Firestarter Radio: This Week in the USSA (6-7-16)


This show is brought to you by AntiSemitox! Sinead goes solo tonight to discuss a plethora of topics from Mel Ve, observations from the crazy people that she sees out in public and Hugh Wyatt Man stops by to tell his remarkable journey from evil anti semite to lobotomized retard all thanks to AntiSemitox.

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5 years ago

As far as I know, the Jesuit order was also established by Jews – hell, the creator of the “illuminati”, Weishaupt, was a Jesuit Jew himself.

This Mel Ve character is beyond retarded. I don’t know what her “research” is. Perhaps she just watched some videos on youtube that are philo-semitic and called it a day.

Reply to  Axe of Perun
5 years ago

The vatican = JewInSuit

Reply to  Charlotte
5 years ago

The jew Jacob Frank considered himself to be another messiah. He claimed to be an incarnation of the the Jewish patriarch Jacob. He ordered his 13,000 followers to become Catholics and infiltrate the Catholic church. He referred to the Catholics as the “Esau,” the brother of biblical Jacob while he and his followers were the biblical Jacob. To the Christian Catholics he told that it was time for a reconciliation between “Jacob” and “Esau.” While he told his followers secretly that as Jacob deceived Esau in the story of the Bible, so by the way of deception we will establish a Jewish anti-christ kingdom in Palestine.

5 years ago

Another point – all Jews indeed are Zionists – they just have different opinions on how Zionism should be performed. The current Zionists know that no freaking Messiah will show up – they have to create Greater Israel themselves.

The rest of the Jews are “waiting for the Messiah” to come and create Zionism and the New World Order, where G.Israel is going to be the center of that Order.

I’m mostly writing this for that Mal Ve idiot, in case she stumbles upon this information. One never knows – perhaps her brain cells might begin to work.

Reply to  Axe of Perun
5 years ago

“There are a number of Jews who claim to be anti-Zionist, but the vast majority of the anti-Zionist Jews shield and protect the Jewish tribalism that empowers Zionism. By defending Jewish tribalist power, the anti-Zionists actually help Zionism. They deny and cover up Jewish tribalist supremacy over the politics and media a finance of the Globalist world.
They say they oppose some of the policies of Israel, but they ardently deny the Jewish networking and Jewish ethnic tribalism that makes Zionism possible.”
The fruit of judaism is zionism

5 years ago

i find that a really hot quick bath followed by a cold shower is great for releasing muscle tension

Reply to  jewbanker
5 years ago

Combine that with a whiskey drink and I’m good!

5 years ago

The current Pope has eyes too close together. Steven Spielberg has the same thing. What do they have in common? I smell a crypto!

5 years ago

Sinead your impression of Mel is hilarious!

Reply to  lisa
5 years ago

Hell yeah it was. That was awesome. She is a master at voice acting.

5 years ago

Gas the (((deleted))) Race war now!

Juan Matus
5 years ago

What is the song at the beginning?

5 years ago

The holocoaster(TM)(R)(C) sounds awesome, kind of like the Nemesis at alton towers

5 years ago

You’re a total comedienne Sinead! I always laugh listening to your shows.

5 years ago

Sinead, don’t get defensive, as a vegetarian. If your back is locking up and you can’t turn your neck, a likely cause is thinning myelin over the nerves. Myelin is built out of B-12 (cobalamin). If you are not already doing this, as a vegetarian, buy a bottle of 1,000 mcg of METHYL cobalamin and take three a day or more – you can’t really overdose on B-12, but you can research that, of course. B-12 is supplied in quantities of micrograms. 1,000mg = 1mg. So you would be taking very small amounts even at large rated supplements. B-12 supplements usual come in 1,000mcg and 5,000mcg. But of course 5 x 1,000mcg over the day would be better than a single 5,000mcg tablet. The B-12… Read more »

Ingrid B
5 years ago

Got an e-mail a few days ago, asking if I wanted to join the illuminati world order. Im not sure what the purpose of that was, unless it is a new way to corrupt the gullible. I once had a neighbour, who had a really obnoxious kid, who told other kids that he was a "hobby satanist". That whole family was weird.. I think the answer is to not swallow the BS. I got rid of my TV, do not buy MSM, do not eat burgers with human dna in them. If people are unhappy where they live, they should move to a better place, I did. It may be difficult due to employment. There really isnt that much work in this small community, but… Read more »

5 years ago

Chamomile tea and Gaba will help you de stress, and calm down. Don’t get the teabags because they are shit. Get the loose chamomile flowers. They sell Gaba on Amazon. Both things are relatively inexpensive. Peppermint oil can help with your tense muscles. Like you I am very type A and just as intense…I have a grudging respect for you lol. Your cousin is the rule and not the exception. Women like her justify MGTOW’s opinions. I wish it wasn’t like that. Women used to get together with men and build something. Nowadays, women would want to get together with men after the man has worked and built his life so they can roll in and sit on their ass, leeching off of the man.… Read more »

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