Firestarter Radio: Wildfire (5-3-17)

Tonight Sinead flies solo to discuss former White Nationalists all turning communist at the same time, how polygamy not only fails to boost birth rates, but also hinders men from having sexual partners, how trying to “out breed the darker races” is a retarded idea and won’t ever work, the psychological damage circumcision has done to our men and much more!

Opening song: Technicolor Beat- ‘Oh Wonder’
Closing song: Allie Nixon – ‘Waiting For Silence’

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“…eerrrrrr…these scumbag hoodrats…eeerrr….ex-marines with issues…..eerrrr….PTSDeeee….ooorrrr….paid trolls stealing dollars….eerrrr….belonging to the Wahabiiiii – tsunamiiiii – jesuiiiiiit – black pope….eeerrrrrr…but never the jews! Mr producer play clip 33 of Mr Revolting cucking for Trump with Mr Friend….eeerrrr”

I actually thought Robert was a good guy. Another complete let down and timewaster. I don’t know how you both stay sane in this movement. We have to climb over agent-traitors before we even start on the jews.

It’s hard not to feel tired and let down; and i have never personally had contact with these folk lol. It proves how strong you both are and the resilience of Renegade. Great show Sinead – you are a trooper!

Thank you Anthony!

What’s rather sad is how Slurpus laps up all these flunkies after it becomes obvious how flaky or compromised they are. He did interviews/discussions with drongo Joe Sigur & fruitcake Brian Ruhe and regularly broadcasts Reyvolt’s shows on his “network”. Now he’s just announced that Brigid is joining their “line-up” even after they basically ripped her to shreds in their chatroom a while back for not even being a proper host! HAHAHAHAHAHA! What’s next? Joyster’s Yoga Witching Hour? He should probably just rename his little hangout to “WTFR – We’re The Fucking Rejects!” or “WTFR – Where The Fucking Rejects (go)” because that’s EXACTLY all that place is!!! 😀

I can’t believe Brigid would subject herself to a network that wants to knock women unconscious because they disagree with Shauny boy. They also used to talk so much shit about her, calling her an Alzheimer’s patient”.

comment image

Wow! So even though THEY were ripping shit on Brigid in their chatroom about how she “wasn’t even a host, just an article reader” (almost word-for-word from Shaun) & even went as far as to attack the way she sounded on air like she was “an Alzheimer’s patient” now Slurpus turns around & says that “they (Renegade) ALSO pick on Ladies in their later years.” when talking about Brigid . He says “Brigid contacted me via email, very upset with certain things that have been said about her” (by Renegade) and that “I’ve done my best to console Brigid”?! LOL! Seriously people, this drama shit coming from Slurpus, a huy who literally advocates thumping women who “get out of line”, really is playground level tit-for-tat… Read more »

Surplus is a septic tank. Full of it.
I grew up there & he is exaggerating the demographics to make himself look like a hero/ badass.

Now look at what this psycho is saying:

The guy’s definitely not all there & “psycho” is probably not far from the truth – he definitely has superiority & male image issues. These poor souls stick out a mile in any social group – had relationships when they were younger (that often resulted in children to 1 or more mothers) while they still basically had a young boy mind but then get to an age where no decent, intelligent & mature woman of their own age group wants them because they see constant examples of immaturity emanating from the guy that he does just about everything possible to avoid seeing in himself. To offset this they build a little barrier around themselves by believing the lie that they are actually superior to most… Read more »

That Robert Reyvolt impersonation was awesome, for a moment I thought maybe he had snuck into the Renegade studio. I checked out his show because I’m in the same area somewhat, he’s still on the Dump train and bible thump’n. I know he checks outs Renegade because I heard him once mention volcano baths. Funny shit.

I’m so disappointed in all white men who hate our women, and I don’t understand why misogyny is so prevalent in white nationalism – because in my case it was the love of white women that led me to national socialism. It was the “white women are getting fed up” video that you made that changed my mind, not angry and bitter androphiles with fashy haircuts who obsess over green frogs. I feel so blessed that white women exist, you’re the smartest, most gentle, and the most beautiful of all women in this world – I care so much about all of you and I’d die to protect you. Btw that thing with Stalin being the father of Veronica’s baby was hilarious! You always manage… Read more »

Thank you so much Robert. There are very few of us who see through all of the bullshit, and I’m happy to have you all here.

Sinead is spot on about razor rape (circumcision). In this day and age, with all the information at hand, it is inconceivable to me that parents still offer up their sons to the jew medical establishment to have their foreskins sacrificed to the dick god Yahweh.

There’s just NO excuse. Now insurance companies don’t even pay for it but parents will STILL scrounge up the money to have their child razor raped. INSANITY!

Like a good researcher, I listened to the mass “suicide” murder tape, too. It was terrible. I’m sorry you’re hurting from listening to it. On a happier note, I loved that intro song! Great choice! It’s nice to hear your voice again. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to talk about these things.

Thank you for listening Daphne! <3

I’m gonna’ take you guys out for a nice vegan lunch next time I’m visiting my mom in Florida!

We would love that! There are a lot of great vegan places in Orlando.

Also, yeah I think the neo-Bolshevik stuff is rather odd. Socialist nationalist just becomes nat soc.


“There is a nazi combined with communist thing going on”, I never knew who Varg Vikernes was, last week I read some of his prison interviews and thought they were very good so I looked into more of his stuff and he’s got videos saying the communists kept the nations homogenous and when the capitalists tried to flood the west with immigrants the communists opposed it. I was like okay wtf is this shit, this is nothing like his interviews. Another video was saying only mixed race people are capable of creating civilization.
So I can def see the mix of nazi communism or nationalist globalist thing happening.

Damn. I’m demoralized. I defended Evalion and others that I now think are crap. It seems like they set us up from way back before I even became “woke” now. Like I never had a chance. I need to regroup. Damn.

But according to jsmith below, men’s emotions can never be manipulated!

People at renegade may want to think about coming up with their own word to describe themselves, to describe their sect of white nationalism.

How about “naturalist”. I’m done with “WN”. It’s a joke!

I like that. It’s the honoring of existence – the way the creation provided it.

@Sinead, how about, just NORMAL!


It reminds me of Revilo P. Oliver’s book “The Jewish Strategy” entertaining the idea that if someone has one drop of jewish blood that they will be much easier to hypnotize with jewish propaganda. Just sayin, Evalion and Grace have very dark hair for being regular white girls.

I felt the same way as well. When you are “awake” to these issues and see that all of this is true, then life can be hard. Yeah it does suck when we all live so far away and such. It also can eat you alive when you see how fucked up things are, how easy the goyim and sheeple are bought off by poltricks and all this other stuff.

Nice work Sinead; you could use a vacation. Sorry to hear about Evalion and Crusader Girl; some weird stuff; potentially pre-planned, since (((they))) are, after all, scheming impersonators. Or maybe the girls were legit but decided to take gold instead of grief.

I have no recollection whatsoever of being circum; don’t think I carry any contempt towards women; and I really should having been programmed to distrust women by my Dad (who still has not figured women out). Matching dicks, lol! I digress. I eventually figured women out very late in life. Problem is our civilization, thanks to Jews, are not teaching boys and girls how to understand one another; but insist men and women are clones which leads to endless conflict. That said, I think men and women get along pretty well; I have friends in happy marriages; I know several Nationalist women online who are splendid even when they are Pagan and I am not. Cheers, and much success.
Don’t believe the hype, Sinead. That recording was meant to shock your system every bit as much as footage of planes flying into the WTC. Jonestown was a mass murder, but more an execution. There are so many factors – 1) moving his “church” from IN to CA to Guyana 2) while taking all members with him 3) many of said members were homeless & welfare recipients that not too many in society would miss, 3) presence of a CIA op named “Dwyer” 4) the aerial photos ALL show the dead face-down and not on any of the walk ways 5) the bodies were left to rot for one week in the humidity and 6) the medical examiner determined (despite decomposition) that the majority were… Read more »
I came to this same conclusion about labeling myself white nationalist around the same time. I realized that I don’t need to call myself something that I don’t identify with because it associates me with a defective group of humans full of hate. There is no such thing as white nationalist. Our nations are our birthright and living among our people is natural. I got the same creepy vibe from Lana and Henrik when I first saw them. My first impression was that they reminded me of the racist couple in the anti white movie “people under the stairs”. My intuition makes sense now because they are playing a Hollywood role of “racist whites”. Off topic but Millenial Woes got triggered as fuck by some… Read more »

grr want good internet again and time to listen to shows. Would love to listen to this now, but unfortunately I can not, and now have a backlog. Good to see another show though, looking forward to it some time in the future.

It is crucial in our struggle choosing the right lifestyle so we can be stronger both mentally and physically, that’s why it is important what we put in our mouths and what we DON’T put. Fasting has been ancient practice of aryan folks to achieve those goals, and not only fasting but living without food completely! Inedia is a way to break a chain in survivalist circle and reach higher realms of spiritual enlightement. One needs at least 21 days of fasting to reach the stage of breatharianism, when your digestive system “switches off” and you don’t need dead matter for recuperation. There are many ways to do that and I recommend to read a book “Life Style Without Food” by Joachim M Werdin, to… Read more »

the out breed the welfare leeches(colored minorities) by creating kids we cant afford who end up on welfare themselves? I’d say get a steady job first…FACT

PS I am sure that White mothers giving birth, significant of them are having mixed raced babies, which fact is of course not mentioned in birth statistics as th4ey only count race of a mother…

FWIW, after the 2 hour mark Im out. Hope renegades numbers are up, and that you guys do well. Dick trauma, veganism, flat earth? Get over it! Its just more lets divide and let them conquor. Yeah, so it a big deal to some. But its first all half bs, and second, half wrong. And for me its all just more noise anymore as the idiots are running the asylum and this alt anything is a scam with the make believe numbers, polls, or whatever con gets airtime as we go down the drain for all of it and them. So mommy let you be “traumatized”. So mommy was an idiot too… I got the degree(s) too and psychobabble is nothing more than that, regardless… Read more »

@jsmith That was the most incoherent comment I’ve ever read. If you’re trying to say I should “give up” because you and UJG think all is lost, then go kill yourself, because I will die fighting.

Wow dude! Did the guys at TRS just dump a whole bunch of Black Pills off at your place or something? Been hitting the valium a bit hard lately?

*Jew Smith


You sound like you are probably on drugs, not the medication kind.

Hi Sinead,

Can’t say I’m surprised at all concerning Reyvolt, surplus or any of the others that I previously identified as a “problem”.

I guess it all comes out eventually.

Sadly, Renegades affiliation with various plants and shills has certainly done damage.

The massive infiltration of this “movement” has turned away good people and caused them move on independently.

BTW, you’re completely right about David Puke.

And there are many more….

How has it done damage to us? We’re stronger than ever, because we told the truth the whole time.

Good movement gossip; but as usual it pushes the holier-than-thou perspective on personal habits. We have a Paleo diet wing among us; we have a vegan wing. Both sides say they have their choices are supported by facts. Whose facts are correct and who’s are alternative? Has there been a serious debate yet among movement leadership? That’s why the Movement cannot get anywhere, we cannot even decide on what’s for dinner.

When did I even talk about diet in this show?

Why not ask who’s diet causes suffering, torture, slavery and murder?

And you ask about facts. Well, they’re all right there, right there smack in the middle of the slaughterhouse.

For me the vegan diet is a moral and spiritual question first and a question of health second. I am not able to stop torture and slaughter of humans around the world or the gruesome treatment of animals but I am able not to take part in the slaughter and torture of animals. For me this is the right way and I do not need leadership decisions to follow. Jan Irvin for example is anti vegan , promotes eating millions of eggs a day and does not tolerate comments that promote veganism. So what. He has the right to do so. He does great work and I do not need some sort of Rabbi to follow and tell me what to eat. There is an… Read more »

Some good points, yet I wonder if Jan knows (or cares) about the horrors of the poultry industry, that in the sorting, male chicks are ground up alive. This is only one of the inhumanities these beings must endure. See:

@Sinead what’s up with your contempt towards David Duke? The man spent his life for the cause. Making fun of his appearance makes you look bad, not him. Maybe you really need a break; the angst in your voice is over the top. Either way, I wish you well.

We sleep, they live. Pretty apt considering Duke actually looks like he’s wearing a human skin mask! But hey, feel free to keep following your celebrity mouth pieces who say just enough to keep their hooks in you. Maybe one day you’ll see the truth…

Yeah whatever could be the problem with a man who headed an organization started by a filthy jew? Not to mention he desecrated our beloved Hakenkreuz by using it as a symbol of his street-born idiocy as a klansman. F___ him and the jew who rode him into town.

From Reyvolt to evalion… yes we are surrounded by idiots. And to think otherwise is a fools errand. This women vs. men has been the no1 divide and conquor game from the start. Sorry Sinead, its a fact that women were targetted and its also a fact they bought the whole game played on them. Gloria joo-cia-berg set them up and we all get the crap you talk about. I watched it happen and what you talk about is right but I watched women be turned into what they are today for it; blame that no good sob, to hate that no good sob is what it is. Say what you want but womens emotions were played from day one. And say what you want… Read more »

And men have also been played, and the so called “awakened” ones are being convi xed to become like Arabs amd niggers. Don’t come in here w your holier than thou attitude, like your emotions have never been manipulated. I don’t want your “love”. I want you to take your country back. It sounds like you’re a bitter single person. With that pathetic attitude you’ll never find a woman and frankly you don’t deserve one. Now run along to the circke jerk of men blaming women and go away. You’re pathetic.

Paragraphing dude, please, solid chunks of text is exactly like punting my forehead with steel toe boots. And I am sure I speak for others.


You sound like Stefan Molyneux if he was loaded up on black tar heroin.

Well that’s informative. You make it sound like all women took the communist-feminist bait – hence are all men taking the communist MGTOW bait as well?

I am getting really sick of this non existent idealistic past where women stayed at home. Being a stay at home mom was a luxury to the wealthy and those women were still educated, they just went to women’s only schools, that was the difference. Are all of these morons forgetting about the times when women and children all worked in factories during the industrial revolution? Women have always had to work. Whether it was on the farm with their husbands or having to be a maid, or waitress or some other low end job. Both of my grandmothers worked and were educated.. Women of the past were stay at home moms while the children were younger. When the child grew older and went to… Read more »

I have never read the KD Rebel, but in the Viking age they would kill a whole female’s whole family an take them an the women would end up more loyal an happy with the new family. The Icelanders are actually 60% Scottish an they took women from Scotland. On the contrary I remember one of the Lombard kings had killed a princesses father an kept his skull as a chalice he would make her drink from it at feasts an she ended up killing him. In laws usually suck not always, but if you killed them all in some battle an took the woman it would be a lot less drama.

Yeah! Let’s go around kidnapping and killing women’s families. That sounds like a really great idea. Women will totally love that!

You’ve been watching too much Vikings & Game Of Thrones dude LOL!

Foster XL, I have watched the first seasons of both and they are the same old yawn. That is what my point was. I do not buy the jewstream media version of Vikings and Nordic peoples. Always is a negative frame, always portrayed as thuggish violence obsessed, sexually “fluid” like when Ragnar and his lady were “getting it on” and she invited the christard priest sleping next to them (which they took as a slave (LMAO)) into the orgy…. Mate, everything on TV is propaganda, especially this image that whites are this rampaging sexual orgy killer conqueror party.

But! But! Antonio Banderas was the 13th Warrior!!1!

That is too pop culture ethos of Vikings for me to accept. Sounds a lot like Tales from the Holocoaster Diaries of blood fountains, intestine waterfalls, and skeleton lounge furniture and all that other shit for me to believe.

@brandon also admires the kike, Anton LaVey. Enough said. Why are you even here?


You need to understand that those books you read with the title “Goosebumps” are fiction.

Thank you for that monologue, Saul Lashbrook! Anymore jewish propaganda about our Norse forebears? How about the Cannibal Olympics of 812? <– That's a joke, BTW – made it up much like the kikes do about my people.