Firestarter Radio: Weathering the Storm (10-4-16)


Sinead goes solo tonight to talk about the correlation between male genital mutilation, rape and serial killers, nanotechnology and Morgellon’s syndrome, transhumanism and it’s ties to judaism as well as the theory that we may be living in a giant quarry. Come along for the ride! Opening track: ‘Summery’ by BCee Feat. Philippa Hanna – Closing track: ‘Genius’ by The Exies

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“Thus came the Four Horsemen of the Puritypocalypse, determined to cleanse the Alt Right of people who could possibly be gay or Jewish…”
~ @altright_fanfic
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great art man
varg , shiend ,kly hunt , surplush are resistens


Now, regarding the topic of the show, it’s not possible to transfer the human’s Self (also known as the spirit or soul) into a machine.
What the so called “transhumanism” will end up being is that they will convince a bunch of suckers (if we let them be in control by then) to be killed and their memories be downloaded into a computer. Hence, the machine will allegedly “be the person” but in reality it’ll only be a useful electric goy.


There’s a difference between our memories, consciousnesses, and Selves. The latter never changes.
So transhumanism will be the death of life and the rise of machines, period.

John A

Have you seen “Transcendence”? That movie freaked me out. I don’t watch many Jewywood movies but that I had to see….I’d bet millions of drooling goys would gladly let themselves be “uploaded” if it were possible. Not me, nope…..insanity. I’m OK with getting old and dying eventually.

Seamus this Man

Jews are jealous little freaks that are slimy perverts. I’ve had Jew friends and nobody could stand them. Very untrustworthy and neurotic. Closet dwelling masterbatory little pigs!!

Anthony Roberts

Fascinating show Sinead – thank you. I will need to listen 3 or 4 more times to take in all this information. I wonder if this Morgellon’s subject is linked to the jewish psy-op of UFOs? Remember Reagan’s “alien attack” speech at UN. We have Roswell/small greys/movies/ abductees. Could the jews be using vulnerable people with mental health issues as guinea pigs? Implanting these nano-devices, and then covering it up with hypnosis, drugs and studio acting as aliens? The people then start recovering and instinctively start scratching, and uncover these shards – but they’re cuckoo. There is definitely a gov cover-up with cattle mutilations imo. They have high tech instruments that produce no blood and precision cuts – but again, it is blamed on ‘little… Read more »


Enjoyed the show and as far as test tube kids in Israel… I would bet money they are using nutenyaho or Rothschild tainted with witchcraft sperm… They can not help but do evil using stolen innovations of the “goy”. Whatever we create for good they will twist for evil

Seamus this Man

Kurzweil is an ungly Jew. He did invent a good workstation keyboard. Not him but a Jap I’m sure. Adopt a Dindu program should offer 10 years of welfare pay in cash and up front because the kids will be dead by 20.

John A

I spent a bit of time researching Morgellons and I absolutely believe it’s something that most everyone already has in their bodies. At this point it’s part of us, in our DNA. Check out this article There’s also useful links on that page. It’s a matter of how much of this is in our body, and the presence of things that can trigger the severe symptoms in what you could call, full-blown Morgellons. There are many different ways it can manifest, but the list of some of the symptoms are universal it seems: crawling under the skin, fibers (always fibers) sometimes other strange things coming out of the skin (hexagonal crystals, pseudo insects, silicon tubes/mesh’s etc), weakness, body aches (especially lower-mid back), brain-fog (just… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

That’s some great info John – thanks. I think Sinead has highlighted a very important topic here.
Basically, the jews are poisoning us with everything. Food, water, creatures we eat that have also ingested this filth, sun creams and body lotions and now nano-bots falling from chemtrails in the sky.
It’s probably linked to the rise in childhood hayfever, asthma and eczema. At the more severe end we have cancers, M.E and dementia.
Like you say, it’s changed our dna. All those toxic metals and now tiny nano robots creating havoc internally.
The poor nanos can’t penetrate dindu rhino skin though. I guess they just slip them into the KFC bucket.

Anthony Roberts

Sorry, forgot to mention more wickedness from jews: AFM – Acute Flaccid Myelitis.
Latest (((outbreak))) has around 100 children across America paralyzed in wheelchairs. It follows on from 120 children in 2014.
It effects the nervous system and particularly the spinal cord – poor kids need ventilators to breathe. The b*******!

Consider the following theory very seriously if you don’t want to be the victim of the chosen people (The Rich). Watch the movie Halloween 3- I think it was called , it was the one where the rich guy that owned the novelty mask making co. had the secret agenda to turn our future kids into huge piles of bugs . Anyway , Jwood was really, (With their in your face arrogance), Showing the future of the un-chosen . It is important to note that the movie came out a long time ago therefore this kind of shall we say, change, of the un-chosen has been planned for a long time . Also consider if an artificially created nano moregellions type agent was created by… Read more »

Then again some experts have concluded that the amount of hatred toward women, and their wives, by some males is due to their feeling of not being loved by their fathers. The book ABOUT MEN gives a lot of examples and supporting arguments. (I can’t at this moment recall the author’s name, and the full title, but do have a copy somewhere, and learned a lot from it. Many Jewish men were very angry at her for writing it.. I can’t find it at amazon, google, etc.} I have seen surveys showing that half of the young men asked, would rape a woman, if they could ‘get away’ with it. Sinead, I do hope that you have as a guest Tom Goodrich, to talk about… Read more »

Phyllis Chesler is the author of ABOUT MEN, which does have very mixed reviews at Amazon. The top one is “Ms. Chesler cracks wide open the hard shell of paternalism and exposes the underlying sadness of men. A must for writers, psychologists, artists. If we could better nurture our boys, we could change the world.” And of course, Axe of Peron at the Renegade Tribune, has posted much about church leaders hatred of women. In fact a neice posted at Facebook about a Spanish priest who preached that domestic violence against women is due to their not obeying their husbands. She also wrote WOMEN AND MADNESS. It was not very long ago, that men, and in some places still, could easily get a woman they… Read more »


I really appreciate your making the effort to to avoid slandering Satan/Satanism. Judaism is Judaism, Jews are Jewish, pure evil and nothing to do with Satan/hell/demons, totally the opposite. Jews are of filthy Angels and stinking Heaven.


Wait you’re going in on Trump over rape allegations, but you’re not saying a damn thing about the fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist, pedophile and Hillary was the one that harassed and intimidated Bills victims? A lot of those women that are accusing Trump of sexual abuse have been proven to be liars. Liberals accuse conservatives of the things the liberals do themselves.