Firestarter Radio: White Men & Women Lead the Way (1-12-16)


Description: As the gender wars drag on in the middle of a genocide, Sinead wishes to build bridges between disgruntled White men and women, to unite us once again, so we can walk hand in hand, into a better future. In the first hour she speaks with James Lancia, author of ‘Downtown White Police’, They discuss Jame’s experience as a police officer, the Strong Cities program that the UN will be implementing, and White genocide. In the second hour Sinead shares a series of recordings that she has made throughout the week. The topics discussed are jewish “science” pushing dangerous and false ideas, as well as a reading about Charlemagne, the lover of jews.

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6 years ago

I agre with the points aboit cops, we had tommy seagraves long time nassau caunty sherif, finally the feds got him and the cops started acting like humane people, I have been brutally honest with them and talk/treat them like people instead of the challenging you see on jew tube, they are cutting me break after break when they catch me speeding because I dont lie to them, thwy like my ballsy honesty that no one else seems to have anymore. I think I can trust some of them.

6 years ago

Good show. The way to attract women is to feature men who want to protect women, not the angry male who has let himself go.

6 years ago

Too many white women think white men are the enemy because of Jewish feminism and all that social engineering and brainwashing. I rarely find any woman that admits or even cares that they are being programmed. I think the problem goes back as far as the Nephilim when they mated with white women and fell. I think white men just don’t trust white women anymore and it goes back to that event from the Book of Enoch. Too many women don’t take serious things seriously because they are so concerned about what others think and their body self-image. I don’t see a way out for the masses.

6 years ago

@ Javari

Apocolypse Now!!!

Ever considered that maybe YOU’RE the one with the problem? That maybe you’re overthinking things? That maybe you’re… wrong? No of course not! You’re right right? Yep, must be those damned Nephilim goddammit!!!

Claude Lemurrey
6 years ago

Invigorating Show.

mr. grimm
6 years ago

Sinead, First, I want to tell you that I love what you put out. I am personally grateful to see an intelligent responsible woman speaking out the way you do because I could never get through to my own special woman the way you could, and I’m sure there are many other guys here that would agree. Heard you speaking a week or two ago on natural birth/midwifery and you mentioned Ina May Gaskin and “The Farm.” I stayed down the road from the farm for almost a year and got to know many of the people there, including Ina May, and her fucking psycho of a son, Sam. I even took up employment with the Farm Swimming Hole as a lifeguard for a Summer.… Read more »

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