t have to depend on WordPress if (((they))) don’t like your content!

Reply to  music central
2 years ago

Do you really think I have time to learn to code?

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