Firestarter Radio: Zionists, Psychos, and Psychedelics (10-4-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about Jazon Jorjani’s open zionism, Sverige’s killer self defense moves, israel’s role in the missing Malaysian airliner, psychedelic “artist” Alex Grey, his jewish wife and more!

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2 years ago

Mishlove is a jew 🙂 Thank you that you mentioned the video that I posted in the chat. Here Mishlove admits that he is parasite and that Jason is (((globalist))) .Sorry for my bad English.

2 years ago

Btw the video with Jorjani is good in a sense that he mentioned that ”jews owned the banks in the Persian empire”, they pushed the Persian invasion in Europe, they ordered the slaughter of 75 000 Persian nobles, and obviously helped ”the semitization ” of Persia.

Reply to  NordLux
2 years ago

He’s got to be a crypto.

Reply to  Sinny
2 years ago

Jorjani has a jew looking nose and is in bed with all the alt-zog losers and feds. So it doesn’t look like he’s someone I’d trust. Jorjani is pals with farm jew rich zogboy Richard Spencer too they are pictured together.

2 years ago

Have you ever heard of an Australian cult called “The Family” ?? So I stumble upon this and after watching they TOO are tied to the same area and it seems like they are a part of the same satanic cult! Here are some video links and one lady that is supposed to be a survivor telling about what she saw…

Reply to  southernseamstress
2 years ago

Maybe I am just hearing this? start @ 25:50 … so Julian Assange may have been one of the children this cult The Family raised??

2 years ago

Also, the text from that devils dictionary… it has lots of metaphors and sarcastic insinuations that you have to read in to that speak for that era. If you look through other definitions you will get the gist. I added it for the comment on Pharaoh. A frog is a part of a horses foot. I guess I know because I grew up with horses lol… cleaning the horse’s frog

telena helotova
2 years ago

by eating these abused animals they gety us to participate in their evilityso to speak

2 years ago

I do believe there is reoccurring loneliness for those who stand apart from the pull of others and who are driven by a sense of doing good. When there are periods of growth, the loneliness can intensify but usually passes when we learn what we need to or clear what needs clearing. Tears are the cleansing waters and I thank you for sharing yours. Here’s a quote that though sad, speaks of all the value and worth we all carry whether it is noticed or not:

“One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul and yet no one ever came to sit by it. Passers-by see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on their way.”
— Vincent van Gogh

2 years ago

I know that the last thing somebody wants after they’ve vented is a pep talk from a stranger…on the internet no less…so I’ll just say, from one young family to another, thank you for what you do. BOTH of you. My wife and I are new listeners as of about 6 months ago…homeschooling and homesteading in the Southeast. If the world wasn’t such a cesspit and you could actually trust people…well you guys know how that goes.

Bob Jolly
Reply to  LampLighter
2 years ago

What he said! It’s a shitty world out there but I always look forward to Sinead’s shows, especially Firestarter and appreciate it very much. Keep smiling, thanks for your shows!

Whistle Blower
2 years ago

I have a screenshot of Jorjani taken from his Facebook page in which he supports the idea Iranians and Jews are the ‘master races’ and refers to Palestinians as ‘filthy pigs’ and their killing is ‘lawful’. Also the movement he is connected to ‘Iranian Renaissance’ is full of Zionists, is listed as a ‘charity’ in the USA but has ties to the American oil industry in the Middle East. Obviously they want to support ‘Greater Iran’ and ‘Greater Israel’ so they get more money from invading the Middle East (and parts of India, which are also part of ‘Greater Iran’ according to this twit) – none of which gets paid to the United States government due to ‘charity’ status. Note also that this gibbering fool… Read more »

2 years ago

Gamechangers is out! Check out who is the leading voice behind anti poaching in South Africa?….. A blac…..WHITEMAN. No surprises!

2 years ago

I remember seeing pictures on Facebook of several Malaysian airlines jets parked in an israeli airfield.

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