Firestarter Radio: When Will the Madness Stop? (6-14-17)

Tonight Sinead flies solo to share some recordings that she forgot to include in her last wildcard, as well as some new ones for you. Topics include: mind control, earthships, controlled opposition, South Africa, and more. At the end of the show she plays a segment from the YouTube channel, “Shaun and Jen”, which debunks (((Black Pigeons Speaks’))) bogus claims, that women are too stupid to be chess masters. She then plays the voice recordings that Andrew Anglin (or a man claiming to be Anglin – who goes by John Demora on FB) left her.
Opening Track: Mystic State- ‘Impartials’
Closing Track: Enroll G -Misty (Haywyre Piano Cover)

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Anthony Roberts

Thank goodness for your clear thinking and great humour. You have so many attacks from agents & fagtows, it’s disgraceful and insane. They are all scared of you like the snivelling little toerags they are. Keep calling them all out! How do you fit everything into 24hrs? My head is spinning from just listening for 2hrs lol! Looking forward to next week’s wingsuit flying, potholing (spelunking?) down your neighbour’s sinkhole, while later rustling up vegan cream cheese, walnut and watermelon hors d’Oeuvres!! PS I can relate to eyebrow disfunctionality. Turned 40, looked in the mirror one day and bam! Two tufts of pubic hair sprouting above my eyes. I have to give them a No1 shave every couple of weeks now. Like snipping wire –… Read more »

Shawna Marie

I love Sinead’s shows she always keeps me up to date on the outrageous & cringe worthy exploits of our enemies, of which I can only tolerate knowledge of thanks to her humor and righteous indignation.

Once upon a time Sinead also made some pretty cool cooking,health & home crafting vids on youtube that I enjoyed seeing before her channel was shoah’d.

PS Anthony those are actually wizard hairs, if you let them grow like the mythical Samson characters hair, the greater your chosen wizardly skills will be 🙂

Anthony Roberts

Hahaha.. yes, but it won’t make me a wizard in the dating game ♡


Another brilliance from Daily Stormer – great Lee Rogers advocates, that men should have sexual relationships only with prostitutes, because all women are sluts anyways. If your goal is to die alone, why not.

Rope 4 Cucks

Lee Rogers openly admitted ages ago that he sleeps with hookers when traveling overseas. People should’ve seen the writing on the wall ages ago with this guy. On a side note, just take a look at the actual physical appearance of ALL these race traitors & degenerates within the so-called “truth/white nationalist movement” – pretty much tells you all you need to know most of the time.


RE: ANGLIN – ANGLIN will LOSE his case primarily due to his VIOLATION of the MONTANA “ANTI-INTIMIDATION” law. ANGLIN organized a “TROLL ARMY” to “INTIMIDATE” someone at ANGLIN’S DIRECTION. The Montana law will control and the case will have to be defended IN MONTANA. This is how that case will play out. ANGLN is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. ANGLIN is doing the exact same thing that FRANK “COLLIN” (real jewish nameCOHEN) did. FRANK COHEN dressed up as a NAZI and led a march against JEWS in Skokie Illinois. The SAME kinds of 1ST AMENDMENT ISSUES were brought up surrounding the FAKED CONTROLLED OPPOSITION “NAZIS” led by the JEW COHEN. The jews hoped to incite “CHANGES” to the US CONSTITUTION having the 1ST AMENDMENT “limited” more favorable to… Read more »


I’m glad you know of the Machine in the Sky that Controls All Things


That was Tara’s excuse for using the “ok” symbol in her profile pic, she scuba dived once and now she uses the hand sign all the time.


What BS! lol Why is she using scuba hand signs outside of the water?


Her blatant lie was because she scuba dived once that she got used to the hand sign. Her dumb viewers lapped it up but thank god there were others who know what she is in the comments.

John SmithRGB

at least they do us the favor of self-identifying


Thank you I love hearing what you say and speak of code scripts yahoo a computer saturn the cube symoblism yeah the mysterys, did you ever run across a youtube uploader Bill ocult science 101, he no longer on youtube for being banned but lot of his material opened my eyes to this about 3 years ago, anyways great video.


Don’t laugh to hard but I make guacamole sandwiches. Toast, mustard, and spicy Guac.. Fast easy..

David Marshal

The ‘black cube’ hypothesis merits further investigation.

The ‘controversial’ death of Boer leader Piet Retief….Chief Dingane did a double cross

NomenNescio But now I’m going to trigger….. In the UK why does it seem a lot (most? all?) of the ‘alt’ lite media are CI, British Israelist, Xian etc etc? e.g. EuroFolk Radio, 1st Irregulars Knights of the Round, Radio Aryan “Sven Longshanks” – the latter lately drawn to my attention here: from 19’19 onwards MajorityRights Nihon devil-cat-woman apparently laid into “Longshanks” but I’m informed it’s in a thread somewhere on or around the above l-o-n-g webpage. Speaking of ‘1290’ Longshanks the celebrated purgative, maybe he wasn’t as protective of his subjects’ rights as he’s been made out to be. Check out pages 232-240 of “Anglia Judaica” * (1738) by Oxford Professor D’Blossiers TOVEY. It’s on googoo somewhere. * “Or the History and… Read more »


If I had a hard copy of a program like this I would definitely mail it to you guys in hopes that Kyle would bless us with a glimpse of that Doctor Johnson who self-describes as both good-looking and “not very photogenic.”

Ingrid B

Cannot be doing with the preliminary/introductory shit.. am off to Mami`s..


Sinead isn’t for everyone.

Ingrid B

I don`t have a problem with Sinead, only with “superior” retards, such as Shaun, and Rope 4 Cucks, who seem to think they have the right to insult others, to drive them away, and an admin which lets them..

Robyn Hoode

Why are you even still here? Shouldn’t you be over at Mami’s Shithole listening to the great knowledge of Tim Rifat & dancing up a storm with Lindthy? Stupid woman.

Rope 4 Cucks

Good, nobody heeds your pathetic muslim apologist holier-than-thou childish bullcrap here anyway Ingrid! And hey, how bout you stick to your word this time – I’ve already seen you repeatedly say how it’s “the last time I listen to Renegade” – just can’t stay away from the REAL truth huh? Dirty old moth to the flame? By all means fuck off back to that useless little shithole full of old has-been loser truthtards who have never actually DONE anything & NEVER will! Please stay there for good this time with your fellow cave dwellers so we don’t have to see your weak, whining do-nothing bullcrap anymore you stupid, wizend old crone! Good riddance!


LOL. You sound exactly like the jew trolls Scott Roberts gets. When you silly goys behave exactly like jews, what’s the point in winning? Hateful trash on both sides….

Robyn Hoode

“Kason” = nosaK = no balls

Yep, sounds about right for someone calling others “goys”!


Oh mami…mmmmmmmami 😃 Now now Ingrid get it together dear. You know these other outlets can’t hold a dimly lit candle to renegade. I defended you once on some post so com’on on now, let’s not talk rubbish.