Flying Wild w/ Kyle 10-1-13

Kyle gets on the air to “wing it” and take your calls. Topics include: spirituality, high art, ancient Egypt, Aryan views on death, the possibility of reincarnation, leading a meaningful life, mythological manifestations, and more.

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[pictured : “Nobility” by Vig, a relief dedicated to Renegade Tribune]

Track list:
Wardruna – Rotlaust Tre Fell
Changes – We Went To Find The Sun
Beethoven – Fur Elise
Albannach – The Gael
Dead Can Dance – Black Sun

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Kyle you should keep posting the track list to every show from now on.


Dear Kyle,

Thank you once more!! It is an honour to be part of your program. Everything you said I could have said.
You can count on me.

All the best,


you sound much happier and inspired when you’re not talking about jews <3


Kyle! this resonated with me immediately…. GREAT! Good show again , thanks for posting the trac listing

Very good show! I have usually been critical of some past shows.
Kyle explains why he likes to take a break by doing these types.