Flying Wild w/ Kyle 10-1-13

Kyle gets on the air to “wing it” and take your calls. Topics include: spirituality, high art, ancient Egypt, Aryan views on death, the possibility of reincarnation, leading a meaningful life, mythological manifestations, and more.

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[pictured : “Nobility” by Vig, a relief dedicated to Renegade Tribune]

Track list:
Wardruna – Rotlaust Tre Fell
Changes – We Went To Find The Sun
Beethoven – Fur Elise
Albannach – The Gael
Dead Can Dance – Black Sun

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9 years ago

Kyle you should keep posting the track list to every show from now on.

9 years ago

Dear Kyle,

Thank you once more!! It is an honour to be part of your program. Everything you said I could have said.
You can count on me.

All the best,


9 years ago

you sound much happier and inspired when you’re not talking about jews <3

9 years ago

Kyle! this resonated with me immediately…. GREAT! Good show again , thanks for posting the trac listing

9 years ago

Very good show! I have usually been critical of some past shows.
Kyle explains why he likes to take a break by doing these types.

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